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Is it just me or are people trying to get over on us and make money off of us?

Hello my fellow family! I just wanted to take a moment and put some thoughts down that have been going through my head.

I know that we all here are on different levels of our awakening and knowing. Some are here to teach some here to learn and some here to network. I came here to do all of those things and try to connect to a community of like minded individuals who were awake and ready for action!

It has been an observation of mine as I've gone through my research of information that even those in our own save the planet and humanity community they are trying to get rich. What the heck is that about? Below I've listed just the basic survival needs and the information that I pasted here from their sites. Food, Water and an energy source which by the way I might add are all free on this planet from mother earth.

If we are all trying to combat the monetary system then why are all the things advertised on the internet that are supposed to help us get through the hard times so expensive? I mean the water system that is on a site that creates water out of the humidity in the air and how much is this lovely machine? Here I quote from the site:

"The EcoloBlue 28 (EB28 AWG) provides you with ultimate drinking water self sufficiency. The EcoloBlue 28 is a state of the art Reverse Osmosis Water Cooler that Generates Water from humidity in the air. No more bottled water or expensive water delivery service contracts!

Go Green With the EcoloBlue 28 and have your own Sustainable Water Source in your home or office!


(If you received a Discount COUPON Code - You can apply this at Checkout and receive your discount online!)

Price: $1,250.00

Or how about the seed bank so we can grow our own food that hasn't been tainted by Monsanto?...and I quote from the website

"So here's the deal: I'm trying to get the word out before the food crisis becomes too apparent to the general public and there is a run on these seed banks. I've decided to sell the Survival Seed Bank at a discounted price to our customers who use this website to order. For the general public, the price will be a fat $297.00 - no discounts… even to FEMA or military personnel. Take it or leave it. But for existing Solutions From Science customers, as long as you buy online from this site, I will send you everything for just…

$149 Until We Run Out!"

Oh and how about power solar power yep they got that covered too and I quote from the site:

"You really deserve to have one for $1597.00, which includes free shipping, if you pay by check or money order. Remember, your price is $500.00 off the retail price of $2097.00. I’m so convinced every reader needs a Solar Generator, that I’ve arranged for this special deal to get one to you at this dirt cheap price."

This all just reminds me of Y2K all over again and how so many people got over on others. I understand that everyone is feeling the crunch of the economy, but why would seeds that are free from mother earth and a water processor that takes something free out of the air cost so much?

What will they all do with that paper when it's not worth the ink it's printed with? Are they really interested in getting these things out to the people who will need them or are they just a part of the system like the corporations?

My frustration with our whole community is over the top when I sit and ponder the information I read and find out. Then when I go to a site thinking there is some remedy (which also is not offered by many of the informationalist I call them IMO) I go to their links and find these prices for the very things we'll need to survive unaffordable by most of the "real" people out there. I for one don't live off of credit cards don't even own them. I've been out of the corporate system for over three years now and so am not out there participating in the monetary debt system. So I don't have hundreds or even $50 extra dollars to buy the things they say we'll need to survive.

Then you go and really do some research and find out that all this is available free to those who can do the research and make the things them self!

That's just my two cents on the observation I'm making on the internet with this whole movement and the community out there. I think to myself "if we're all part of the graduating class and we're going to bring about a new earth system of doing things, then wouldn't it make sense to start practicing and implementing those systems now so we can see what works and what does not?" Who knows maybe I just "think" too much.

I am looking at getting a community together to meet up and find out what plans we can come up with to begin living off the grid, no monetary system, prepare our land and start our survival community now before it's too late. The time is now, not later after they have already shut the roads down and declared martial law.

Let's all jump off the edge and trust that we'll build our wings on the way down. I'm ready to be part of the action and not the reaction. If any of you are of the like mind then please contact me or join the SOE California group.

I have learned in my 44 yrs on the planet this time that is much better to be proactive than reactive. Those interested in taking some action as well and who are tired of all the talk about it things out there, please show your self....I'm sure I'm not the only one who is thinking this way.

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Comment by Shin Neo aka The Young Yoda on October 15, 2009 at 12:40pm
Oh my young friend...we understand your concerns...but we all fail to understand what is apparent when we see these things...freewill...these beings are fully aware that these things are free...and they fully understand that they are not possessions for them to handout as they see fit...but this is another method of control and falls under the prospect of greed and hunger for money that feeds these people...they mean well...they do...but in their minds they want compensation for their time and efforts...all we can say is that karma will catch all that happens...good or bad...not much longer until this is useless and they see the error of their ways...but they must see it for themselves and cannot be told otherwise...or we would be violating THEIR freewill...eventually the shift will happen and all things will be put in place for the start of a new generation...allow these things to happen...but understand why they do...and understand that they know no other we now know what we do...

Go in peace...and love and light to you...Namaste...<(-.-)>
Comment by DivineThoughts the Love Goddess on October 15, 2009 at 6:16am
Thank you all for your support! I also was being prepared for a move that didn't happen so with all the things I was going to get "rid" of I decided to find out where my closest tent city is and I'm going to take my "stuff" that they may need to them. Just an idea to share with everyone too. Aaron great job on the donation of clothes I too do the same thing every year. It's also a blessing too because once you clear out that sorta makes a void and the Universe hates a void so they will be sure to fill it. So I also believe that is where for those who give much will be given unto them. ;)

Blessings to you all!
Comment by Aaron on October 14, 2009 at 11:37pm
i know if it wasn't for money these inventions could change our state of world for the better of all people. I'm tired of trading, bartering, money exchange, but we all have to continue to do it, to keep us surviving.

That key word Survival, people over seas and in third world countries are still starving and going days without food, days without water, days without electricity to heat they're homes or run they're stoves. I do donate money to help these countries as well as myne, but it seems nothing is getting done.

I'm living ok, but other people are still suffering. I have no idea why we can't all be satisfied with what we already have and stop consuming and give to people who don't have anything.

Today i went to donate some of my old clothing and i did it 2 weeks ago as well. One big bag of Cloths that i don't wear anymore.

I have other things that i don't use that i'm planning on donating. I'm sure alot of us have stuff that are un used, that we can just clean out our closet, basement, and attic of stuff and just give it all away to someone who wants it, Or needs it.

That might help if all of us start doing this, Only keep the things you use the most
Comment by JIM4HOPE on October 14, 2009 at 10:50pm
I agree DivineThoughts the Love Goddess on these ethics I dont believe anybody feels they deserve to make a profit from the upcoming events.. And those who do will have to face KARMA as this is how you feel you would like to be treated I going to add I dont like to judge others on how they experience life so long as it hurts no one else by their physical and monetary type actions...

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