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A message from Metatron channeled by Tyberon
July 20, 2008

Greetings, Dear! I am Metatron, Lord of Light, and give you the welcome to live these words. Hug each of you in love.

Now you think that your planet is a solid sphere, but Dear in fact your planet is flattened at the poles and containing large voids in its interior, who have what you call the lost civilizations. Your geologists determined that the planet is 4.5 billion years, and they say that this is almost exact, within the laws of science. What the scientists do not understand is that the dimensionality influences the laws of science. From a different dimensionality, the planet would be a conglomerate of many Lands, juxtaposed in a concentric, with a plethora of chances parallel, consider?

Question: Much has been talked about civilizations intraterresters. They exist? And if there are, where they are located?

 They really exist and have existed for a long time. There is a race of humanoid beings,first originated in times of Lemur and later of Atlantis, who found a way to enter the deep crevices and empty of their land. There is a wide stretch of empty in their planet, which were connected by a vast network of tunnels. These first beings that came here had a lighter body, a physical form not as dense as the human beings of the area have since evolved to this form on the surface. Initially these beings came from the Lemur in crevices to escape the fury of what you call a dinosaur that infested their continent for a long time. Over time they found vast areas of very intense beauty and tranquility, as adapted to these internal worlds. When you venture deeper in the earth, these beings have found that there is an internal sun, so to speak, in the depths of the earth. The sun emits a form of internal light blue, and the old LeMurianos in semfphysical bodies and ethers, have developed ways of seeing that light, and discovered an incredible beauty in internal gaps. Some of you think the LeMurianos totaled. The truth is that they descend into the earth, but are very close to what may be called the completion of its cycle, or Ascension.

There are literally dozens of caves in the internal areas of Arizona, Nevada and California. Many of them were found by humans in its last century. These are in the Grand Canyon, Flagstaff, in the region that you call the Area 51 and Death Valley in California. Indigenous peoples, now called Hopi, Navajo and Havasuapi, still retain legends, and indeed some knowledge about these caves and tunnels.

Now, it should be noted that, in what is called the Earth, increasing the pressure and gravitational forces of teotonic magnetism and creates a model of vector single and specific, which allows greater tangibility, greater anchoring of what you call a parallel dimension . So there are really focused on Earth that allow multiple overlapping internal dimensions. Indeed, they exist everywhere in the universe, as you know him, and there on the surface of your planet, but are considerably less tangible due to the density and the density of the electromagnetic pressure, which quoted.

Say in the Earth's energy model becomes more focal in layers, and allows that there are more dimensions and to focus more pixels and more of life force ether. Making a rough analogy would be like comparing a television that receives a signal to another antenna that receives the signal via cable or satellite, the first being the model of the surface of their planet, and the second inside the Earth. In this case, more channels are available - and available in a rich setting - but we are talking about parallel dimensions when we use the word channels.

Consequently, within the Earth are parallel separate brief, juxtaposed side by side in overlapping concentric, which allow different ways of life coexisting without really touching it, so to speak. And exactly the same way that many channels are available on the same television set, so there are many plans to scale parallel exists within the Earth. In fact the majority of aliens who maintain bases in the interior of the earth keep these parallel models of frequency, which can be called the holographic. Understand?

Then, there are many forms of life in concentricity of the Earth, many of which are here much longer than the human species, many of which are considered with as much right to the earth as you. But in truth, those who are more closely aligned with the human species are the old Lemur.

Question: Where these beings live, and how they appear?

Metatron: Indeed, these beings of Lemur are much more highly evolved in spirit than you, at this time. Like I said, their bodies are less dense, but they are really physical. The skin of them assumed a greenish hue, and in some cases, green blue, because the water they drink has a high mineral content, containing oxidized copper and other metals in higher concentration. These beings are peaceful, do not know any other religion than the love of the source, and understand what is required of great tranquility. They are very aware of you, but have no desire to inter-relate. Why? - You ask. Due to many reasons, being the most predominant is that they are aware of its violent nature of their fear and their lack of spiritual development group. Are aware of their physical diseases, some of which could potentially contaminate them, and they are unable to pay its sunlight. Say they have evolved into beings that have a route exclusive and are about to complete his journey. Their bodies are sustained by a crystalline magnetic force and a source of light that is emitted by the center of your world. Their mental capacities have allowed them to take advantage of these force fields and adapt to their physical and spiritual sustenance. Although they are in physical biology, it is a biology quadridimensional more and much less dense than that of you. Many of them are very skilled in what you call a tele-transportation.

Actually there was contact between the inhabitants of the internal world and their governments, but not an inter-relationship. There were messages about the need of the human race from the surface to be aware of changes to come. As we said before, the inner beings of the world are in a different route, a different cycle of time, and this is close to completion.

You asked where the internal voids are located. Bearing in mind the aspect of parallel dimensional, this responded that, in their terms, the highest concentration of empty land is under the sea, but there are pockets under all bodies of land. The regions of the northwest United States, the mountains of Arkansas, New Mexico, Arizona, Mexico, Central America, Peru, Britain, Europe, the Himalayas, Chile, Argentina, Africa, Bolivia, Brazil, China, Siberia, Greenland, Iceland and Sri Lanka, they all contain intraterrenas colonies.
Question: In which they live deep within the earth? The Earth has access points to these empty internal? Metatron: We said entry points to occur in clusters and many openings on the surface of the planet. It is impossible to define the depth, since they are actually parallel in terms of size, and measures in its physical terms, are not really valid. Some of the voids and smaller communities are very close to the surface, but the main areas were empty, and its terms, more or less 20 miles below the surface layer and some at a depth of approximately 100 miles. (Your geologists find it difficult to imagine that because of their interpretation of pressure and heat, but they say that these places exist, and life is within them through the recruitment of fields of force) But these distances are on the multidimensionality parallel. If, for example, you could enter one of the polar dimensional regions or one of its passages dimensional triangular, on a parallel Earth, in a continuum of space-time different, the distance that you really would be the point where you entered? The answer may be in inches or éons, depending on how you see. The science that is closer to accurately encompass the infinity of worlds is quantum physics and the science is only beginning to be understood in the scientific communities of the earth. The paradigm must change as well as geometric and mathematical base before this science is deciphered accurately in your plan. The main inputs for the internal voids of the planet is through the Polar Regions. Dimensional aspects of its expanded ground (s) are connected in a multidimensional quantum at the poles. The magnetically flattened aspect of the polar regions is that enables the hollow areas in the global sphere. Your Admiral Byrd wrote about flying in this region and seeing tropical land where rivers flow. We tell them that it really happened dimensionally, for a brief period timeless, into the parallel aspect of the hollow Earth, and that he and others have done this on several occasions. In the polar regions, the hyper-dimensional transport can occur under a number of conditions. The transport by dimensional polar opening is more or less like crossing a field and steep conical inclined, turning quickly and elliptical. The feeling is suddenly being "flat" again, or parallel to the surface. Indeed, it is actually a parallel dimension. The beings inside the Earth are in that kind of space. Many races and beings in their land "multidimensional." Including many that you call the aliens, who could claim the citizenship of their planet with so much belief in you. Indeed, in most cases, they are on Earth longer than humanity.

Question: This includes the beings we call Yeti or Devas (elementals)
Metatron: No. These beings also exist, but are not among the first and LeMurianos Atlantes that ventured inside the Earth.
Question: Could you tell us about the Yeti? These are the same beings we call Big Foot?
Metatron: These you call those called Yeti or Big Foot are earlier versions of genetic experiment on Earth, especially the phase of Atlantis, there are approximately 20,000 years ago. At that time there were many genetic experiments on your planet. These beings are intelligent, but genetically disadvantaged. These forms were created gigantic genetically using human DNA with that of the monkey, to create a humanoid animal for labor, an animal with more intelligence - with intelligence similar to humans - but with a genetic wiring or implants taxes, which "off" certain areas of the brain. They are survivors of those who call you "the other" of Atlantis. Insinuatingly are remnants of beings created for the workforce in the mines, farms and forestry. The areas of their brains that allow expansive emotion and thought their codes had artificially disadvantaged, but the same source that inhabits these poor creatures are the dolphins, but their bodies are unable to express or mentally evolve beyond certain limits. However they have what you call divine intelligence. But only able to sustain and grow through physical strength and mechanisms of the instinct of survival.
These beings do not live in the empty Earth. They live in caves and remote mountains and forests closed and marshy lands. They are nocturnal. They are a breed that is thin, so to speak, and with time no longer exist. These beings are very afraid of people, and experiencing great sadness and confusion about the actual evolution. They observe carefully, they know they are your brothers, and a tormented anxiety want to be closer to you, but they are intelligent enough to know that can not. Their bodies have developed a thick mass of hair and a thick and oily skin that allow them to live in extreme locations, and there they live the final phase of their lives. Their minds do not want to be more complete, since their genetic limitations are such that the ability to evolve.

If you could look into the eyes of one of these beings, feel a great sadness.

Question: Are you saying that the Yeti is the same spiritual source of dolphins?

Metatron: But let us be clear - is the same source, but not the same expression. Indeed, this is very far. Look, these creatures do not express the same vivid emotion, intelligence and the same joy of dolphins because their bodies are stuck where they can not do this. You might ask why these spirits choose to live such as restricted physical vehicles. And the answer is that fewer are the choice spirits, and soon they will cease to exist as a species. These beings are capable of expressing great strength of survival and love for each other, but decided to abandon this term. If man continues to smudge the oceans and kill the energy of the magnificent whales and dolphins, these brothers will also leave this wonderful paper. You have no idea of the light energy that whales and dolphins put into action in their seas.

You be surprised if they knew that many of you are like dolphins, both in this as in the past. They do this to perform a great service to the planet and humanity.

Check the alignment of network, the points of power and the white holes that exist in their world not just in dry land, in fact most of them are external and internal waters. Mainly dolphins and whales in some cases, align their energies with those sites to help balance the energy of your planet.

What you call the Devic Kingdom is far more expressions of life in the oceans and lakes than in rocks, soil and plants in soil.

Question: What is the Devic Kingdom?

Metatron: What we call the United Device consists essentially of aspects and fragments of the mineral plant kingdom that are aware dynamic expression through vehicles of electromagnetic energy. Some forms are more advanced devices than others. The Kingdom of the fairy have divine intelligence, while others are more of the kingdom device as their animals, in terms of patterns of thoughts and awareness group. Not all devices are the ways that you could imagine a positive or benevolent nature. Some consciences are generated by electromagnetic fields and, as such, need both the positive as the negative to balance the energy spectrum are understood? Some see humanity as brothers, others not. Some are extremely loving, others are somewhat malicious, from his point of view. But both are forms of life power, so to speak.

Masters, all forms of life are sacred, and it is appropriate that, while growing in consciousness, trying to understand the myriad of great mystery. Remember that to grow in the light we must eliminate the fear and break the paradigm of limiting systems of belief.

Question: You said earlier that extraterrestrial beings may have bases in the internal dimensions of the Earth, and it happens in size holographic. Many have reported that such ships, but I think that if they are in other plans, were not easily perceived or seen. Their ships are visible to the human species? Please explain this.

Metatron: This is a complex question. Well, let us explain this way: beings from other dimensions, other plans, other times and other worlds and certainly have expressed appeared among humans, both in the past as the present. The "appearance" of them, they have the ability to be perceived "to the naked eye, sometimes manifests itself completely by chance and, in rare cases, on purpose. In the latter case, there is actually less advanced aliens who seek to observe the planet and understand their biology here. Some tried to play through if the relationship with human beings, to create a hybrid that allow them greater emotional expression.

Previously, the same way that human beings means accidentally bump the curtain of time between sequential fields of his present, past and future, as well as ways of life and beings "aliens" will materialize by chance in the work of dividing between a membrane Freqüencial dimensional plane or parallel to another. Usually, when this happened, they were invisible in your plan, and the few of you who fell in the past, or the apparent past, were also invisible to the people of that time. This phenomenon often triggers an immediate expansion of the subconscious to the conscious perception, which is driven by migration to different unfolding of the sequence of time. It starts directly in the center of the multidimensional entity, and then becomes clear, though somewhat disturbing for those who are experiencing at this time that all the dimensional limits and paradigms exist only for practical purposes. Look, there are different sciences, one for each different physical size, just as there are different approaches and paths, in science and physics available to mankind in its current reality.

Science that could have led to very different concepts were, in large part, ignored by humanity so far. There are alternative approaches to physics that reveal much more about transport, transmutation, bi-location and locomotion, the dominant believes that science or want to understand. If the human species had been devoted to certain mental disciplines as thoroughly explored as the "laws" external technology, their knowledge, methods and resulting transport system would be very different, much more efficient than they are today. You embraced what is foreign and, to some extent, discarded the capacity of "internal skills" of your divine consciousness.

Now, when mankind decides to devote itself primarily to the study of science that is called "mental" of transport and bi-location - and this really is a science with laws that can be learned, practiced and tuned - then the visits to the parallels and vectors in space and time become less accidental and occur by design. As humanity learns to master the physical mental, "she was free - if you release too! - The filter of illusion, the duality camouflage of the standard physical. Actually, you are just beginning to understand how the Merkabah and Merkivah unlock this key, when covered by the manufacturer to be mind field lens. This will be much improved when the Grade 144 and its network of crystalline energy supplement its deployment. The grade will provide a great opportunity for advancement for those of you who want to pay attention to this divine science of the "mental" and you call astral travel. Look, all sciences must include the divine, and this too is missing its most important scholars today.

So, back to your question, returning to the subject, the interesting point about the visions of extraterrestrial spacecraft that humanity maintains view - which in their language are called flying saucers - is not that they exist, but many people claim to see them .

Indeed, some to see, but very few and very rarely. And those who see, generally are "seeing them" through what could be called lucid consciousness expanded, not through normal vision.

The fact that the majority of ships traveling to a field-scale parallel protects their visibility, and its terms, by disguising itself Freqüencial the separation plan of its size. So, in fact, the vast majority of these ships are not clear and may not manifest as such in its size.

The visual experiences really happen, but really, what is seen in most cases are refracted images, a photo-energy reflection that sparkle in your size, when the spacecraft enters the Earth's dimensional spectra. This occurs most often when the ship slow down, leaving the speed of light and into the holes in the folds of space. When this "leak" dimensional case, the image becomes visible eyes.

Even the atoms, and molecules that make plasma structurally the "spacecraft" are formed by standard physical and structurally bonded physically aligned according to the concise nature and pattern of its own territory dimensional, its original territorial reality. But when the ship enters the plan for you, there is a strong distortion. Its structure is takes a real dilemma in from becoming completely texture of reality in particular Earth, or save your own original pattern.

In many cases, the human observer tries to fit what is "seen" within the belief system of what he accepts as possible to exist in the universe. So many visions are means adapted to individual expectations and the collective human belief. This does not mean that what is seen is not happening, but what is seen is distorted by a game of mirrors dimensional and expectations.

So the end result of what the observer believes that land is seen from a ship in a strange and a plane surrounded by revolving lights, but the truth is neither. The ship which can retain its original structure and changes what needs to change, to transmute its structure in accordance with the laws of the new plan dimensional.

As each human observer records the image and interprets individually, many of the allegations and reports related to the shape, size and color differ dramatically. So, even the appearances that seem indisputably "real" in their terms, are up to distortions. Most ships comes from realities and planes of existence that are much more advanced in technological sciences than earth, now. The few times that the ship fire at right angles, because it is able retain functions that are normal in their particular habitat.

Those that seem sound to you is not cause what plans call for higher expression of pure thought, or a plan of science of consciousness. Look, more aliens come in their plan using "cocoon of energy" that manifest themselves through pure thought. These are constructed intellectually and outsourced it is called bioplasm. His "Spacecraft Mothers" does not penetrate your environment.

The ships that come deliberately to their size, are only in passing, for very short periods, because these vehicles in inner space can not remain long in his plan. This is due to the tremendous pressure that stresses the structural integrity of the ship. Indeed, they have the ability to create imminent pressures that result in dematerialisation in steam. The need to physically transform the structure according to the physics of a different dimensional plane is a practical necessity, and the flying saucer simply can not remain at this time for an indefinite period. We can roughly compare this situation with that of one of its submarines beyond their limits of depth and struggling to keep intact before succumbing to pressure. Understand?

Then, the format of the fleets that are seen are isomorphic distorted appearance of the true structure. Generally what people say they see is a form of saucer or cigar, but in fact they are deformed perceptions that virtually have no relation with the real intricate design of ships, with the way they present in their place-based and the architectural design of your project.

As we said, there are aliens who entered less advanced in their physical fields to observe and study, and this explains the vast majority of views and evidence of landings. However, this happened much less frequently than you imagine. The ill-famous "Collision of UFO" that was released as it happened by accident and led to devastating results. There were cases in which their aircraft and nuclear areas were observed and studied, but most of them happened in very short periods.

Most visions are authentic brief glimpse of how light is moving at impossible angles. These leaks are usually dimensional and become visible when the reflected image become visible.

Less than five percent of physical views are genuine. This may be difficult to accept you. We tell them that many people are so convinced of these apparitions, often themselves create the image. How many of you, as children, actually saw Santa Claus walking across the sky, driving the reindeer pull his sleigh? Indeed, his Santa Claus is really, really aware, because you fed the life-form that thought through your belief system. Indeed, many of his characters "fictitious" and are aware there are thought-forms as created by the power of collective thinking. Feel like you are creative? Indeed, this is an aspect of the capabilities of the "mental science" that you have achieved, as manifested in belief system.

But do not misunderstand - there is an abundance of extraterrestrial life in the Cosmos, and many actually exist in their land and within it. Not only the multidimensionality, but some, especially their fathers, working in close contact with you in the rise and development of Earth. Among the most benevolent of beings, are the Pleiades, Sirius A and B, and Andromeda Arcturis. Indeed, many of you lived in Atlantis as these beings, and co-exist in the NOW, in parallel, as these beings. They already said this before.

Indeed, these beings are able to physically exist in their world, and made this for many éons, but this is done more often through the science of mental processing, the mental mastery. However, their ships do not appear in the size of you as many imagine. Actually these beings use what is called a stellar technology of portals to help them realize, more or less as the transport system via "torch energy" of its program "Day in the stars." Most aliens bases on your planet is formed by frequency holographic inserts that are strategically placed in areas of stellar portals or points of infinity that occur in geometric and electromagnetic vector special, on earth and within it.

The most valuable experience and contacts with aliens occur more beneficial to humans who advanced through the interface Merkábica and Merkívica are able to experience the multidimensionality in lucid states expanded and astral travel. Multidimensionality of this experience will be more accessible to many of you in the Quantum Crystalline Field, by Grade 144. This requires work. Many of their ancestors and learned the skills achieved through fasting, to search for and view certain types of plants that accelerate the process of astral experience.

Now, plans can and interdimensionais really intermisturam in many planets, and with the Earth, but not limited to it. And this happens very often without the knowledge or perception of the people aware of the plans involved. Today few people are aware of its multidimensional realities. The whole concept of the existence of civilizations on Earth intraterrenas, visitors and residents aliens bases is very strange for you.

Look, plans are generally parallel dimensional holographic in nature. As such, they can exist independent of space. Not really a "place" in its concept of location. A holographic parallel plan can be inserted into a specific time as a mental reality. It can be a lonely specific reality that can exist separately, but this does not diminish their value, no way. In fact, many of the dramas of his Christ are holographic inserts purpose. Holographic inserts may exist for a while and then disappear because they are not actual locations cosmic themselves. A holographic insert is formed for entities such as patterns of "gestalt" for emotional satisfaction and lessons on many levels.

Often people do not take into account the importance and value of emotion and imagination. In a real sense, emotional states and what you call dreams are imaginative plans dimensional. Indeed, a comparative analogy between a plan and a dimensional emotional state is much more consistent and valid than a comparative analogy between a plan and a specific locality of vector, or what you call the place, because in reality neither the emotional states not occupy the plans dimensional space, the way you define. Now the pleiadianos and sirianos, which are the main genetic source, working in close contact with humanity. These benevolent beings have worked with you in the past, present and future - in their terms - in many efforts to help humanity to recover their true mastery. These beings work with the gravitational fields of you, with its grids and ley lines, vortices, and portal systems, especially in the ongoing modernization of the access size of Earth. Consequently they have developed ways to co-exist with you to some extent, and are able to demonstrate ways in which to live on earth and within it. Often they form spheres bioplasm encoded with information to help you in various ways. Some circles are symbolic in their plantations of these modes. They are issued mainly through demonstrations of thought-concentrated light that combine with electromagnetic fields of the earth to form geometric symbols scheduled. Are highly electrical in nature. Any sensitive that it has sat in a circle recently formed for planting can witness the tangible buzz of energy that exists within them. Fecha: ended telling them that all life comes to light and that light comes from the conscience. Of thought! Her mission on earth is experiencing a double, grow, learn and seek the light. Its purpose is to experience the life and seek understanding. To make known the mystery is, you find that love is the vibration of all creativity, and the pursuit of knowledge, true knowledge is the key element of growth.
Now, there are some filters in your conscious mind, not only because of their genetic construct, but also to its purpose in its space-time continuum. How could you truly focus on the experience I chose to be in the illusion of linear duality if, at the same time, were aware of being in other dimensions of living parallel lives in the NOW? Look, this is not the purpose of ego.

But these filters are coming over later in the brain, the field lens! Now you have the knowledge to be greater. But know that the greater knowledge is achieved by the search through the meditative mind - the Divine Brain - and supplying themselves with this knowledge the computer that you call the conscious mind. Learn to work with both!

We told them that Love is the key. In fact, Love is the language of light, and it exists in many advanced formats. The maximum zenith of love exists in the frequency range of the radius, and is too powerful to be received at the Earth. We told them that unconditional love is the highest form of love, and it can not be truly understood in the third dimension. It can be imagined but not really understood in the third dimension. This does not mean there is no unconditional love for you, or he is not available at the Earth. Indeed, it is, but is expressed in the fifth dimension and higher dimensions. This concept can be confusing to you, because I think that experienced the unconditional love. This is exact, because the experienced you can experience it and really the experience. But are not experiencing the duality of the third dimension. The third dimension is a conditional dimension, and is deeply programmed, intricately planned in polarity. Love has its polar opposite in the third dimension, and has a light and all that exists within the electromagnetic spectrum. Unconditional Love is an effect experienced in the field of zero point, and therefore has no polarity. The field of zero point is not a field of duality or polarity. The dimensional model more "down" which allows the aspects of the experience of unconditional love is the fifth dimension. And it is this (and above this size) that you have the experience. Understand?

Dear, as you grow, we tell you that, indeed, a higher level, you are fully aware of the intricate truth of all expressions of his soul expanded. This happens through what you call the subconscious, which is the spark of God, which you can access all your conscious mind calm. Through the work! Through the effort! By impeccability. It is a beautiful dream, and is as complex as the cube of 12 dimensions of Metatron! Hold the mystery is known!

I am Metatron and You are loved!

And it is.


 you are love, you are loved, and I love you  

 Thank you Misha!!!!

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