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Having Full Consciousness, Having Spiritual Energy, What Does this all mean, hmm. :)

Having Full Consciousness, Having Spiritual Energy, What Does this all mean, hmm

Having Full Consciousness, Having Spiritual Energy, What Does this all mean, hmm

Articles originally written and photos digitally enhanced and edited

by Robert Perez



Well, first of all, you are all Lords, Christs and Masters just like Esu Immanuel Kumara "Jesus". Well he's just one of quad trillions of spiritual master ETs in the universe, he's like us, my next door neighbor that comes over to watch the Redskins game. Esu, Mary, and we, all came from the Lyra star system, that's our origins. That's why he came here 2000 yrs ago from the lyra star system to tell us just that, it was a Christ Micheal mission to heal us and save this planet.


This planet and every life form on it, is going to make a quantum leap in evolution. First planet, first time in the history of this universe, I really mean, is the first time in all universes and all their histories, that a whole planet and all it's creatures living on it. Will make universal galactic history, a whole planet making a huge quantum leap in evolution. And what took thousands, millions of years for celestial people to accomplish, where they at today in advanced technology and spiritually. Were getting it all "back" in a snap. That's why lots of Ets are very jealous.


Your spirit power sources “chakras” is manifesting additional new universe light energies to your portals, from a 7 to 13 energy sources, and being integrated and gradually into your core soul essence. All this is happening in your spirits control panel unaware. Your 2 DNA strands are restructuring to a 12 tetrahedron RNA/DNA strand.

You can perform all of these miracles that he did. Who can walk on water "levitate, float or fly to where you want to go". You would be able to turn water into any liquid, create and manifiest anything with your energy and thought "like shoes, cloths, toys, a car, a new wall in the house and etc.

You are also telepathic, so when you communicate to each other, you can send an entire 500page story book in 0.2 of millisecond.

Actually you do telepathic with your heart, not your mine like in the movies, and what we all think. Every time your heart beats, it sends out signal bubble waves.

Then the receiver intercepts the bubble signals, right next to me or on the other side of the planet, or even on ships around the earth. So every second of the day, everyone is intercepting in each others heart signals simultaneously, and not even aware of it. Being telepathic you can even show mental pictures from what you experience from your trip, from your eye's that are like camera lens.

What ever you record from your eye vision, will be stored in your memory and soul, you can telepathically transfer and share those images and mental videos. no need for cameras.

You can, also communicate and talk with nature, like tress, flowers, a rock and even water, cause their a living life form with conscious and energy.

The whole planet is a living life form, and you all know her name, Gaia Sophia, you would be able to talk to her as well, but you have to take turns cause were billions and she's one. Im assuming you would have to setup an appointment with Were getting it all back, after we lost it by the Reps and the Annun's 15,000 yrs ago.


You are limitless, immortal and most powerful spiritual light energy human being, that's what you are, you are GODs in your nature by default, and its a standard gift at spiritual birth by the true source.


You can even talk to your pets, cause animals are telepathic, and telepathy is a universal language. You can see everything that your not seeing now cause were limited and 3D humans. Once your light, you would see that everything is alive and with vivid glows of light, you will see that everything around you is radiating love and colorful light energy, it would be all around the planet. And of course, your going to be peaceful and lovable angelic beings.

And some of you are psychics in nature, depending of what level of evolution and dimensions you come from. You can spiritual transport "teleportation" anywhere around earth, and to different planets in the blink of an eye, your thoughts are very powerful.

Having spiritual energy you can never get sick and age, live too 5,000  earth years or more. Stay looking 20 or 30 forever.

If your 80 or 60, you'll go back looking 30.

If someone is 80 or 90 on their death bed, get your jacket and leave all the medical devices, the wheel chair, walker and  medications, cause you wont never need them again, were walking home today. Let me remind you brothers and sisters, death is obsolete in the higher dimensions, once your fully connected to your higher selves, and the conscious of the universe, your one with everything. You will soon realize that death and dying is just a dark superhuman controlled illusion, by evil empires to manipulate and enslave you with fears.

And there's no time in 5D, time stops, so does death. Now with a simple meditation, you can heal your spirit, if it needs healing, visit your deceased love one's in the etheric and or astral planes, mingle with them and laugh up a storm. You can even walk trough walls. Change your eye and hair color, change your height to be 1 foot taller, or 1 foot shorter.

Being a 5D human you can't and won't express, anger, greed, jealous, anxiety, depression, frustration, negative emotional feelings. And anything that's related to violence and aggressiveness in your nature, will vanish and disintegrate forever, you will be one happy Spiritual Master, with love and light.

You will be permanently fit, thin and healthy for the rest of eternity as 5D humans. Meditate and connect to your higher selves much easier, and become closer to the Prime Creator "the source of all an existent". Use spiritual energy "like the force in Star Wars" to move anything.

You will have so much energy, it would be like having the sun in your body, you will not need to exercise and sweat, nor go to the gym. If you have a small pain, a slight headache or any where in the body, you can heal and relief your self by thought.

You won't need to take vitamins, prescription medication or any kind of drugs to stay alive and healthy.

Cause the body would be synchronized with all the energies in the universe, that the spirit will have contained in its high frequency electrons. 

It means that all, and I mean all illnesses, deceases and sickness will be gone and cured. People with bad or missing teeth, bacteria eating flesh viruses, missing limbs and deformed areas of the body, would gradually be healed and reconstructed. Once the spirit shifts to spiritual energy, it would be turbo 100 times.


You are limitless, immortal and most powerful spiritual light energy human being, that's what you are, you are GODs in your nature by default, and its a standard gift at spiritual birth by the true source.


 You will need less sleep, you won't never be tired and week, you would eat less and don't have to worry that your gonna starve if there's no food around.

Sense your body wont be needing it as much, when its full of light energies, light energy would be your common food for the body.


You will feel and have the desire, in needing to always keep your self healthy, pure and clean, you'll have the universe inside of you, so your whole body will be nothing but light particles. Within the the center of each cell, it will be infused with light, so you will really be very translucent.

Your going to have fiber optic light going through your vessels, or you might have crystalline blood, your blood wont be as dense cause your body is going to be vibrating at light speed, at high frequencies. So there for your going to weigh much lesser, if your 150Ibs, once you shift to a 5D human, you would be at 70 or 50Ibs, slim, healthy and a foot or 6" taller, it's in your control.

You wont have the heavy dense body like you had in 3D, you'll be all light galactic particles, the cellular structure of your 3D bodywill be based on crystalline molecules, not carbon based. You will see colors you never seen before, you will be in control of all your senses, and tune your ears to filter out sounds and noises, filter your nose to smell or not to smell. You will be able to see, taste sound waves. Yes, you would be able to smell. taste and see light sounds.


Were coming back home, back to our normal selves again.

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Comment by Ismail on November 18, 2012 at 11:59pm

It has started guys, i am living proof :) i see auras, my body produce beautiful aura and i see aura in every thing at moment and momentum is increasing wow. thank you for posting...its amazinnnngggggggggg

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