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I have been researching the mysteries of religion and cultures for the past twenty years. Recently I found myself heavily submersed in quantum physics and have believed for quite some time that the art and principles of ancient cultures is all based on quantum physics. For example the Tibetan’s Om symbol was duplicated in a Cymatics experiment whereby sand sprinkled on a vibrating platform takes on the specific pattern exposed to a specific sound frequency. The odd part is that human ear cannot detect this particular frequency. One has to wonder how the Tibetan’s came up with this symbol. All things in nature are made up of these geometric patterns shaped by sound. Dr. Emoto’s water experiment with water crystals reveals that sound vibration and even intent can alter the structure of the molecules and the symmetry of a crystal. The perfect symmetry is achieved through positive intention and emotion whereas chaotic and unrecognizable patterns form with negative emotions and words.

It is increasingly impossible to ignore the rising frequency on the planet, the shift in consciousness light buzz that is shaking the old regime out of their lower density boots. Change is a handy word to throw around but it comes with two easy attachments of good and bad and no guarantee. We are nervous about this new era but still our spirit is fluttering around like a little kids on Christmas morning. Could it be possible to see a world where people are allowed to feel bliss and freedom? The fears that have been so effectively imbedded in us via the media, unwanted wars, corporate and government bullying and a history of horrible atrocities that leave such a strong karmic stain that we can’t seem to scrub it off with the usual abrasives. It’s time for a good Oxy-cleaning. Our breath of fresh air is the unprecedented election of Barack Obama has challenged America to embrace every polar opposite one can imagine. Race and country, the sexes, cultures, political parties are all just fleeting bad ideas now melting into the background of a bygone era. We want to believe with all our hearts that this was a pivotal opportunity for us to restore power to the people and heal the earth but something even more incredible is happening. A cloud of confusion is lifting and we are questioning all of the insanity that brought us to where we are in first place. What were we fighting for? Why do we spend the majority of our lives working for a company that means nothing to us to make money to pay bills and barely survive? Why are the wealthiest and most popular people on the planet in the movie, pharmaceutical and legal industries? Why is our income taxed? Why are people starving while others can and do spend $100,000 on a car. Why do we use gas to fuel our cars? The list goes on. But the most important mystery in all of the history of mankind is about to unfold due to our awakening from a long, sleepy slumber and largely to do with the actual realignment of our place in the galaxy.

The Mayans predicted this alignment in their calendar. It synchs up with the 1012 date that most people now know about. Though it is referred to as the End Times Prophecy as there is a tendency in the main stream to spread fear, we all know that there is no such thing as THE END of anything. Even if the earth were to explode and all humans were scattered to the four corners of the supposedly “flat” universe (yes, and they said the earth was flat as well), so what? Do we really actually believe that our electromagnetic, 1 percent matter bodies are significant in any way other than to experience the 1 percent of space that we actually perceive? 99.999 percent of the multi-verse is undetected by human senses. It is dark matter that is pregnant with information that our Nano pea brains cannot begin to comprehend, so far. But that is about to change.

Everything is cyclic. The only way to predict the future is to predict general energies as orchestrated by the cyclic nature of the universe. As above, so below. Everything is a representation of something else fractaling into infinity. The players and the stage, the props may all change but the stories are all the same. “We are merely players and all the world is a stage”. People like Shakespeare, DaVinci, Jesus were not ordinary people. They were privy to wisdom and knowledge that set them apart from the rest. What at first, appears to be metaphors from wise men to help us on our journey through life is actually evidence of far more advanced knowledge than we ever imagined. This secret knowledge was guarded and shared with only a select few, the Elite. They have been called the Templars and the Illuminati whose reputation now is less than holy. Rather than resign them immediately to the dark side we have to remember that knowledge is neither good nor bad. It is what we do with that knowledge that matters. Apparently the powers that be have polarized though in this game and there is a definite organization of power hungry control freaks with this ancient wisdom that are using it entirely to satisfy their own personal agendas. Meanwhile, the “goodies” are assisting humans in their ascension or awakening to this information in an effort to finally tip the scales and end the cosmic nastiness. It sounds like science fiction but what I am about to reveal and propose will make it very difficult to deny that all of this is absolutely true.

I was inspired by my eighteen year-old daughter a very artsy and quiet, sweet girl, not religious or obsessive about anything but she is extremely empathetic to where she feels other people's pain and emotion. I have been trying to talk to her about these kinds of things for years but she always seemed frustrated with me when I would start, so I did not pursue. After going through a very bad experience in the school she was attending she wanted to drop out, move back Jacksonville where she was born and get her GED. I decided to treat her as an individual and to not try to control her so I gave her my blessing. She got a job at sixteen, held it for a year and got an apartment just this month. Out of the blue she called me with this excitement in her voice that was electric and said "mom, I just realized why we are here in this universe”. She went on to tell me all of the revelations she had the night before and how she managed to put it into one sentence. “The moment of chance is proof of randomly consistent progression!" That sentence just came to here at 4 in the morning. And she said that everything is made up of these smoky spirals of energy and there is no time really and we are eternal. WOW I almost fell out of my chair. I had just been working on all of this through Richard Hoagland and Dan Winter and David Wilcock’s research. I have been studying this for 20 years. And she just pops that out at eighteen. So I decided to focus now on the main thing that I have been seeking all my life and that is unveiling the mystery behind the bizarre connectedness of all cultures and religions expressed in geometric shapes and metaphors. I knew it had to do with quantum physics and not actual material things. It is too insane to believe that the wars and control that has sucked the life out of this planet for so long is only about gold and land and religions. When I factored in the possibility of time travel and sacred places around the world it all made sense. THAT is worth fighting for if you are a control freak "god", keeping others from time traveling and actually BEING gods.

I realized that Dan Winter's work on IMPLOSION spin torsion creating a vortex like a tornado was the key to everything. It is self awareness in motion. So when the yogis and channeled masters are saying it is all about love that magnetic spin is what they are referencing to. The question is how do we take the physical body through a time portal? Apparently St Germain did it. The body will age but we can slow aging if we can control time. He managed to stay young for hundreds of years. This is a reported fact from very important people in history. I just learned that he hung out with the Cathars on some travel show. I went to Rennes le Chateau several years ago to research the Holy Grail. I saw the church where the priest Berenger Saunierre went a little mad and redecorated by placing a lovely demon statue in the entrance of Asmodeus, the “keeper of secrets”. Over the doorway it reads in Latin, "This place is terrible". There is a castle nearby where the Cathars gathered. It turns out our eternal friend St. Germain hung with these dimensional travelers. There are 12 12th dimensional portals in the Pyrenese. As it turns out Pyrenese means fire people. Talk about a revelation. That is what this whole stupid thing is about. God placed two flaming swords at the gates of Eden. Either that is the Aurora Borealis protecting the inner dimensions of earth or it is a metaphor for all portals that will not be accessible until our DNA changes. It could be both.

What is the meaning of all this? Rennes le Chateau was said to have been the location of the Holy Grail at one time. As the story goes the Cup that contains the blood of Christ is the Key to immortality. Dan Brown’s books, DaVinci Code and Angels and Demons have the religious community in an uproar implying that Jesus was married to Mary Magdelene and the Holy Grail was the bloodline of Christ. I almost bought into that too after my trip to France. I knew it could not simply be a cup with blood in it that you drink of to become immortal. If we have learned anything we must know that elite love metaphors. Here is a riddle for you. What is invisible to the naked eye, is shaped like a cup, spins and has a hole in the middle? The answer is those little smoky circles that my eighteen year-old spoke of that exists in everything, a vortex that takes you beyond time and space. Once you drink from this cup Dorothy, you’re definitely not in Kansas anymore. Holy Grail means Royal Blood. The cup is a hyper-dimensional vortex created by bliss. Ecstasy (Christ Consciousness whom Jesus represents) In Phi Knitly (INserts PHIre and KNITS the web (chalice) that creates the spin torsion compression that magnetizes (Magdalene) the royal blood (Holy Grail), activates the DNA (serpent) and makes us immortal. What is the best way to keep people from being blissful? Guilt. Fear. Hatred. Suffering. All achieved by the Elite through oppression and war and injecting all of these things into religion. They turned Jesus, the man with the message into a god to be worshipped making us unworthy, prayed to, telling us to seek outside ourselves to be saved and made us feel guilty for his sacrifice. They are the masters of reversal.

Suddenly it all makes sense. All of the sacred geometry found in every religion and culture, the obsession with music and chanting in prayer are the haunting sounds and visions of a hidden God awaiting our return to the source. Not the “gods” who were “mighty men of renowned who came unto the daughters of men” but the faceless, formless and nameless divine spark that connects us all. How easy it is for those with the knowledge and the will to control, to deceive us while we meander through the labyrinth of our own design in an attempt to distract us from our selves. We are easily convinced that we are separate, unworthy and should be ruled by someone that knows better. They awed us with their Magi magic tricks making us fearful of the unknown. They told us to worship, pray to and sacrifice to an angry, punishing and murdering god of the old Testament of which we were unworthy. I say, “Never worship any god who needs more therapy than you do”. We were taught to seek for forgiveness from this judging god rather than self-forgiveness. We were little children, lost and afraid and waiting to be shown the way. We were told what to think, how to live, what to believe but that time has come to an end. That is the true End Time. It is the end of an age of darkness. Jesus said that we must all drink from our own cups. We are all responsible for our selves and our souls. He said, “Ye are all Gods”. We have free will. We are not subject to the will of a god who rules and punishes. Jesus was teaching us through metaphors the secret hyper-dimensional physics of eternal life.

What brings this age to an end is a natural 26,000 year cosmic cycle that aligns our solar system with the Galactic center and what the Mayans refer to as the Dark Rift. Scientists call it the photon belt, a band of super dense matter from which light cannot escape. As the earth moves into this new energy our DNA is being altered. It is the mega version of the human organism version of spin torsion field. Our blood is magnetized, the earth’s magnetic field weakens, gravity reaches zero point, and we are immersed in the heavens. When the earth beings to move away from the light and back into the dark ages, once again there will remain the secret vortices, wormholes/portals like lifting a sponge out of the water. Eternal beings may or may not continue the game of physical manifestation in the lower dimensional levels. But this is an amazing an awesome time to be alive as we transition from third dimensional reality existence to the fifth and higher dimensions. By releasing and shaking off what I call the magnetic karma goo of the past and living in the present we are now able to experience human existence in a world that is moving beyond space and time. It is important not to give up as we witness the cleansing of the earth during this process as our own cleansing process. We are playing out all of our karmic lessons in this one life here and now. We will manifest illness and death if we are not focused on release and bliss. Release your fears and rid yourself of the toxic people, foods and situations that are causing your slow death. The world is lighting up with the flames of what is known as the Christ Consciousness. It is not a man. No man or god can save you. It is the eternal flame that is sparked by bliss. Find your bliss and light your fire.

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Comment by Cari Eden Kindl on May 17, 2009 at 8:07am
Thank you, nice to connect~peace.
Comment by CrystalClear2313 on May 16, 2009 at 9:21pm
Wow wow wow!!! Awesome way of describing it. I resonate with your words, magnificent post... thank you sooooo much.
Comment by Cari Eden Kindl on May 16, 2009 at 7:59am
Where's your face? Happy to connect. By all means spread the word and spread the bliss!
Love and lucidity,Cari
Comment by LindaZkewl1111 on May 16, 2009 at 1:11am
Wow!! I feel the same way about my daughter (she's also 18). I wouldn't "shove" certain things down her throat. She also chose to not participate in traditional high school for various reasons. She did independent study and did well. She is very wise in regard to her spirit. I could go on and on but I just wanted to let you know that this piece is just awesome. I'm saving it for future reference. Thanks so much. Very cool.

Comment by Cari Eden Kindl on May 15, 2009 at 11:19pm
Nice Phish. He he. Thank you so much Mike. That is so nice to hear. I BE lieve it with all my heart.
Peace~ Cari (Singer/Carroler) Eden (Gardener) Kindl (Fire Starter).
Comment by Mosher79 on May 15, 2009 at 10:47pm
Wow!!! Amazingly written, exactly what I've been waiting to read for a long time. Your vast research and knowledge has lead you to the answer everyone is trying to reach. Your words are now my bible, my fire is lite, and my bliss will take me to the 5th Dimension........Thank you so much...........Mike!!!!

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