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Hello world or should I say worlds, as we move into multidimensional realities. This is a very exciting time to be alive. Andy Worhol said that there would be a time when everyone would be famous for fifteen minutes. Through the internet we are all now able to be seen and heard in an unprecidented way. But what he left out of this prediction, the most important part, is that this mass exposure would lead to an explosion of conscousness and awareness that would make fame obsolete. We all have the opportunity to create our own world through our limitless imagination and the reward is not money or fame but to be able to share our unique perspectives and the powerful and beautiful energy that is manifesting "a wake" in the cosmic sea. I have been waiting for this change my entire life and am almost in disbelief that it is a reality as my (what now seems to be brief) past disheartening experiences in this mad world begin to fizzle out and disappear completely. I wrote:

I was born in the sixties but I missed all the good drugs
No computers, polyester, plastic and fur ruggs
A river of blood from a war that never was. . .

I haven't recorded this song yet but it sums up the insanity that we have all come to recognize and are doing our best now to heal not only the planet but our psyches and our SELF.

Now is the time to share our experiences on this crazy ride into the unknown from physiological changes to personal accomplishments and the amazing technological advancements that are just around the corner. I look forward to every moment in my now and in yours.

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