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Hi everyone!

I want to address all of you because as we move near to 2012, humanity is going to enter to spiritual realm in its totality..There are several spiritual paths that you can choose from. However, i want to tell you that there is a one truly spiritual path that i want share with all of you. it`s called Kabbalah.

Kabbalah is ancient wisdom from 4,000 years ago. it explains how our universe and all life are made of. In fact the word kabbalah comes from hebrew word means Reception..This means that with this wisdom of kabbalah you will receive all gifts that have origin in our source of life.

Kabbalistics say that humanity have to build this new sense(six sense) by its own intention and will. They say that we have two options...One is studying kabbalah...and other is called the path of pain, this because nature will push us in order to get this new sense. or we can decide and work with kabbalah by our own effort.

The purpose of Kabbalah itself is correct our Ego...this means to make our spirit similar to God (or creator)....So i highly suggest you all that study kabbalah not only for your own satisfaction but for whole humanity. We need to spread this knowledge to whole world..i count with you guys :)

Here are links that explain more about it : >>>>>>>> this page contains all links and resources to Kabbalah wisdom >>>>>>>> this contains an online free course of Kabbalah

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Comment by Besimi on July 21, 2009 at 8:13pm
Sweet friend you K :):):) ...great links you offering to us. Hope to find enough time for that too :):):) ahahha.
...............too many materials to read,but Kabbalah is very special to me. ..thanks ,nice post lovely friend. :):):).

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