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I dont know what spurred me to write this, but while I was automatic writing at work (read: slacking), I've got an uncontrallable feeling of love that went through my body a few times that tears just welled up in my eyes.

Here goes the stuff I would like to say (cue John Mayer's Say)

You've heard it before, the Golden Race will bring upon Heaven on Earth.

Literally yes! read it again...

I've always had this nagging feeling inside me; if a substantial portion of people on Earth, let's say just one million people, just thought REALLY hard with their mind and soul and focussed their thoughts and feelings onto something, they could literally have what they asked for.

Sounds simple?

This few quotes I've stumbled upon really resonated with this nagging feeling inside of me.
Trust me, here I was having slight ascensionitis and another side was this nagging feeling.

We have sweet Blossom Goodchild who says on her blog (don't mind me if I lift some words...!)

Nov 14, 2008:
"Two weeks ago this planet moved in an interdimensional way without the expected challenge. All the sources including the ones on my side of the veil expected something larger than took place. We didn’t expect that human consciousness had raised to a place where nothing would happen. The first time it has ever happened – a major shift of this planet took place, without the challenge of disaster and without the challenge of death! And all the predictions were there – but what about that saucer landing? Well, in an interdimensional way this planet has been imbued with more wisdom from the ancients than ever before! Without any challenge, without any earth motion. Well, did a landing occur? In a way it did! For now this planet is vibrating higher than before – it is a consciousness shift that was higher than before, it was two weeks ago and you slept right through it, didn’t you? Blessed is the human being who slept through it – for that is where this planet is going – change without challenge, it is what the goal always was. Won’t be that way every time, but it was this time. And we tell this to you, for so many of you got to see the prophecy, even the machines! Even Kryon!"

and another:

Kryon Channeling 2008, Santiago Chile:

"This is an age with no ancient prophecy. There is no prophecy you can find anywhere that explains what has happened in the last few years, and no prophecy about what humanity is about to do. No prophet was able to go to the other side of the veil and bring back this information, for what you're doing on this earth has never been charted before by anyone.


Twenty-twelve is not a mystery for you, and it's not dangerous. There's no doom and gloom path surrounding it, either. Many will tell you that everything ends at 2012. Instead, everything begins! Perhaps you should blow up a balloon, build a statue, have a party? For that is the date when this earth will begin to change its vibration. Given to you clearly in the glimpse of the ancients, this calendar is the prophesy of the ages. It represents a slow increase of vibrational rate. Waiting for that increase are Lightworkers who have had this new energy for 20 years or more. Oh, you think that's a coincidence, all this? It's not a coincidence. It is a sacred formula for peace on Earth. History will not repeat itself. You have moved off of the groove where those things take place in that fashion. Dictators will not begat new dictators. Hunger and famine will not begat new hunger and famine. There is a change at hand, and history will stop repeating itself. It's a new energy, if you've noticed."

are you popping the non-alcoholic champagne yet?

My automatic writings have reassured me time after time, everything will be okay. Just sit back and relax (and meditate and find out what the merkaba and kabbalah symbols mean..)

It also gives me great reassurance that we have some major cosmic VIPs on Earth right now. (I am sure of one, but I don't think she is the only one on Earth..!)

Probably theyre here to help chip in a higher awareness to raise Earth's vibrations, are they not?
Like having battery boosts to a car's engine.

Looking back, it seemed like Captain Planet and the Planeteers and Carebears showed kids of indigo age (perfect timing) great ways to help the planet and vanquish the 'bad guys'. With the power of soul and intent.

Who can forget the care bear stare. till today whenever I feel like giving out light and healing energies, I visualise them like care bear stares.. LOL not from my belly though..

I loved Captain Planet especially. Look at all the world races uniting their powers together to draw forth a super power.
I say lets ALL BE the golden race, Lets not have our dividing races based upon the colour of our skin or the country we live it. Lets lift up this view a bit and look at ourselves in a galactic level. The neighbours (Sirians, Andromedans, Tau Cetians, Pleiadians, Arcturians...etc) refer to us by the planet we live in, but we refer to them by the constellations they live in. Thats a lot of planets.

I've read somewhere about Project Looking Glass, when those guys looked into year 2012, it was a complete whiteout. It was layers and layers and layers of probable scenarios that they all made everything look white. (correct me if i made any wrong inferences)

So, the question right now is: What do you wish to happen when its finally time to ascend?

What do you want to manifest?

What will you think of, when you know everything's gonna be OK?


Let's dream of something nice for our future.

Let's dream of something nice for our futureTOGETHER

Let's bring Heaven on Earth.

[Did they mean heaven (aether) on Earth (terra)?]

Tell me what you want and what you think. :)

(By Your Powers Combined, I Am Captain Planet...!)

Thank you so much, if you've managed to read this till the end

okay it doesnt end there.
PS: I started writing this at 1:11AM. :) nice..

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Comment by Rebecca Shannon Ling on November 25, 2008 at 9:00pm
wow kerrie, those are REALLY major cosmic VIPs...!
It'll be nice to find them and say hi or take a photo with them, wouldn't it? :)

thank you so much for your kind comments.. :) love you guys!

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