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Hey everyone.Ive not been on SOE for like a week now. Im just posting up to tell you all im back and scotland is still as beautiful as i remember it......AND COLD! haha.
Just a lil update, The flight sucked. 12 Hours in a small box up chair watching the matrix and an inconvenient truth, a mad dash through heathrow and another short plain to Scotland.
Anyway im back home now, Im living with my mate and looking for a job. Wish me luck people. IM STARTIN MY LIFE!!!

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Comment by Matt Wilkinson on March 21, 2009 at 11:58am
hey bro, im scottish and irish in bloodline, aaack haha as my granpa would say" if its not scottish its CRAP" lol
im jealous, I bet its bloody beautiful over there.

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