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And people are shocked when i tell then i DONT want to be here? You can all preach about ascension all you like, but unless this problem get tackled by the masses, nothing will get done. These people who are in control are criminally insane. They are born and bread criminally insane, and should not under any circumstances be giving any form of control.

I blame the sheeple of the last two hundred years. Especially the ones of the last 40. But it doesn't make a difference anyway. Even if i blame you its mute, cause whats happened has happened. All i can say is grow a fucking brain, don't follow, lead. You all know the state of humanity is a cancer eating away at the planet, eating into your pocket, your lives and your mind. You are never free of their corruption. Sure you can put yourself far from it, but you will never be free. as long as these criminally insane people are in control, WE will never be free.

All i can hope to do is inspire. that's our weapon against them, Inspire and aspire to be the greatest you can be.
Im not a religious man, but Jesus said you should come here to help. not to take. All your religions have a similar message. Maybe you should pay attention and actually do what it tells you. these supposedly wise prophets and leaders may have been spouting nonsense for their own gain but they did get one thing right. An underlying message in most religions, is treat your fellow man with compassion. If we did that would we have any of these problems? No we would not! and the world would be a much safer place.

Im a sick of this crap, Sick of the constant lies in the media, sick of seeing front page news being some coked out celebrity gaining 20 pounds. Sick of having to work all my life to live on a planet i had no choice in coming to. sick of being a nameless face in a crowd. sick of having my rights taken, sick of being taxed, sick of a government selling drugs to its own people, grown in separate countries by the cia, sick of under table selling of guns and ammunition, Sick of the ATROCITY they call a nuclear bomb, You wonder why aliens stay secretive to such a violent species? sick of these fucking cover ups and the fact the military is well over fifty years ahead in technology. Technology designed FOR KILLING PEOPLE! Sick of the level of sickness this place has become and im sick of being sick of the state we have let ourselves fall to.

You ALL know what to do. and don't tell me you don't cause you bloody well do know exactly how to fix this. And it takes all of us to do it!

The ball needs to start rolling, so by the time its gets to the mainstream its rolling at such a high velocity that it will decimate anything in its path. CNN mocking us Bang! there's your fucking proof CNN fuck you!, Governments trying to keep control of the masses well fuck you too! you cant! Sooner or later You WILL fall. you mark my words you will fall, You can step aside now. Or you will be violently ripped apart by the entire world you have enslaved! cause sooner of later your secrets will get out, secrets have a way of not staying secrets, and whatever god you prey to. I hope he is in a merciful mood cause i truly feel sorry for whats coming your way.

Our ascension is coming, I don't know if it will be as magical as you say it will, but the human race will no longer be slaves, be it through peace or violence we will not be slaves!

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