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I thought 2009 was the year of Great Changes??



I will tell you only that the beginning is now underway. There are many steps in this process. However, we have reported from F3 sources that Arrests, Galactic Presence disclosure--See the latest China videos of 2 Motherships, on Announcement of NESARA, will happen quickly and all the rest will then be fully and publicly seen, reported and welcomed.

More such 'appearances' in our skies are expected in the next few days and it will quickly escalate around the world and WILL NOT be covered up. Then the planned progressive steps will be enacted and implemented world wide. Nothing can stop this process. Some remote areas will take longer than others but all will be accomplished within 10-15 Months after Announcements. The US, UK, Canada and Australia will be the first to receive abundance distributions. Huge pools of funds will provide for all needed infrastructures in even the most backward countries.

Eric Holder has appointed a special prosecutor to investigate the Sibel Edmonds 6 hours of testimony. Typists are working 24/7 taking depositions from those named and we expect these will be referred to the World Court for War Crimes Trials. Patrick Fitzgerald has had secret grand juries meeting and issuing 100,000 indictments for the last 4 years. All this centers around 911 and the evidence is overwhelming.

Hi K..., You have a good question. (about Mexico corruption concerns) We will soon have arrests in the US and Announcements of ships and the new remedies.

As that occurs all such things will be stopped everywhere. The ones being removed are using these methods to enrich themselves at your expense. This will end as you see the arrests on TV. A special prosecutor has been named and will soon release his report. We all are awaiting that sign that it will be ended. These ones are in very powerful positions and have many working for them. They will all be arrested at the same time. Grand Juries have been meeting in secret for 4 years to hand down 100,000 indictments. Since these are international crimes the trials will be held in the Hague, like the WWII War Crimes Trials. MarkH

2 huge, rotating, glowing, mist shrouded, mother-ship type UFOs have been seen by millons of residents in the Chinese cities and regions of Shahe, Xingtai, Ren County, South County, as well as Yongnian County. The event occurred on the evening of 20 August beginning at around 8:30pm. The UFO crafts hovered above, making large circles over the area, for over two hours and had locals terrified. Police received thousands of calls regarding the UFOs and various government authorities have rushed to the area to investigate further.

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