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The possibility that each person is an infinite being is becoming more real now. Gifted with total flexibility in our nervous systems, we all have the choice to build boundaries or tear them down. Every person is continually manufacturing an infinite array of thoughts, memories, desire, objects, and so on.

These impulses, rippling through the ocean of consciousness, become your reality. If you knew how to control the creation of impulses of intelligence, you would be able not only to grow new dendrites but anything else. Just the slightest opening of awareness causes a reality shift. Meditation, because it opens more channels of awareness and opens them to a deeper level, causes a bigger shift. The change does not depart far from the normal way we use our awareness. Building boundaries will still be a fact of life.

The twist the rishis gave was to infuse this activity with freedom, raising it to a level that transcends the petty thoughts and desires of the isolated ego. Ordinarily, the ego has no choice but to spend life desperately erecting one boundary after another. It does this for protection.

The ego finds the world a dangerous, hostile place, because everything that exists is separate from “I.” This is the condition known as duality, and it is a great source of fear. As we look “out there,” we see every kind of potential threat, all the trauma and pain that life can inflict. The ego’s logical defense is to wall itself in with the friendlier things – family, pleasures, happy memories, familiar places and activities.

If duality is an illusion, then unity will not be established. Both have their values, and without duality, unity has no substance. Both are natural, both are true. That is the nature of the world. Like light and darkness, the contradictions exist, they are there.

Adapted from Quantum Healing: Exploring the Frontiers of Mind/Body Medicine, by Deepak Chopra (Bantam Books, 1990).

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