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Combined human intent is worth more than the sum of its parts. A single individual can initiate worldwide improvement by emitting conscious frequencies of love, beauty, goodness, and wisdom. A group of
people focusing their energy on sending out light to the world can set
the stage for positive global transformation. All of us possess the
ability to channel love energy, to heal, to be a conduit for white
light, and to positively influence our fellow humans from afar. Yet one
person can only do so much. Imagine if each one of us took a few moments
at the start of each day to send out light to the world from our
hearts. Mother Earth would be quickly eased and the planet, as well as
every organism and being on it, would be bathed in loving light. The
world would be an infinitely beautiful place.

You can help bring about an earth where love triumphs over violence, air
and water are nourishing in their purity, and people take pleasure in
simply being alive. Alone, the light you emit is a wonderful healing
tool, but when you join with others who share your intent to shine
compassion and positive energy over the world, a powerful force is
created. Your collective consciousness and collective light will wash
over the planet, enveloping people, communities, cities, countries, and
continents. Inviting others to send light with you can be a daunting
task. People may question the benefits of sending light to an already
broken world. You will likely need to explain that each person’s light
joins with every other, and through the joining all are strengthened.
Assure them that what matters is not technique or what religion or
beliefs you hold but intent.

As more people come in mindfulness to send their collective light to the
world, the power of their planetary gift will increase exponentially.
You may already be affiliated with groups that would gladly participate
in such a noble project. Children, who often feel incapable of
influencing their world yet are reservoirs of innate power are usually
enthusiastic about sharing their collective light. As you gather
together willing people, your individual intent will become a great and
powerful wave, and you will see results in your fellow humans, in the
news, and in your daily life.

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