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How to tell the difference between voice to skull and multi-dimensional communication

Hi, All I was following Greg Gile's messages and they started getting contradictory and the tone was very condescending from the "GFL" (as they claimed to be). The new age sites were starting to reject his messages from their websites as it became more and more obvious they were not of the light.  Finally, "they" admitted they were not GFL. Some people say he was a victim of "voice to skull" technology. The messengers claimed to not be of the cabal or illuminati, but claimed to be beings that live over 1000 years and they do not believe in "dimensions" or "ascension" or "heaven" or anything like that.  It seems to me that they were not intelligent enough to be around for 1000 years.  My guess is that they were people who are trying to spread disinfo to discredit channellers and make people think that ALL channellers are victims of "voice to skull" technology to prevent people from "awakening" or to cast doubt for people when they do experience communication from multidimensional beings. It seems to me that these people that are trying to stop the "awakening" from happening and to prevent people from starting to communicate with multidimensional beings. Voice to skull:!topic/

So how do you tell the difference?

Voice to Skull technology is voice only and does not include images, details or nuances of communication ; whereas multidimensional communication often includes symbols, images and convey meaning in ways that cannot be communicated in words. We have the saying "a picture contains a thousand words", but multidimensional communication contains nuances and depth of understanding beyond words or even beyond pictures. 

Voice to Skull technology cannot read your mind (that's why they wanted people to post their responses under Greg's messages). They may know things about you if they have cameras and recorders, but they don't know what is in your mind; whereas multidimensional communication is two way communication. 

Voice to Skull technology can be used any time anywhere without your permission (as an example the above link regarding an advertisement billboard). On the other hand, Multidimensional beings do not invade your privacy and only communicate if you are open and willing or if you ask.  If you tell them you do not wish to communicate with them, they will respect that.

Voice to Skull operators do not know anything about you that has not already been made public such as on the internet; whereas multidimensional beings seem to understand you and your life experiences in a very deep and loving way. They empathize with your personal life experiences at a very deep level of understanding. They love you deeply and have a deep understanding of humanity and human experiences.

Voice to Skull operators might speak in a condescending or authoritative tone if their purposes are to control you. They may make you an offer or promises of fame, fortune or position or money. They may make an appeal to the ego, such as "you were chosen" or "you are special" etc. Or they may vacillate between reprimands and insults with compliments or strokes to the ego. On the other hand, multidimensional beings wish to help and communicate with everyone, they treat everyone as equals, never speak as an authority or in a condescending way. They always treat you with unconditional love, and respect. They will never require you to do anything.  They don't offer advice unless asked.

Most importantly, Voice to Skull operators cannot control events in your life although they can influence your decisions; whereas multidimensional beings can and will help you with your life if you ask for help.  They can heal you bodily and emotionally, they can help you connect with other like-minded people and friends, they can assist you with finding the information you need by synchronizing events. If you ask for help, things, events, and circumstances will seem to become orchestrated. They will help you "connect the dots" so to speak that will help you learn and grow as an individual. With the help of your multidimensional guides you can co-create events that benefit your learning experience in positive ways.

Voice to Skull technology would feel more like an "on" "off" switch since the operators wouldn't want to work 24/7. Whereas, your multidimensional guides never ever "disconnect" from you.  Since we are all one, they are always there, helping, guiding, loving and protecting you. They will not always make themselves known, and you may not be aware of them, or you may have asked them to give you space and not interfere with your life, so they will remain "hidden" in a sense... and you may not have been able to have a 2-way communication with them... but they are never truly "disconnected." Once you are "aware" of them, this connection is felt in an even more deep and meaningful way.

I hope this helps.

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Comment by Ismail on November 19, 2012 at 12:11am

guys i am seeing a lion when my aura hit the walls, anyone idea the meaning? hehehehe damn why i didnt come here for long time lol i been going through this ascension on my own lol

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