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How to Make Sense of Current Events

How to Make Sense of Current Events

April 21, 2017

No matter whom we elect, we get the same thing:
Our "leaders" are all Rothschild flunkies. The Rothschilds are cabalists (Satanists.) 
They have a monopoly over the creation of the medium of exchange, credit  & currency. They produce these coupons from nothing, something our government could do itself, interest-and-debt-free. Alas, our "money" are chips in their digital casino. 
Their agenda is to protect this monopoly by extending it into a monopoly over everything - power, knowledge, culture, religion -- by reengineering humanity to serve them. This is "the matrix."  This is why Communist and LGBT values are foisted on children. Why universities have been neutered. Why corporations and banks promote migration and homosexuality.  Why the foreign policy of the West is bent on destroying any resistance (Russia, Syria, Yemen, Iran, Korea.) Society is satanically possessed by these people who use Freemasonry and organized Jewry as their instruments. Mankind suffers from this cancer and is falling into a coma. Why do so few "pundits"  get this? 
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