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How to Let the Universe Handle the “How”

As a conscious manifestor, your role is to clearly ask the Universe for what you want to manifest. Yes, the clearer your request is, the faster the Universe can support you in manifesting it into reality. The best news of all is that you do not have to figure out HOW you are going to attract, create or manifest whatever you have requested from the Universe.

This is the Universe’s role. You can simply set your intention of what you want, and just let go, relax, and trust that the Universe will find the perfect situation for your desire (or better) to manifest effortlessly for you.

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Have you ever tried to force something to come your way or manifest something through holding onto an intense desire and perpetual effort? This forcing technique is for the Neanderthals. It is more effective to have remained at the foot of your bed visualizing and feeling what you want all day instead of swimming ferociously against the river of life upstream.

The Universe’s power is at your fingertips. You can simply sit back, relax and let this higher intelligence that is beyond you play out this game called Life for you.

At you can download
free Manifesting MP3s and Manifesting Ebook

Think about playing this game called Life just like you were playing a card game. You are holding these random cards (thoughts) in your hand (head) and are continuously pondering what your next move should be. Just trust yourself what cards FEEL right to let go and which ones to play. The Universe ultimately decides what cards you will be dealt in each moment.

You job is to appreciate what you receive, enjoying the hand you’ve been given and hold your intention to clearly manifest your desired outcome without attachment to what actually happens.

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