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By simply asking that question you are on the right path. The universe will always respond to your requests in a similar fashion that they are asked. or should we say, with a similar consciousness. You see, the answers you need in life is nothing that is found outside yourself, you contain it all. The universe, God, Creation, whatever label you put on it, is within yourself. When a question is asked, you bring forward an answer from within yourself that is mirrored in the outer world. Keep you eyes open for the answer however, for they come not always in the way you expect. In fact, putting an expectation on certain outcomes is an effective way of blocking your perception.

Allow the universe to show you the answers to your questions in the way that is most appropriate. It can be that your answer comes through a book, a commercial on TV, in nature or through your friends. Anything is possible, and once a request is sent out into the open, it is bound to manifest as an answer in the world around you. Do you remember the phrase from Jesus: Ask and it shall be given. This is what he was talking about, the universe answers all your requests, and it can be whatever you want. To get in touch with your heart, intend to see love around you.

Now, learning to see the world as Self is a thing that takes some practice, but eventually, when you become clearer within yourself, the outer world will be clearer also. The answers will eventually come to you right away in the form that best suits you. Learn to trust yourself as a creator, trust that you create the reality around you, because the world is simply a reflection of your whole self. Your self involves your physical body, emotional body, thoughts, soul and spirit. Look at your beliefs about the world, because it says a lot about what you think of yourself. Learn to see the beauty in the world, for by doing so, the beauty will manifest more often. It is the Law of attraction, but truly, the law of attraction is also a label. Everything is You on some level, it represents something within yourself.

You might have learned that in dreams everything is an aspect of you, well the world is the same. Start to look for beauty around you, this is how you get in touch with your heart. Seeing beauty is a frequency that resonates with what is called your heart chakra. It is the energetic center of your being. A portal and a vortex that constantly creates the world around you as you see it. It is all about perspective, changing the way you look upon the world changes the world for you, and that is what truly matters. If all chose to see the world as self, people would be much kinder.

Following the heart is what you do when you have realised that your attitude is what creates your surroundings. Once you have understood this concept it will become a fun game, if you will, to see how accepting and loving you can be of the world. Changing one belief about the world at the time is all it takes, once you are on that path, you are following the heart, and before you realize it, trusting your heart will become your most accurate guiding system.

Following the heart may sound like something poetic and airy fairy for many people, and that is perfectly understandable. The heart is very misunderstood, because the heart, the actual spiritual center of your being, is non-judgemental and it loves you no matter what. Dare to see the beauty around you, for this is how the heart can show you how beautiful you are. See beauty inn all, and all will start to reflect it back to you. The heart and the universe is perfect mirrors of each other. Trust that beautiful heart of yours and let it show you the wonders of this world.

You will feel it within yourself. When you trust your heart your whole being will expand, your energetic signature will become brighter and stronger and people will feel this from you. they will feel what emanates from within your chest, from your heart. Let go of the negativity, for it need not serve you anymore, let it go and thank it for it's service. Go in the direction that feels good, because that is the direction your heart is pointing you in.

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