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How Do We Bring About Self-Healing? David Hawkins

The First thing to Let Go Of is Unsconscious Guilt.
A Course in Miracles is a Teaching of Love, Forgiveness, and Lettting Go Of Fear.
Many people I Know who have Recovered from Cancer, Multiple Sclerosis,
and other Debilitating illnesse, have done so as a Result of this Particular Course,
which is About Forgiveness to Yourself, or Others that are Similar.
All of them are Designed to show us how to Change Our Point of View,
how to let go of Condemnation of Self and Others, How to let go of Guilt, and Fear,
and how to move Ourselves into the Willingness to Be Loving, Forgiving, and Compassionate.
Out of that Comes the Desire to Understand, So in Self-Healing,
we Need to almost Take ourselves In our Own Arms and Become Compassionate and Healing,
because All of Us Have the Healer Within US.
We begin Now to Heal Our Humanness.
When we look within, we can Really See that Anything we Have Ever Done in Our lifetime,
was Done out of Innocence, and our Main Intention is to Understand that,
it becomes Healed Out of Compassion.
When We Do This With Other People,
and Let Go Of the Desire to Be Judgmental Toward Ourselves and Others,
then Our Own Energy Field Begins to Move In a Positive Direction.
The Cancer Cannot Grow in a Positive Energy Field, Only in a Negative One.
It is Important to keep our Eye on the Fact that Consciousness within Itself is Basically Innocent.
The Nature of Consciousness is the Innocence of the Child.
This Primary Innocence becomes the Consciousness of the Adult,
Because the Programs that the Child Buys Into,
are Actually Programmable Due to the very Nature of Innocence Itself.
We Need to Realize that we have Committed Exactly One 'Sin'
Throughout Our Lives, and it is the Same 'Sin' over and over again.
The 'Sin' is that Everything we Have Ever Done, (Our Intentions and Purposes)
was Consequent to the Naive and Basically Innocent Thought that it would Bring About Happiness.
It is Very Important to Know This and to Realize that,
What We Did At the Time was Because We Thought It Was Neccessary for Our Happiness.
Wanting Happiness is the Basis for all Human Emotions, is it Not?
In Fact the Basic Premise, the basic and Most Primitive illusion of all,
is that the Body is the Source of Our Happiness.
Therefore, the Fear of Death, is Really, "if I loose the Body,
I will loose the Source of Happiness. I will Loose Consciousness Itself."
An Unconsious Purpose of the Ego is to Prove that we are a Victim,
and the Test of Cancer is Whether or Not We Will Continue to Go Along,
With This and Buy Into It As Do Many People In The World.
The Ego would Rather Be Right, Even if it Costs Us Our Life,
than To Give Up the Position that it Is Innocent Victim,
and the Perpetrator is Something Outside Itself.
This is the Core Paradigm of Victimology.
Life Flows Equally into the Saint and the Criminal Alike.
Life, Truth, and that which is the God Within make No Judgement.
Life Flows Equally into all.
As it Says in the Scriptures, the Rain Falls Equally on All.
Moving out of Judgmentalism is The Lesson in Example.
Life Flows Equally into All So we Allow Our Unconditional Love,
to Support the Truth of Everyone, including Ourselves.
Our Own Capacity to Support the Truth, Depends on Accepting that,
"With God's Help, I have the Power to Make the Decision,
to Go Through the Necessary Inner Work to Bring About A Healing Of this illness".
That's the Difference between Treating, Curing, and Healing.
TREATING is Relieving a Symptom
CURING is Overcoming the Disease
HEALING Included the Whole Person
To Move into Unconditional Love Begins a Process Called Revelation,
which Starts the Release of Certain Chemicals Called ENDORPHINS,
Within the Mind and the Brain.
All these Energy Fields have Within the Mind and the Brain Concomitant Changes in the Enzymes.
There are Neurotransmitter Changes, a Release and Opening of Whole Banks of Neurons.
Therefore the Person is Moved Into the Healing Energy Field of Lovingness
and Has At their Fingertips the Utilization of Millions and Millions of Neurons
that People in A Negative Emotional State Do Not Have At Their Disposal.
To Move into the Energy Field of Unconditional Love,
then Starts the Healing Process We Found that Healing Occurs
At An Energy Field that Calibrates at About 540, which is the Energy Field of the Heart.
We Set Our Intention on Accomplishing Peace of Mind Because that is End Result of Healing.
The End Result Is an Inner Tranquility,
Not an Indifference to What Happens to the Body, but a Transcendence of the Body.
No Longer Do We Identify as that Physicality.
It belongs to US and is Part of US,
but It is Within US Because We Realize that We Are More Than the Physical Body.
Starseed Claude

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