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"And then What" > "A Way Of Transcending FEARS" - David Hawkins

Once One Focuses On Fear, The Endless Fearful Events of the World Feed It.
Fear Limits Growth, the Personality and Leads to Inhibition.
Fear is an Emotion, but as a Pervasive Lifestyle, it is Limiting.
Realistic Fear...(i.e. Caution) Subserves Survival.
In Contrast to Irrational Fears, Which Indicate Psychological Intrapsychic Problems.
Socially Serviceable Fear is an Accepted and Normal Concomitant to All Human > Life.
Because the Basic Mechanism of Fear is Of Animal Origin and a Prerequisite To Survival,
it is Built Into the Very Structure and Physiology of the Human Brain.
The Processing Out Negative Feelings is Similar,
to that Recovery from other Negative Attitudes and States.
In this Process, Fears Are Allowed to Arise Without RESISTANCE,
and their Emotional Energy is SURRENDERED AS IT ARISES.
A simple Technique Called "And Then What?"
In this Process, One Starts with a Fearfulness and then Surrenders to a Consequence.
If Such a Fear Should Actually Happen.
For Example, "I'm Afraid I'll Lose my job.' > "And then What?"
"Then I Won't Have any Money ! > "And then What?
"And Then We'll Be Thrown Out of the House." > "And then What?
"And Then We'll Become Homeless.. > "And then What?
"And Then We Won't Have Any Money For Food and We Could Starve to Death." >"And then What?
"And Then We'll Get Sick and Die." > "And then What? And So On.
(It Can Be, For Multitudes Do That Very Thing)!
The Train of Fears Always Terminates and Ends Up With the Fear of Physical Death Itself.
Interestingly, the 'Near Death' Experience Subsequently Eliminates All Fear Of Death.
Almost All Social, Phychological, and Physical Fears
Are Unconsciously Just Elaborations of THE FEAR OF DEATH,
From Which They All Arise.
It May Take Only A Short Time, Or it Could Take Hours, Days,
or Even Longer To Go Through The Whole List of Horrors.
Finally, When Death Is Accepted And Surrendered To GOD,
The Core of the FEARS DROPS AWAY.
Peace can be the Consequence of Surrender to The Inevitabilities Of Life.
All Fear is a Product of EGO As An Evolutionary Stage,
Starseed Claude

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