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The center of our universe of consciousness is simply where we place our awareness. Therefore, we become the prime creator of our own inner universe once we consciously engage our evolution through self-healing. Any lifetime could have become the "master player" on the game board, but *we* chose it to be *this* lifetime. We can know this because you are reading this article now and I have written it using a body experiencing time in the year 2008.

The process of reclaiming energy tied up in fear based emotions and repression takes time, effort and tremendous patience. The rewards, however, are vastly beyond anything we can imagine for ourselves in our present state of consciousness. The "inner space" created by removing the walls of repression and resistance that we have built up around ourselves allows our minds to operate from a space of present moment awareness, awareness of the infinite, and awareness of the game of physical "reality" that we are playing.

free MP3s of the Self Clearing System Meditations

When there are no longer any secret compartments in our minds, we won't need too many other players/lifetimes in our game of physical incarnation. Through expanding our consciousness into an undivided focal point of our incarnation game, we elevate the way we play the game to a level where miracles occur. In truth, we are simply allowing the infinite energy of creation to naturally flow through us, for a miracle is simply an event created by an undivided, unlimited consciousness, which the limited ego mind cannot comprehend.

free MP3s of the Self Clearing System Meditations

Don't put your inner world aside when it asks for attention. Choose your tools of transformation and set your mind to delving into the aspects of your life that you have been trying to forget. Bring them to the surface, dive into their depths and bring those fragments of your self back home through self-love and forgiveness.

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