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Dimensions of time and erasing incarnations

Through bravely embracing our pain, holding it in our awareness and reclaiming our power associated with it, we can unravel the hidden fragments of our minds that extend out into other incarnations which exist solely as a means to process the pain. Once every trace of the fragmented pain is reclaimed and brought into full conscious awareness, we will no longer "need" the other lifetimes that were created only for the purpose of bringing the hidden pain into the light of awareness, and those incarnations will simply cease to exist.

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This concept of simultaneous incarnations that can be created and dissolved is challenging to accept and is impossible to "prove" with our current state of science and technology. The mind boggles at how powerful we would have to be that an entire incarnation could be created to address an issue that is unresolved in our psyche. Yet isn't that the exact premise of reincarnation -- that we "come back" to work through lessons that we haven't learned? The only real disconnect is our perception of time as immutable and ever flowing in one direction.

The concept becomes clearer if we shift away from thinking of time as a linear force and instead imagine time as a board game where each square on the board represents a point in "linear" time. In this physical lifetime we go through just a few squares on the board game of time, which is all our physical senses can perceive. Yet the higher aspect of our self is outside of the game, and it can put a game piece (lifetime) anywhere on the board that one is needed. This means that a "future" incarnation can be placed in your linear "past."

free MP3s of the Self Clearing System Meditations

If the game isn't being played fully by one lifetime's personality, the Higher Self that is overseeing the game will simply put a new piece (lifetime) on the game board of time that will "play out" the necessary acceptance of experience that is missing from the other game piece. Should the original player elevate their game to a higher level and embrace their hidden pain, the supplemental game pieces are no longer necessary to complete the game and can be removed from the board.

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