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~High Council Of Orion Message ~ for 14th july ~

Welcome beloveds we are here once again to help support and guide you through the changes
that you are experiencing across planet earth.
We guide and support you to help you see through the illusion so that you may heighten your vibration
and move more fully into your heart centre.
Many are now struggling and moving between the 3d view of the world
and the higher 4th and 5th dimensions,
for many there are moments of pure clarity followed by a slump in energy and vibration
and it is to these humans we wish to guide and support.
Raising your vibration shows that you have moved closer to your heart centre dear ones,
for it would not be possible for the vibration to rise if you did not do this.
Many are surrounded by those asleep and it is the moments of clarity that will trigger those around you.
It is the moments where you are just BEing and not reacting to that which those around you
who are asleep will be reacting to.
This triggers those asleep as they expect all around them to react to that which they do.
They do not understand that they are in illusion and that to react is to fall deeper into that illusion.
For many the moments of clarity are indeed blissful where all is at ONE
and they can FEEL the truth within, around and through them.
For many this achievement is a fleeting glimpse of what life is truly like
and they then try to maintain the higher vibration consciously.
For many this will instantly lower your vibration back down again as you have unwittingly moved back
to mind centre life experience.
Remember dear ones the heart centre is FEELing, the mind centre is logic.
It may seem to be logical to continue to BE but that is not so.
The heart is the only place where you can BE dear ones, everything else is illusion.
The frustration that arises within a human when their vibration lowers and heightens can be immense
and many at this time are deep in frustration as they try to manage the heightening energies
that sweep across the planet at this time.
Many are trying to live the lives they used to live in 3d but at a higher vibration.
We note how confusing that can be to many and we guide you to go within regularly
and to release and allow all to flow.
It is by trying to control your life through your thoughts alone that leads to frustration and confusion,
for it you live from your heart centre dear ones you will FEEL that all is well at all times.
Divine timing seem to cause major frustration for many lightworkers across the planet,
whilst many can fully appreciate this concept the reality for them is frustrating.
Hoped for outcomes are just out of reach, waiting seems to be a trigger for many humans
who have been trained by illusion that everything they want needs to be instant.
We guide you strongly to detach from outcomes dear ones.
The breadth of view that humans have in the relation to the universe is but narrow
and we guide that many are still trying to control that which cannot be controlled.
The universe works to support you at all times, it ebbs and flows and brings all that is needed to you
in perfect timing, yet many humans still do not trust this way of BEing.
If our words resonate with you or indeed if our words trigger you then please go within and sit with them.
Why the need to have things instantly? What fear does that bring up for you?
For there must be fear or you would be at ONE
with the universe.
Many do not trust that what they wish for will be given to them and we guide you once more
to realise that it is not a question of whether a human is good enough or not,
that is not how the universe works dear ones.
YOU are not being rewarded for behaviour,
that is illusions teaching that you must follow a way of BEing that fits in with all others
or you will not be rewarded.
The universe is an abundant one dear ones, what will “stop” the universe giving is the thought processes
of the humans across the planet.
Many humans received abundance every day but it comes in a form that they were not expecting so
they do not actually see it as abundance.
This comes out of the need to control and define that which is around them.
We guide you strongly to detach from this dear ones as it is illusion which is in operation.
Whilst you have a defined way that the universe is going to provide you with money or time
then you have contained the energy needed to create this
and you will not see or be able to acknowledge when you receive it.
We note the Arcturians guided on human energy cycles and we wish to further confirm that this is
something that many humans do not work with.
Many humans seem oblivious to the cycles within themselves and we guide that this is down to the illusions
teaching that a human must continually work and strive to amass as much money as they can.
Without doing this they are not worthy. That is the teaching of illusion.
We guide you strongly to detach from the work, work , work teaching as many of you now are at
the point of exhaustion on all levels.
It is this teaching that will keep the 4th and 5th dimension vibrations ever out of reach dear ones.
We acknowledge that this is a difficult teaching for many to detach from,
such is the depth of planting of the seeds of fear that
many are triggered as soon as they take any time to themselves.
To these humans we guide you to meditate, to within to the silence
and find where these seeds are and weed them out.
It may take many trips to the silence to begin to weed dear ones and we guide you to be gentle
and patient with yourself as you begin this process.
The seeds are planted deep and many will struggle with the weeding out of them.
Dear ones you are not here to work and work and take no time for yourselves, that only serves illusion.
Working and continuing to work and never switching off or having a break
is driving many humans to ill health and dis-ease.
We ask how you can create the life that you dream if you are too ill and tired to dream?
Many will find it difficult to detach from illusions teaching around continual work due to relatives
and loved ones who are deep in illusion and who seek to replant the seeds of fear
once many humans have begun the detaching process.
So deep is this illusion in parts of the planet earth that many will be deep in frustration
as they try to connect to their hearts and BE whilst surrounded by humans asleep
who create drama and crisis around them.
We appreciate how difficult it is but we guide strongly to detach.
The way to the heart is not found by the ever increasing time spend working and rushing around.
Humans need to dream, they need to absorb the information that they are unlocking
and they need to connect back to the heart centre.
We acknowledge that many reading our words will have questions such as “how can the bills be paid,
this sounds lovely but do they not understand that I need the money to keep a roof over my head”.
We acknowledge the teachings of the illusion around this dear ones but we guide strongly for you to detach.
Do you feel the anxiety and the panic that wells up inside of you
when you utter those words about “needing” to work?
Do you feel how on edge and how panicky the feelings are around this subject?
Many of you will have gone straight into anger at our words and we guide that
where there is anger there is fear.
We are not asking for you to down tools and not go to work dear ones,
for if everyone across the planet did that then there would be chaos.
It would result in a lowering of vibration for all as it comes from mind centre life experience.
We are asking you to look at the veil of illusion around work and to adjust your life
to be one of more rest and relaxation.
If you find dear ones there is not a point in any day that you can justify rest for yourself
then you are deep in illusion and will be heading to illness and dis-ease at some point in your life journey.
We ask those who have “no time” to look at the way they are creating their life journey,
for you all create.
What is it that working all the time and keeping busy stops you from experiencing?
What fear do you hold deep within you that will rise as soon as you rest and stop working?
THAT dear ones is the fear that drives you and the seeds are deep if they drive you at all times.
We guide you to weed out the seeds of fear. Realise that you are loved and loving dear ones.
The heart is the place to find the nourishment that you need, the LOVE that IS resides in your heart.
The mind will try to logically tell you that nothing can be done from the heart,
many do not like to connect to FEELings because they have been taught that FEELing solves nothing
by the illusion.
We guide that FEELing solves everything dear ones.
It is only be FEELing that you can begin to heal and move forward.
If you work and work and never switch off then you are punishing yourself dear ones and we ask why?
What is it that you have done that you believe you must be punished for?
To be human is to err, if not you would not be human.
For those who have been deep in illusion it may be that awakening has brought to you actions
that you do not like nor agree with now.
That is to be expected dear ones, to look back on events as is human want is the easy part,
at any one time in your life dear ones you did the best that you could with the information that you had.
At any one time illusion will teach that you are in competition and that you are not all equal,
actions that sprung from this teaching are bound to have been created.
Now you have awakened and are aware of illusion is the time to forgive and cleanse the self.
It is only be realising the LOVE that IS within your hearts that you will move on.
To stay in mind centre life experience and believe that you wronged another
therefore you need to be punished is to fall back into illusion.
Remember dear ones that there is no right and no wrong there just IS.
It is the human who is experiencing the event that decides about wrong and right.
If that human is within illusion then the division of wrong and right will be in evidence.
They will in effect take a side. The human who is enlightened and awakened will realise there just IS.
Do our words make sense dear ones, do you see the difference ?
We step back now to allow our guidance to be absorbed and we guide strongly
that the absorption process is ongoing.
Many read our words and dismiss them and we guide that for many the words
will gradually filter through.
Others may read the words and instantly resonate and we guide those humans
that even when this happens the process of absorption is still ongoing.
When humans begin to live their truth from the very core of their BEing then the information
they are uncovering is being processed. These are the truths that see through illusion at all times.
These are the truths that alter your living as you realise that you lived from mind centred existence
and now realise that heart centred life experience is truth.
We are the high council of orion and we are your brothers and sisters from the stars.
We love you, we have never not loved you.
WE ARE ONE. Connected to us at will dear ones and we will guide and support you at all times,
for you are we and we are you.
With much love and blessings the high council of orion.
Channeler: Karen Doonan

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