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Guide: How to Circumvent US DNS Censorship (Obtaining Server IPs)

Guide: How to Circumvent US DNS Censorship (Obtaining Server IPs)

In the Event That Many Websites Cannot Be Accessed

By Censorship By U.S.A.
The PROTECT IP Act in the United States would block certain domains from responding
if Hollywood decides you shouldn’t be permitted to view that website.
The good news is that this depends on you using actual names to access websites, not IP addresses.
This will make it substantially easier to bi-pass US censorship and Windows comes pre-installed
with the necessary tools to do so.
So this is a guide on how to use what you already have to circumvent US DNS censorship.
Unless you want a different browser other than Internet Explorer,
this guide requires absolutely no installing of software.
It uses what typically comes prepackaged in a Windows operating system.
If the PROTECT IP Act is passed,
the information you learn by using this simple technique will be able to completely bi-pass DNS censorship.

Step 1 – Run Command Prompt

Go in to your start menu.

In the search menu at the bottom, type “run”.

Hit the enter key on your keyboard.

In the window that pops up, type “cmd”. Click on “OK”

Step 2 – Obtain the Server IP Address

You’re only typing in one thing here.


Type in ping -a domain name here

In our case, we are typing in the domain name for

The Important Numbers Are The 2nd Last Line
That's What You Type In.   ping -a and then you see the IP Number
The server IP address is  for 
That’s the only bit of information we need from this.
You can type this number into, say, notepad.
Just as long as you have the IP address ready to copy and paste.
Type in “exit” and hit enter to close the command prompt window.
Step 3 – Test the Results
In your browser of choice, type in the address bar “http://[insert IP address here]”
This will access the website more directly.
In our case, we typed in
This loaded for us!

Now, if you have a list of websites you know of that might be hit by the US DNS censorship

proposed in the PROTECT IP act,

obtain the IP addresses in this manner now before the censorship starts
and save these IP address numbers somewhere convenient.
That way, if the domain is censored, you can simply type in the IP address in your browser
and the address will still load long after the domain is blocked.
Congratulations! You’ve defeated the Great Firewall of America! (for now)
This will only work if the website remains in a specific server.
If the website moves to a different server,
then there’s a chance that the IP address in question will stop working.
As long as you have the IP address in use by that given website,
you’ll still be able to access that website even if the US government decided to block that particular domain.


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Comment by Claude on July 25, 2011 at 2:38pm
As shown in the image above, most ID Serve users will enter a site's
or server's domain name or URL.

ID Serve will then use the domain name system (DNS)
to determine the IP address for that domain.
But sometimes it's useful to go in the other direction to determine
the domain name associated with a known and provided IP.

This process, known as "reverse DNS lookup", is also built into ID Serve.
Simply enter any IP address and ID Serve will attempt to determine
the associated domain name.
Comment by Claude on July 25, 2011 at 2:36pm

Jesmae Tunnell, Your Welcome for the Share.

Thank You for Your Comment.

There is A Wonderful App Out there Called ID Serve ~ Free, I love this App.

Here's the short list of ID Serve's capabilities:

HTTP Server Identification:
As stated above, and as shown in the sample screen shot above,
ID Serve can almost always identify the make, model,
and version of any web site's server software.

This information is usually sent in the preamble of replies to web queries,
but it is not shown to the user.
Non-HTTP Server Identification:
Most non-HTTP (non-web) Internet servers (like FTP, SMTP, POP, NEWS, etc.)
are required to transmit a line containing a numeric status code and a human readable greeting to any connecting client.
So ID Serve can also connect with non-web servers to receive and report
that server's greeting message.

This generally reveals the server's make, model, version,
Comment by Jesmae Tunnell on July 25, 2011 at 4:32am
Thank you for that, I have printed out the process and filed, Aussie will also have this problem.

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