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Here I Am

Bright lights; little stage
Adrinaline flowing through my veins
The band performing
Announcement made
here I am.
To the stage I walk
Closer I get the more I shake
But…Here I am
To my song
The music begins
Here I am
It doesn’t want to
My voice comes out
Here I am
On stage I sing
But in spanish
Here I am
Labamba-only song
This one I share with that band
Here I am
I sing it right
To me it’s true
Here I am
My sister’s idea
To have me up on the stage
Here I am
This the first
But not the last…time
Here I am
I know what it’s all about
This music I love so much
It’s about saying…”Here I am”
The song goes on
I feel at home
Finally my comfort zone
Here I am
Louder the clap
Better I feel
For here…I…am
Now is the time
My voice to be heard

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