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Health Officals Admit H1N1 Vaccinations will not be tested

Health Officials Admit Fast Tracked H1N1 Vaccines Will Not Be Tested for Safety
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Harold Gray
Just Get There
July 30, 2009
The media is reporting on the governments preparation for a massive vaccination campaign this fall for the hyped up H1N1 hybrid flu virus. Recently Katherine Sebelius, the Health and Human Services Secretary, granted legal immunity for vaccine manufacturers during the stage 6 pandemic declared by the WHO. Even more troubling than the new vaccines or antivirals themselves, is the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) declared by the FDA, which enables the use of expired stockpiles of Tamiflu or Relenza, and non-compliance with label requirements. The EUA authority will also permit the FDA to allow the use of “unapproved or uncleared medical products” during an established emergency.

A large percentage of the public who are informed of these facts will simply refuse the shot, but face government threats of home interventions through provisions in the Health Care bill, compulsory vaccination and quarantine.

The new stock of vaccines the governments purchased, has been fast tracked for approval by the FDA. Health officials admit that the clinical tests are about dosage amounts, and not safety. So the new vaccines being approved for the fall campaign, have the potential to cause severe harm or death, due to the lack of safety tests.

The AP reported

The clinical trials are mainly aimed at calibrating the doses to give to patients, not to test if it is safe or not, officials stressed.

“We are not trying to find some yet unrecognized problem with the vaccine,” said Michael Osterholm, director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota

This is an appalling statement considering the 1976 mass vaccination campaign for swine flu, that injured hundreds of thousands and resulted in dozens of deaths from Guillain-Barré Syndrome. It is also a very cryptic statement, unrecognized problems, meaning that they will not explore how the body will react to new vaccines with unapproved adjuvants like Squalene.

Meryl Nass, M.D., an authority on the anthrax vaccine, stated on her blog:

“A novel feature of the two H1N1 vaccines being developed by companies Novartis and GlaxoSmithKline is the addition of squalene-containing adjuvants to boost immunogenicity and dramatically reduce the amount of viral antigen needed. This translates to much faster production of desired vaccine quantities.”

Dr. Mercola explains the effects of squalene injected into humans in this excerpt from his article on the subject:

The difference between “good” and “bad” squalene is the route by which it enters your body. Injection is an abnormal route of entry which incites your immune system to attack all the squalene in your body, not just the vaccine adjuvant.

Your immune system will attempt to destroy the molecule wherever it finds it, including in places where it occurs naturally, and where it is vital to the health of your nervous system.[viii]

Gulf War veterans with Gulf War Syndrome (GWS) received anthrax vaccines which contained squalene.[ix] MF59 (the Novartis squalene adjuvant) was an unapproved ingredient in experimental anthrax vaccines and has since been linked to the devastating autoimmune diseases suffered by countless Gulf War vets.[x]

The Department of Defense made every attempt to deny that squalene was indeed an added contaminant in the anthrax vaccine administered to Persian Gulf war military personnel – deployed and non-deployed – as well as participants in the more recent Anthrax Vaccine Immunization Program (AVIP).

However, the FDA discovered the presence of squalene in certain lots of AVIP product. A test was developed to detect anti-squalene antibodies in GWS patients, and a clear link was established between the contaminated product and all the GWS sufferers who had been injected with the vaccine containing squalene.

The WHO even admitted the swine flu vaccine being fast tracked in the EU may be unsafe because it allows firms to bypass large-scale human trials.

So with reduced safety testing, would you trust a vaccine manufacturer whose contaminated vaccine could have potentially caused a pandemic?

Baxter pharmaceutical, one of the drug firms contracted to produce the H1N1 vaccine, recently sent vaccines that contained the live avian flu virus to 18 countries.

A virologist stated that this could have caused a pandemic if it would have been injected into a human subject.

As published on

“Baxter International Inc. in Austria ‘unintentionally contaminated samples with the bird flu virus that were used in laboratories in 3 neighbouring countries, raising concern about the potential spread of the deadly disease’. Austria, Germany, Slowenia and the Czech Republic – these are the countries in which labs were hit with dangerous viruses. Not by bioterrorist commandos, but by Baxter. In other words: One of the major global pharmaceutical players seems to have lost control over a virus which is considered by many virologists to be one of the components leading some day to a new pandemic.”

Dr. Mae-Wan Ho and Prof. Joe Cummins from The Institute of Science in Society stated “the vaccines are far more deadly than the swine flu; mass vaccinations are a recipe for disaster”

With this knowledge, there is no excuse for the government to give vaccine manufacturers legal immunity for injuries or deaths caused by these untested cocktails, for a flu that has killed less than 300 hundred people, with most having preexisting health issues.

Given the fact that the FDA has enabled the use of dangerous treatments for the diagnosis of swine flu via the declaration of the EUA, we shouldn’t be surprised for the lack of safety for new vaccines. It also makes sense that they would seek to protect themselves and vaccine manufacturers because they have the foreknowledge that these treatments are deadly.

A large percentage of the public who are informed of these facts will simply refuse the shot, but face government threats of home interventions through provisions in the Health Care bill, compulsory vaccination and quarantine.

Overruling individual human rights has been rationalized by the WHO in a 2005 pandemic preparedness document. The WHO Checklist for Influenza Pandemic has been adopted by several governments as a blueprint for the suspension of individual rights. Below is an excerpt from the WHO’s document that promotes overruling legislation and human rights .

1.5 Legal and ethical issues

1.5.1 Legal issues


During a pandemic, it may be necessary to overrule existing legislation or (individual) human rights. Examples are the enforcement of quarantine (overruling individual freedom of movement), use of privately owned buildings for hospitals, off-license use of drugs, compulsory vaccination or implementation of emergency shifts in essential services. These decisions need a legal framework to ensure transparent assessment and justification of the measures that are being considered, and to ensure coherence with international legislation (International Health Regulations).

Questions to be addressed

Is there a legislative framework in place for the national response plan? Does this framework include contingencies for health-care delivery and maintenance of essential services, and for public health measures to be implemented?

Legal issues that are highlighted in other parts of the checklist are brought together as a separate checklist here. Other issues are added.


* Identify the advantages and disadvantages of declaring a state of emergency during a pandemic.

* Each jurisdiction needs to assess the legal basis of all public health measures that are likely to be proposed, including:

* travel or movement restrictions (leaving and entering areas where infection is established);

* closure of educational institutions;

* prohibition of mass gatherings;

* isolation or quarantine of infected persons, or of persons suspected of being infected, or persons from areas where pandemic strain influenza infection is established.

* Assess standing policy on, and legal basis for, influenza vaccination of health-care workers, workers in essential services (see sections 5.1 and 5.2) or persons at high risk. Decide if this policy needs refinement to increase uptake during pandemic alert and pandemic periods. Consider the use of both seasonal and pandemic vaccine for these groups.

* Address liability, insurance and temporary licensing issues for retired health-care workers and volunteers who may be working in areas outside their training and competence in health and emergency services.

* Consider liability for unforeseen adverse events attributed to vaccine and/or antiviral drug use, especially where the licensing process for a pandemic strain vaccine has been expedited. Liability issues may affect vaccine manufacturers, the licensing authority and those who administer the vaccine.

* Ensure a legislative framework for compliance with the International Health Regulations.

* Consider including influenza or pandemic influenza in national legislation for the prevention of occupational diseases.

1.5.2 Ethical issues


Ethical issues are closely related to legal issues as mentioned above. They are part of the normative framework that is needed to assess the cultural acceptability of measures such as quarantine or selective vaccination of predefined risk groups.

Questions to be addressed

Have ethical aspects of policy decisions been considered? Is there a leading ethical framework that can be used during the response to an outbreak to balance individual and population rights?

* Consider ethical questions related to limiting the availability of a scarce resource, such as rationed diagnostic laboratory testing, pandemic strain influenza vaccine or antiviral drugs.

* Consider ethical questions related to compulsory vaccination for healthcare workers and workers from essential services.

* Consider the ethical issues related to limiting personal freedom, such as may occur with isolation and quarantine.

* Ensure the establishment of an ethical framework for research, especially when this involves human subjects.

A CBS News report showed that the U.S. went significantly further in regards to limiting individual freedom by assessing punishment and monetary penalties for quarantine non-compliance.

Federal quarantine authority is limited to diseases listed in presidential executive orders; President Bush added “novel” forms of influenza with the potential to create pandemics in Executive Order 13375. Anyone violating a quarantine order can be punished by a $250,000 fine and a one-year prison term.

A d v e r t i s e m e n t

This all basically constitutes a martial law takeover using the staged threat of a new flu pandemic that will coincide with the normal flu season. The CDC recently announced that they will no longer report swine flu cases. In this environment of pandemic fear, people getting sick and dying from the annual influenza strain could be initially confused for the swine flu.

So it is very clear that the vaccine could be ineffective since the fall strain hasn’t emerged yet, and it has the potential for life changing adverse reactions, or death. Since the swine flu has been relatively harmless, why are we being told to take these potentially unsafe fast tracked vaccines?

As we reported in May, the pandemic flu is a financial boon for pharmaceutical companies like Roche who projected, in 2008, a 531% revenue growth for 2009 due to Tamiflu sales.

Recently, the Daily Mail reported that a scientist who advises the Government on swine flu, is a paid director of a drug firm making hundreds of millions of pounds from the pandemic.

More sinister than financial motivation, is the idea that the mass vaccination campaign is part of a depopulation agenda by the global elite. Former high level Bush Sr. insider Catherine Austin Fitts writes on her blog:

“I believe one of the goals of the swine flu vaccine is depopulation. Perhaps it is the goal of a swine flu epidemic as well, whether bio-warfare or hype around a flu season,”

This is given credence by recent reports on Infowars about mass graves ordered by FEMA officials before the pandemic flu outbreak. The UK has also ordered mass graves, inflatable mortuaries, 24 hour crematoriums, and even catacombs that were used during the cholera epidemic in 1832.

This preparation for massive deaths seems to be an exaggerated response to the recent H1N1 outbreak, unless they know something we don’t. It’s becoming fairly evident that the fast tracked vaccines could cause more deaths than the swine flu itself. We have to also consider that the vaccines themselves allow for potentially deadly strains to emerge, generating a true pandemic.

Historically, during the first year of a new presidents term, a crisis emerges that threatens the safety of the public, creates fear, and allows for the government to pose as the savior with the solution, that always amounts to more centralized control, and the erosion of civil liberties through draconian legislation.

Society cannot afford to give into fear, and set the precedent for governmental institutions to invade our bodies forcibly with untested, unsafe vaccines, without legal recourse, for a virus that has killed so few.

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