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Group Ascension Into the Fifth Kingdom of God-Consciousness

By Ronna Vezane (Herman)

Beloved masters, the ascension goal for humanity, within this era of earthly experience, is to integrate all of the remaining Soul Fragments of the individual Soul Self within the Third and Fourth Dimensions. This will initiate a reunion with your entry-level Spiritual Triad, a Sacred Facet of your White Fire God Seed Atom, which is awaiting your return within the first sub-plane of the Fifth Dimension. This is humanity’s major goal for this round of evolution.

Remember, ALL Creation ~ the Omniverse at all levels ~ is composed of Christed Cosmic Essence that was radiated forth from the Heart-Core of the Supreme Creator. This Divine Energy is composed of vibrational frequencies of infinite variations which were designed to interact with each other in an inconceivable number of ways. They are separated from each other by multitudes of White Fire Memory Seed Atom holographic patterns.

The activated, programmed Light Substance of the Creator contains all the components of Creation for each holographic Divine Blueprint of the future. These innumerable, Celestial programmed Holograms of Light make up the complexity of the many levels of material manifestation. ...+

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