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Exploring Our Belief in Good and Evil

By Kenneth Schmitt

In order to understand our own reality, it may be helpful to know what quantum physicists know about the structure of the empirical world. First, there is no such thing as substance. Everything that we are aware of, at its source of being, consists of conscious, swirling patterns of energy, both etheric and electro-magnetic. This applies to the atoms of our body and all subatomic entities. They are swirling energetic expressions of their own conscious awareness in alignment with the consciousness of our body, which is an expression of the consciousness that creates everything.

Although we are not our bodies, we are intimately conjoined, so that our body expresses the vibratory patterns of our accustomed state of being. We have believed that the flesh of our body is solid, but penetrating its structure down to its smallest constituent parts, reveals a complex energetic expression of trillions of conscious subatomic entities of light-essence, some of which vibrate in frequencies within our sensory range. We can recognize them in great numbers of swirling patterns of energy moving at light-speed, appearing and feeling solid to us. ...+

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