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By Bix Weir

I thought I'd write something headed into this weekend. I continue to believe that next week will be the week that shakes the financial world at its foundation… we may even witness the opening of Pandora's Box on the gold and silver manipulation for the entire world to see!

The following are some of the important converging events that, in retrospect, will have foretold the end of the Banking Cabal that controls EVERYTHING in our lives today.

1) The CFTC has finally made the decision to limit concentration positions and, according to Chairman Gensler, will implement the position limits sooner rather than later. (I expect it will be right after the crash in hopes of saving the COMEX...the jury is still out on the need for futures, options and other derivatives in a post-crash world.)

2) China and India are actively promoting gold and silver purchasing to their population in advance of the price explosion. At the same time, China is telling the world that they will default on their derivative positions. Even Russia is getting into the act with a “high level source” telling Reuters they will sell gold when EVERYONE knows that Russia is an expert commodity trader…what would you tell the world if you were a major gold buyer??!

3) The media has begun to focus attention on the banking cabal with exposés on Goldman Sachs by Matt Taibbi, the Working Group leaders in the broadcast of "The Warning", the Michael Moore movie “Captialism: A Love Story” as well as open discussions on major news media about the need for a new currency…even a gold backed currency. The anti Banking Cabal anger level is as high as it has ever been around the world.

4) The Federal Reserve is being dragged before Congress with the people publically demanding to look "behind the curtain". There are now enough votes to pass Ron Paul's “Audit the FED” bill. There are so many skeletons in that closet that even Bernanke himself has said that an audit will destroy the about a confession!

5) Leveraged lending has destroyed the Tier 1 capital at EVERY bank around the world. A bank that leverages its assets 20-1 loses 100% of its capital base when those asset values drop only 5%. (5% x 20= 100%). With real estate dropping 30-50% there is no value left at these leveraged lenders. THEY ARE ALL BANKRUPT IN THE WORST WAY!

6) Almost all US States are bankrupt and in need of massive bailouts. With rapidly falling tax revenues the ONLY way out of this problem is to crash the system and start fresh. From education to health care to necessary public services every budget will be drastically slashed without a sudden “cease and desist” order placed on the banking cabal.

7) The “Public Healthcare Option” is back on the table and will be included in the health care reform package. This will be a vital part of recovering from the banking crash. The Public Option may be the "Only Option" with the collapse of the fraudulent US Health Care system that makes money off the pain and suffering of its Citizenry... good riddance!

8) The US Citizens are on their knees in debt to the banking cabal. Mortgages, credit cards, school loans, small business loans, gas cards…you name it! The bankers have twisted the laws in their favor so you can NEVER get out from under their grip.'s their own fault for signing the debt contracts but did you ever ask where the bankers got the money to lend you in the first place? THEY CREATED IT OUT OF THIN AIR! (ps -your "Credit Rating" is truly a sick and twisted invention by the bankers to make you feel obligated to transfer your wealth to them in exchange for their paper.)

Let's face it. We are at a defining moment in history...maybe THE DEFINING MOMENT. With the executioners axe held by the bankers above our heads, WE THE PEOPLE are in the hangman's noose above a pool of sharks waiting for the clock to toll.

BUT WAIT: There is still hope!

The US Congress has the power to STOP the madness. According to the US Constitution only CONGRESS can legally create money. Although the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 transferred the ability to create paper money to the bankers only silver and gold are REAL money if we are still abiding by the Constitution. Congress can end the charade TOMORROW! After all, Federal Reserve Notes are just what they claim to be...IOU’s from the Federal Reserve..... and the Federal Reserve is BANKRUPT!

Congress can lead us out of the darkness...and I believe they will in the coming weeks/months!

All the Ducks are in a row and it is time.

The new America will be debt free after the destruction of the fiat money system. The end of Globalization will mean plenty of work for all. All our troops from around the world will be brought home. There will be a redistribution of wealth mandated by the people and for the people. We will become energy independent with new hidden technologies that will come out of the shadows. America’s vast natural resources that have been shuttered and hidden away for a rainy day will finally be tapped. It's time to put the GOLD CAPSTONE on top of the Unfinished Pyramid and return to our Constitutional money.



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