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Global Currency Reset--Wow! Could this be it!~~New Intel from Dave Schmidt

Global Currency Reset--Wow! Could this be it!~~New Intel from Dave Schmidt

by Dave Schmidt I have been involved in this RV issue for over two years, which includes a direct involvement since last May.

If there has ever been a time I would ask you to be focused, to be in prayer, or to be directing your faith and belief for this RV becoming a reality, IT WOULD BE NOW!!!

In the last two days I have been on the phone or in conference calls totaling more than 7 hours. I have talked with intel sources I trust, people who have been involved with this for years.

I have talked with individuals who have direct contacts with the US Treasury, the IMF, the Dragon Family, the Central Bank of Iraq and more.

These people have backgrounds that include years of political experience in WA DC, international banking, foreign relations, senior level banking and intelligence work.

I am not at liberty to give you specifics, but something happened today that is key to the funds being released. I also discovered we were all on the same page and many of the group have not been this excited for over a year.

They all agreed; we're seeing a light at the end of tunnel. What can I say?

There is movement, behind the scenes movement that has been confirmed by various sources from different perspectives. Does that mean we will be in the bank in the next few days? Not necessarily.

Does that mean the actions are in place to allow the RV to take place soon? YES!

I have always been cautious about jumping on the hopium (hope, hope, hope) train. But I do want to let you know that myself and others feel things are very close.

I know we have been here before, and it has been very close before, only to have something beyond our control stop everything in it's tracks.

But this time it's different. I'm not saying a delay couldn't happen, but from what I heard today, we all agree we can see the finish line.

So, focus, pray, believe, have faith, and choose to start seeing the finish line with me. We're all in this together, and it just might be right around the corner!!!

Believing with You!!! Dave

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Comment by Besimi on March 15, 2014 at 1:08am

Child Support is a Crime Against Humanity | Georgia Senator (former) Nancy Schaefer

This is a short blog on the injustice that is taking place that no one really seems to focus on and it continues to this day. It's not only subject to fathers but also women that fall between the cracks of unjust unfair practices that are against the constitution and the peoples civil rights...

I am making aware for many of you that have gone through similar situation, and If you have any resources please comment to help others in a time of total frustration and total trauma that one goes through because of a corrupt system


Senator Nancy Schaefer  whistle blower...


Carol Rhodes exposes the corrupt child support agencies



Has the courts and the lust for money gone way over board ?


Fathers' rights movement in the United States

The fathers' rights movement in the United States is a loosely affiliated group that provides fathers with education, support and advocacy on family law issues of child custody, access, child support, domestic violence and child abuse. Members protest what they see as evidence of gender bias against fathers in the branches and departments of various governments, including the family courts.

The movement traces its roots to divorce and alimony controversies in the 1960s. Today, the modern father's rights movement generally focuses on issues regarding shared parenting while providing support and public awareness for fathers and children after a divorce or separation.

Different fathers' rights organizations may also advocate for non-married fathers' rights through lobbying efforts or news media outlets. Other advocacy topics include gender bias, both culturally and from within the legal system, visitation, adoption, maternal gatekeeping and parental alienation.

The modern fathers’ rights movement in the US emerged with the founding of Divorce Racket Busters in California in 1960 to protest California's divorce laws, which they claimed discriminated against men in alimony, child support settlements and in a presumption of maternal custody. The group expanded into other states, changing its name to Divorce Reform in 1961.[1] With the increase in divorce rates in the 1960s and 1970s, more local grassroots men’s organizations grew up devoted to divorce reform,[1] and by the 1980s, there were a total of more than 200 fathers’ rights groups active in almost every state.[2] These groups focused their actions on what they viewed as gender discrimination in family law, by engaging in political activities such as lobbying state legislatures, filing class action suits, picketing courthouses, and monitoring judges’ decisions through “court watches”.[1] The 1990s saw the emergence of new and larger organizations such as National Fatherhood Initiative and the American Fathers Coalition.[2] Several unsuccessful efforts were made to found a national organization to which local organizations could belong. As a result the movement remains mainly a loose coalition of local groups.[

Fathers' rights activists campaigned to change Wisconsin law, which allowed custodial parents to move up to 150 miles (240 km) away from their prior residence without informing the noncustodial parent, to create a rebuttable presumption that moves of greater than 20 miles (32 km) are not in the best interest of the children



MURDERED: Senator Nancy Schafer for Fighting The Corrupt Business of CPS



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Comment by Besimi on March 9, 2014 at 1:23am

IRS CONFIRMED RUMOR --- Received from California reader. IRS Collection activities have stopped. IRS departments for same are closing down. IRS dogs can only bark but not bite. Tax liens are not being enforced. As mentioned here before and scoffed at --- IRS serves the Federal Reserve Bank which has been foreclosed. No More Federal Reserve and No More Federal Corporation. REPUBLIC TREASURY RUMOR --- Republic Treasury has its own treasurer. The Fed Corp Treasurer will not be used.
RV --- It did RV quietly and in private onThursday evening.
Gold Currency Release --- Gold Backed Currency was released yesterday and the banks are ready. We be exchanging into Gold Backed Treasury notes next week. No chance of being stolen by the bad guys.
ANNOUNCEMENTS --Govt. private channel was used for Gold Currency Announcement yesterday.

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