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Global Conception Day on March 22, 2012 ~ Please Join !

Dear Co-Creators

It is time to activate a new era of human possibility and potential!

Our many crises are pushing us to shift to a new level of consciousness and a new global culture. These driving forces are now reaching a critical turning point when the new ways can replace the old ways, dissolving millennia of fear, aggression, and discord and turning humanity towards peace, cooperation, and co-creativity.

What can we do to ensure this Shift?

Our answer is to come together on an unprecedented scale with acts of collaboration, generosity, and celebration of what is working. The Birth 2012 movement is designed to take this work to the next level. This movement will build from more than a year of positive evolutionary programs towards a planetary Birth Day at the end of 2012.

Why not use the anticipation of a year of great changes to create mind-blowing, heart-opening, soulful collaborations that help humanity wake up in time?

Our goal is to reach a critical mass of 100 million or more positive co-creators of a new era by the Birth Day event on Dec. 22, 2012, which can mark the birth of a new era in human history.

We envision a Birth Day of inspired global broadcasts, grassroots activations, massive prayer and meditation vigils, commitments to global interdependence, musical concerts, and acts of profound generosity. A day in which we remember who we are. Together. En masse. In the service of birthing a new world.

If you know, in your heart, that you are here to help create the Shift in our world, we want you involved in our co-creative global team that is doing everything in our power to encourage the peaceful evolution of our world

It begins now in thousands of acts of co-creative community, continues through Global Conception Day on March 22, 2012 and finds celebratory fruition on Dec. 22, 2012 – Day One for a new era. The collaborations initiated will then go far beyond into the future.

Will you join us?

Stephen Dinan
Founder, The Shift Network

To Sign Up Here is The Link:

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