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Giorgio Bongiovanni and the return of Extraterrestrials to the Planet

The Return of Extraterrestrials to the Planet
Biblical Prophecies linked to Revelation

Giorgio Bongiavanni is a man who experiences stigmata on his hands and forehead every day of his life.

Giorgio's wounds are legitimate. He lectures about the return of extraterrestrials to the planet - biblical prophecies linked to Revelation.

Giorgio Bongiovanni was born in Floridia (Syracuse) (Sicily) on September 5, 1963.

He was a little more than thirteen when he met the contactee Eugenio Siragusa who raised him with a culture and a knowledge coming from other worlds. He became then, in every respect, his spiritual father. In 1984 he got married and moved to Porto Sant'Elpidio, in the region Marche; he worked for a little firm which dealt with footwear accessories, of which he became the owner. A son was born of his marriage.

Giorgio is a UFO contactee. He talks of the many occasions when he has met and spoken to extraterrestrial beings. Most of these he describes as "beings of light" in that they quite evidently are beings from a higher spiritual plane. Other people have called these beings trancendentals or, more traditionally, angels. However, Giorgio says that he sees these figures as having a physical body - "very bright" - and he says it is quite possible to photograph them. They speak to him in words rather than telepathically.

Besides these beings of light, Giorgio says he has occasionally encountered humanoids who also come from stellar systems many light years from plant Earth. These are the 'grey's who loom large in the demonology of the UFO subject, though he denies that they are in any way demonic. They technology, he says, is about 100 years in advance of our own and they have their purpose in the universal scheme of things.

Giorgio's encounters with beings of light can be described as visions, since others who are with him are usually unable to see these divine presences. This is very similar to the frequent visions of ht bLessed Virgin Mary experienced by the children of Medjugorje or the young visionaries of Fatima.

On April 5, 1989 Giorgio Bongiovanni had the first of a series of contacts that would cause a radical change in his life. Upon coming out of work, next to his car, he perceived from afar, a woman figure who seemed to be waiting for him. On approaching, Giorgio noticed that that beautiful being was hovering above the ground.

The enchanting woman appeared luminescent; she was dressed in white and a blue belt girded her waist, a red rose crowned her breast. She talked with a sweet voice and said she was Myriam, the Mother of Jesus. She informed him that the time had come to bring to light the antichristic causes which are driving man towards annihilation.

At this first encounter some others followed in which the Virgin, among other things, told him some revelations as to his previous lives on Earth and said to have chosen him because he is not influenced.

On September 2, 1989, obeying to the call of the Madonna, Giorgio went to Fatima, in the big square of the Sanctuary, the site where the Virgin promised to give him a very important sign, for him and for all the mankind. It was a little past midday when, under the same oak tree of 1917 apparitions in Cova da Iria, Giorgio fell into ecstasy and, hovering next to a big branch, he saw the same Divine Lady. The celestial being greeted him and said: "I am happy that you have come... I was waiting for you" revealing to him the mission he had been called for: to spread the contents of the Third Message of Fatima which, with Her great regret and sorrow the Catholic Church hadn't yet officially revealed to all mankind.

In the end She asked him if he was willing to carry upon himself part of the suffering of Her Son Jesus. When Giorgio agreed, two beams of light came out of the Virgin's chest and struck the palm's of Giorgio's hands stigmatizing him. After that the splendid woman disappeared absorbed by the globe of light that until then had been hovering behind Her. During the journey back home the little holes on the palms of his hands appeared also on the back. The rays of light had struck his hands, his feet, his left side and his forehead.

Just few days went by when Giorgio experienced another ecstasy in Porto Sant'Elpidio, in the presence of a thousand people, friends and sympathizers. This time the Virgin was not by Herself, Jesus was with Her. She transmitted to Giorgio that the last part of the Third Secret of Fatima was entering the "operative" phase, at the end of which there will be the second manifestation of Jesus on Earth. Also, She announced that She would not longer appear to him but from that day on Jesus would advise him and accompany him throughout his mission. As She spoke this words, tears of blood streamed down the wonderful face of the Virgin.

On September 2, 1991, exactly two years after his stigmatization occurred in Fatima, Giorgio, during one of his ecstasies at his home, was stigmatized on his feet by Jesus. At the beginning, they appeared as two bleeding crosses, but in the following days they seemed like the ones marked in the hands. On may 28, 1992 he received the stigmata on the left side and on July 26, 1993 meanwhile he was in Uruguay he received the one on his forehead.

On September 2, 1996, at completion of his 33 years Giorgio wept and bled tears from all stigmata and from the forehead, in the same point where to Jesus the crown of thorns had been hammered.

During the bleeding, in ecstasy, he saw Jesus with the same signs of blood that in that moment were coming out on his body. The same prodigy was repeated on September 2, 1997. The stigmata he received are permanent wounds unlike the case of those who have simple stigmata Those on his feet appeared some time after his hands were stigmatized and the wound in his side months after that. The wound on his forehead which corresponds to Christ's "Crown of Thorns" is more recent. It has spontaneously shaped itself into a very definite cross which is. unusual. However, the coagulated blood of stigmata frequently do form insignia, such as crosses or a crown of thorns, and this has been the case with Giorgio.

His stigmata bleed very day, most often in the morning and this causes him considerable pain. Doctors have tested these flows of blood and expressed amazement at what they find. There has never been any sign of infection as would normally be the case with an open wound. Indeed, in normal circumstances, such an open wound would soon lead to severe infection or even death. Nor does Giorgio display any signs of anemia.

The blood from the stigmata coagulates very rapidly, perhaps within ten seconds. Normal blood would take about ten minutes to coagulate and this is the case with blood taken from veins on other parts of his body. It is almost as if he had two different types of blood in one body.

We can not but think that such a traumatic sign wants to transmit us such a strong message. A message which certainly invites us to pay attention, not only to the experience of Giorgio Bongiovanni but also to the voice of all the ones among researchers, scholars, religious people or simple testimonies who shout an alarm because of the tragical path undertaken by man.

In the course of the last three years, the physical manifestation, the tangibility of the signs has been naturally followed by a deep spiritual maturity which has brought Giorgio to fully realize the sense of his mission together with the objectives to pursue. Unfortunately, in the first months of 1998, lived with deep sadness, occurred the dissociation from his spiritual father Eugenio Siragusa. This suffered decision finds its cause in the non-sharing of Eugenio operative line, which in the last years has become closed but most of all incoherent with those precious teachings which himself, in the past, through a non common wisdom, transmitted to him. Day after day, for Giorgio the charge of his suffering increased but this did not impede to carry on the mission of testimony in the world. Travels continued to follow uninterruptedly. The visited countries are South America, the United States, Russia, Africa, Australia, Europe.

The message divulged by him embraces all the aspects of life reaching chiefs of State, politicians, high military charges, astronauts, scientists, common people. A message that tells the secret of Fatima and all the aspects in it contained, among which the one about the great disclosure of the presence of beings coming from outer worlds, who are visiting Earth and soon will show themselves to its inhabitants "... and in that time, the second half of the XXth century, cosmic beings will come to Earth from remote places of the universe, in the name of God".

These are the words of the Virgin representing the true and the real secret of the secret. The divulgation, carried on by Giorgio, about the message of Fatima, together with its dramatic prophecies of catastrophical events is today supported by the proposal of a concrete alternative for a society based upon Christ's teachings. An alternative named "Antropocrazia", a greek word which means "government by man".

A term of ancient origin whose significance resembles a deep philosophical concept which sees man as a free being responsible of himself and his fellow creatures. Until today the social organization in which we live has never respected these values. The example and the teaching of Jesus Christ have been limited to the rite and the preaching but left aside by the practice of the daily life. Equality, Brotherhood, Justice, Love and Peace appear just as void words to be used when is most convenient. The "antropocrazia" introduces then itself as a valid alternative to the chaotic situation which we are forced to live and which does not seem to show way out.

A suggestion to give a positive turn to life for those who feel a renewed spiritual up-lifting and would like to know how it's possible to realize it in a practical way. If the human being felt the responsibility of the discouraging situation in which he lives and had the courage to establish the need of a change with concrete daily actions, his life would have an immediate turn over. If he empathized with the suffering of the Earth which is hosting him, this blue planet given to him to care for, today in agony because of his egoistic, barbarian actions, he would feel inside the unrestrainable wish to do all that is possible to remedy his serious mistakes. If man became aware of this, we could then see science, religion, rationality and faith melt for the development of a sane society based upon a perfect law which is the law of the spirit. A new theology then which finds its roots deeply set in this time, so that its vital lymph which bears knowledge and truth, flows in the veins of the man of the third millennium. A new theology committed to a free and non-influenced man. A man marked by the Divine Signs of Jesus Christ's suffering, and which represents the ultimate universal manifestation of life, the loftiest example of Divine Love ever given to man.


Giorgio Bongiovanni was told by the beings of light that he was in fact the reincarnation of Francesco Marto, one of the three children of Fatima. The purpose of his stigmata was that the whole world should know of these matters and that the suppressed third secret of Fatima should be made known.

The principal visionary of Fatima, Lucia dos Santos, had given the secrets revealed to her by the Blessed Virgin Mary to her priest and these were passed on to the Vatican. The first two secrets were made public in 1941 but the third secret was never disclosed in 1960 which was when she had been told that it could be revealed.

The first secret was that Francesco and Jacinta, his sister, would soon die and join the Blessed Virgin Mary in heaven. This prediction soon came to pass and both children died of influenza in the great epidemic which raged during 1919-1920.

The second secret was that another world war would scourge the earth if man did not stop offending God. This war would be heralded by a mysterious light in the sky. This prediction also came to pass; the aurora borealis were seen all over Europe on January 25th, 1938, which was not long before the outbreak of World War II. This display of northern lights was most spectacular and extended far further south than is normal. Together with the warning that a further ferocious war might be waged, came a plea to pray for Russia otherwise that country might spread its evil influence throughout the world.

The third secret was supposedly read by Pope John XXIII to a secret conclave of cardinals in the Vatican in 1960. A decision was taken not to reveal it publicly and it is said that distraught and white-faced attendees were seen to emerge from that meeting shortly afterwards.

Giorgio Bongiovanni says that Popes John XXIII and Paul VI communicated the warning of the third secret through diplomatic channels on an unofficial basis. His mission, which if he is the reincarnated Francesco seems especially suitable, is to divulge this secret at the present time. The secret came in three main parts and was interspersed with much invocation to prayer and penance, and warnings of dire misfortune.

Firstly there will be a crisis in the Roman Catholic church which will divide.

Secondly, that there was danger of nuclear war and ensuing holocaust which could erupt at any time in the second half of the 20th Century if man did not stop offending God. This danger, he says, is not yet past although it appears to have receded. (How the concept of "nuclear" war was expressed in 1917, long before such things were known, is a mystery.)

Thirdly, beings of light will be seen by everyone and humanity will discover it is not alone in the universe. This will happen before some great natural catastrophe occurs. The second coming of Jesus, accompanied by beings of light will occur at the end of this century or in the first years of the next century. Giorgio has not been given an exact date for this.

The Purpose of these signs

He says that, as for the crop circles, there would be more signs of this kind all over the world. In the same way as Giorgio's stigmata, these would enlighten and affect man people who would gradually begin to realize that man is not alone and is not the highest form of life in the universe.

Giorgio points to what has happened with successive religions; each one has lead to division, war and the quest for power. He says this is why he does not belong to any religion and does not wish to create a religion or church. Although he describes himself as a Christian, he remains outside the Catholic church, which officially disapproves of much of what he says, such as his claim of reincarnation.

The Vatican is well aware of Giorgio Bongiovanni and some regard him as a heretic. Nevertheless he has his supporters within the hierarchy. At present he travels widely and has appeared on TV in many countries, spreading the message of "non siamo soli", that we are not alone. Today, he says, this visitation is stronger, more visible and more present than in the past. It is stronger because of the tragic circumstances which man himself has brought abut on earth: war, starvation and the pollution of our planet. Even so, it is for us to change things, he says, though we would receive help from the beings of light if we were to ask for it.

Miracles or mania?

Many dismiss the stigmata as merely a psychosomatic condition which can occur in certain highly religious people who are of a hysterical disposition. Such a glib explanation is hardly consistent with the facts. Undoubtedly a wide variety of psychosomatic conditions can be caused by hysteria but hardly deep wounds which bleed on a regular basis. There are stigmatics undoubtedly who suffer hysteria but it is a totally insufficient explanation. Some like Giorgio are the very opposite, and could be described as serene, even placid.

One should not confuse hypnotically induced stigmata with the genuinely mystical stigmata. The former are transient effects which can be self-induced or induced by hypnosis. Mystical stigmata, which we have considered in the cases above, bleed either perpetually or periodically. The wounds of the genuine stigmatic never heal, nor can they be healed: sometimes deep fissures open up and intense pain is experienced. Transient hypnotic stigmata where the blood - if it appears at all - merely seeps through the skin. Divine stigmata always first appear when the stigmatic is undergoing an ecstasy or vision, and there is no way such deep and permanent wounds can be simulated or faked Just let hoaxers try to produce effects like these!

No discussion of stigmata is complete without mention of one objection which is often raised. It is said that when the Romans crucified their victims they drove nails through their wrists, since if driven through the hands, this would not support the weight of the body, which would tear loose. Thus the wounds of Jesus would not have been in his palms but on his wrists. There is some proof of this from skeletal remains of crucifixion victims but this really is a canard. Very likely those condemned would be tied to the cross before the nails were driven through their hands and this, together with support from a projecting foot block, would be quite sufficient to support the body's weight.

In attempting to rationalize what many see as a miracle, those who are not metaphysically inclined will maintain that all of these effects are produced by the human psyche: that of the stigmatic himself or herself. External influence, whether divine or extraterrestrial, is a concept that simply cannot be allowed. I suggest that this is an entirely false limitation that results from our established way of looking at the world. If we approach this in terms of consciousness, all consciousness from whatever level is interconnected and so the concept of internal or external influence is simply inapplicable. There are subtle energies and there are also, of course, physical factors which determine these phenomenon. But maybe that is not so much the issue with which we should concern ourselves: the 'how' is of less importance than the 'why'. It is the message of the stigmata and the message of the cropcircles which we should seek to understand.

Excerpted from The Cerealogist #14 - 1995 ppgs 4-6

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