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Galactic Federation-Ashtar-emergency message

this message arrives at David with the help of the energies of Gabriel,we want to communicate an
emergency message.

we are close to you and everything it's happening right now
we are waiting for your governs to decide to make official our presence here on terra and the media to cooperate to reveal you the great truth which was hidden from you for reasons of security for reciprocal study the time given for making all this known to the masses has and the pacts were not respected

we ask you to have a high spiritual cosmic coscience
because this event that we are preparing is an Divine act.
which comes from the high cosmical power which has decided the following events
Ready for changing your evolution
the future events will make you have a coscience that will make you understand the present and the very near future

there's no more time and our space ships are entering your time-space
we are waiting to meet you,we are very worried
because the governes that first accepted these changes,now they are against us.
we don't intent not to respect the precedent pacts
because the terra's humanity must know the reality which was always hidden from them
after the security pacts taken before now,the captain of the federation after the future events that will happen in your time-space
don't allow us to waiting no more for the confermation of your governs ,as was decided in the pacts

the captain of the federation decided to cut the pacts that were taken with these governs and to introduce us to the humanity as was decided in the pacts
before the fotonic belt touches even your costellations
there's no more time and if they don't authorize us to arrive on terra for helping you at the evolution changes ,we will do it by cuting the pacts
the contact is foresce in your next few years
we ask you to inform as many people as possible since it's not the will of the cosmic power to tear with the energies your cosciences before we speak to you about these things
we don't have so much time for waiting since your DNA is already starting to transform
and if we wait later it won't be possible to help you all
and then we will have to help only a part of the people
if we will have to wait longer

so we ask you ,please, to accept all these preparations
as a divine order or request from the cosmic power from which we all universal brothers belong
we really want to make you understand and ensure you that our operation it's not an energy control
as they will want to make you believe
but we are ready to dismiss with the governes which will not accept the conditions,if they will atack us directly
our biggest fear is the nuclear
with whom they always blackmaited us in exchange of various knowledge studies

now,at all the rapresentants of the federation we ask to give away and make known this message because the time is almost finished and the photonic bent is getting closer
the cheat and the deceiving of people of people is ready again but the truth will be known
and you will soon be free
and you will be a part of the big universal family living in love and peace
and this is exactly also our will warm regards to all of you

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Comment by Trudy on July 16, 2010 at 5:11pm
As said as before : I am ready when They are ready :)))

But I have a small feeling this message is not appreciated by many at this moment, as it should be ;~)

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