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Thanks, Trustee. :)

Folks, for what it's worth, the _impression_ I'm getting from Poof is that deliveries may be closer than Trustee is saying, here - but of course I don't know, and quite possibly, neither Trustee nor Poof actually knows, either.

Poof has said, "It'll happen on their timetable," which implies that Poof does not know specifically what their timetable is - and probably neither does Trustee.

I'm reminded of Biblical ideas like "No sign will be given" and other similar ones.

Regardless, I think Trustee's comments about "de-constructing the old as part of constructing the new" are thoroughly worthwhile for us to consider.

E-mail from the Trustee:


Greetings Hobie,

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but, unfortunately, I believe deliveries are yet 10+ days away. I know, I know! I have family that are moving out of their home this very week due to a criminal foreclosure. My entire team is on the edge of destruction financially, including myself. I spent yesterday at the hospital with one member of my team do to yet another attack on us. Believe me, 10-15 days seems like forever at the moment for a lot of people.

Adversity breeds change and it appears that many are being tested, or nudged out of our ruts; out of the old and into the new. I have noticed that for some, this adversity is a test of their ability to let go of the material things in life. For others, it is the simple stripping away of the dead wood, if you will; Clearing away all of the excess baggage that we have all accumulated that we no longer need in the new life. For all of us, it is about acceptance, and releasing control, releasing the old ways, the old thought patterns, the old energies. It is no fun, indeed, but, we must learn to be OK with adversity and loss for it is ushering in a new world for us.

Again, it is all about perspective. Are we focused on the loss and de-construction of our lives? Or, are we focused on the opportunity given to us to re-create a new and better future? I know this is not easy for some to shift their perspective, but, it is very important that we make that shift, for our own sanity and piece of mind. Readers in the midst of foreclosure, repossession, loss of income, etc. may find a great release and relief once they are able to just let go. They may find some true peace once they are able to shift their perspective and focus on the re-creation of a new life for themselves.

Remember that delivery of the packs into the old way of thinking will result in the same old same old! These funds will be delivered into the new world! Into the new way of thinking! This stripping away is part of the preparation process; a part of the shift; a part of the assension process. The sooner we let go the sooner we can move on and move up! If adversity is at your door, be filled with gratitude, for the universe has chosen to assist you in making this transition. The universe has placed you at the head of the line for assistance in making this shift. You might ask yourself why? What is it that the universe has in mind for you that it has taken a personal interest in your transition? Please remember, this loss and adversity that we are experiencing is not about punishment! It is simply the de-construction and re-creation of us and our new world.

When I remodel a home I tell the homeowner that I can guarantee them that their home will look much worse before it looks better. When they repair or rebuild an old highway they either place a patch over the holes and ruts, a temporary fix at best, or they de-construct the entire roadbed and rebuild it from the base up, creating a whole new road. We are being rebuilt into a new super highway. So enjoy the trip, for on some level, we have all chosen to make this shift and the universe is here to assist on our journey!

Blessings and be well,

The Trustee



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