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Canadian Corruption Facts! Sept 29/09

Hey there everyone,

I discovered a complete book on the internet that explains every single detail on the operation of this prison planet, mostly relative to "CANADA". It references many people that have been fighting the system here, it even mentions the Human Rights complaint that I filed with the U.N. Just to clarify, in this book he states to the effect that, nothing has been done about it and never will be. Most are aware that this Complaint was filed away in their Archives and became un-retrievable, all by the error of one of their Petition Team members who mistook it to be an old Complaint that was filed five years prior and so, that is the reason it was never dealt with. The man on whose behalf we filed the Complaint, recently saw the charges Stayed. I sent out an email recently, advising everyone of that victory.

Anyone who is interested in gaining the knowledge and the resulting wisdom from all of the facts exposed, everything from explanation about the original corporate entity called "Canada", to there being no Queen in "Canada" since Victoria's death to all the issues involving the Original People (the so-called "aboriginals). This is a massive wealth of knowledge such as I have never seen before in my life. From only a brief perusal of its many pages, I feel that this book holds all the info necessary for us to, one way or another, overcome the fraud that continues to be perpetrated against us all. I am going to download the entire thing and copy to DVD for printing at Staples.

For the greatest experience of your life, go to:

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