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For Mother Earth ~ Invocation for the oil spill

I call upon the Company of Heaven,

Nature Intelligence and Mother Earth,

The Dolphins and Whales, and all Sea Beings of the Light,

To assist in calming the oceans of this world,

To assist in stopping the "bleeding of Grandmother Earth",

To assist all the sea creatures who have experienced distress,

And to stabilize the Ocean beds of the Earth plane,

Primarily in the Gulf of Mexico.

I connect through the Unity Grid of Light,

The crystalline grid of Light within and around this earth plane,

To all the Light workers and Beings of Light along this grid.

I assist through the Flame of unconditional Love,

In creating a vortex of Light within and around this area.

I bring through the Pink Flame of Love,

The Violet Transmuting Flame of Forgiveness and transformation,

And the White Light of the Christed One.

I am the Heartbeat of this Earth,

One with Mother Earth,

One with all Life.

I trust and surrender to all that Is,

Knowing the difference that I make as part of this Collective of Light.

I Am Wisdom

I Am Light

And I Am Love.

I Am the magnificence of Creation through Service in Love,
Bringing about changes to this Earth plane,
For all Life to live in harmony, peace, abundance, Love and through the Grace of Mother/Father God.

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Comment by CrystalClear2313 on June 21, 2010 at 9:43pm
Thank you, this a beautiful invocation...
May our Mother Earth be healed and respected.

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