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Evolutionary Platform | Anger Turned Off

Anger is not an inherent part of human nature and can be turned off forever.

Once anger is turned off, no one can make you angry regardless of their words or actions towards you.

Turning off Anger involves Evolutionary Research into the Turn the other cheek Objective of the Unconditional Love Layer of Capability.

One way to immediately increase your Strength when processing attacks, is to install the Viewpoint that the attack is work instead of an attack.

The key to turning off your Anger is to change the Beliefs that cause you the Pain that makes you Angry. Once all the Beliefs are changed, they will be changed forever, and you will no longer feel Anger.

When something causes you Pain and makes you Angry, use Introspection to find the Belief(s) that caused you the Pain. For best results, focus on changing Belief(s) about yourself that you can control.

You may want to use the Alerting Mechanic Of Evolution for changing your Belief(s) in order to install a repeatable process. You can read about Alerting in the Psychic Mechanics of Love blog post.

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