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Evolutionary Discovery | Reconfiguring the Subconscious

It is possible to reconfigure our subconscious mind using the input of Beliefs and the output of Emotional Responses.

We can detect a difference between our Conscious Beliefs and our Subconscious Beliefs by watching our Emotional Responses.

For instance, if you consciously believe that God is Love, but when someone mentions God judging sinners you feel Fear of God, then you have a difference between how you’d feel about a God of Love - protected, safe, cared for - and your Fear of God from your Emotional Response.

Since your Emotional Responses come from Subconscious Beliefs, you can use Introspection to ask yourself why you would feel Fear of God and find the Subconscious Belief(s) at the root of the Fear.

Once you’ve identified the Beliefs you want to change, you can determine what new Belief(s) should take their place and replace them by wearing in the new Belief(s) until your Emotional Response has changed from Fear to feeling protected, safe, and cared for.

Once your Emotional Response has changed, the change is permanent until you change it again. This process works for any mismatches between and Conscious Beliefs and corresponding Emotional Responses.

More Mechanics of Evolution regarding how to wear in beliefs are discussed in the Psychic Mechanics of Love blog post.

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