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Gov declares state of emergency due to gas shortage, cold

No cooking, no showers, no heat!!! I all I can say this is good training for what could possibly come.

Please send prayers to those people that are old or those in remote areas that have no access to heat or water.

Plenty of those around here.

Thank God we are closing on our Solar Castle on Feb 18 th. btw check out our new house at tell waht you guys think.

Love and Light

By Matthew Reichbach | 02.03.11 | 2:15 pm

Gov. Susana Martinez declared a state of emergency Thursday afternoon due to record-breaking cold and shortages in natural gas throughout the state. Towns and cities throughout the state have been without natural gas including Taos, Questa and portions of Santa Fe.

Martinez also announced that the heat would be turned down in all state buildings and sent all non-essential employees home to save natural gas and electricity.

The New Mexico Gas Company issued a press release at noon which said, “Due to rolling black outs in West Texas and other problems, the delivery of natural gas into New Mexico has been impeded. States in the southwest are experiencing similar issues.”

Las Cruces suffered rolling electrical blackouts yesterday and El Paso Electric warned that it could happen again today. The company urged residents to conserve to put less strain on the system.

“Do not use appliances such as the washing machine, dishwasher, or electric clothes dryer,” a statement issued by El Paso Electric said. “Turn off extra lights, electric water heater and other electric appliances that you do not absolutely need. Minimize the use of your electric range or oven when preparing meals.”

The company said there were disruptions in the service in Tularosa, La Luz, Espanola, Taos, Questa, Red River, the town of Bernalillo, Placitas, Santa Clara Pueblo, Ohkay Owingeh Pueblo, Alamogordo, Silver City, and San Ildefonso Pueblo.

The Albuquerque Journal reported that Sandia National Labs began sending workers home at midday “because of the lack of gas” and that the University of New Mexico switched from natural gas to a backup system that uses diesel to free up natural gas for others.

The Santa Fe New Mexican reported that Santa Fe Public Schools canceled all after school activities and that the Espanola Valley Animal Shelter lost heat at its facility.

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Comment by CrystalClear2313 on February 4, 2011 at 3:34pm

Yes Patricia, we are going to close on the house at the end of February. That is why we are buying that castle is for safety...We are preparing, stocking food and all kinds of things. We want to have a community eventually. There is almost 7 acres on the property to share and create something. 

Let me know if you become interested in moving here, plenty of room for you and your Family.

BTW how is the weather over there? are you seeing crazy patterns? curious to know...


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