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Take a bold and positive step this coming year, we have the greatest nation on earth, stand up and declare we cherish Freedom.

We in America have to understand this word to stand up to tyranny on a scale we haven't had too since the civil war times. For years we have allowed our government to legislate our freedoms away. The challenge before us is a great one as many of us have come to our senses, we need to unite in a way that is kin to rebellion on a peaceful scale. I do not promote violence, but if we do not take our government back soon they will spend and create an entitlement laden structure we all will pay for in Taxes. For years I have been screaming against the way we do business and govern, we have elected officials who have lost the vision for America. We don't need change that pulls us away from our founding father's intents for a Democracy.

No matter who's side you are on, I hope we haven't let loose of one founding belief. "We the people, by the people, for the people". If we have then we must stop and agree to disagree, but remove ALL those who will not govern for that one thing that has made us strong.

Stand there and say that there is nothing you can do and lose more freedoms or stand up with one loud voice and say to our Government. Enough is enough, stop the crap that undermines that one simple principle now. You work for us and if you don't bend to our will then get out of our way, leave in disgrace before we make you leave. This is OUR Country not yours alone to do as you see fit.

It would be a shame, while looking at our children and grandchildren, to leave them an environment that no longer resembles what our forefathers intended for them too.

Responsibility and Accountability will just become words that we can no longer believe in and yet those two words are the reasons we have arrived at this moment in history. Our president uses two words metaphorically as he works to his place in history, which is all he really wants, a place in history for himself. He's going to get it, The first black president and the leader of the demise of the world's greatest country. The dismantling of all we hold dear has run rampant for long enough when our leaders bend and manipulate the American people's freedoms behind closed doors and under the table deals that do not reflect the people as a whole. I no longer want to hear these two words, "unprecedented & transparency". History will find these two words as lies and deceit towards the America I so dearly love. It only takes a moment of reflection to understand that we do not want to be a developing country, but rather the leader of the FREE world.

Corruption and unethical behavior has infiltrated our every thought, in the public, private and governmental structures. I don't believe we approve as a nation and people.

2010 is a New Year! We are on the verge of total economic disaster! Can't you see people of the world "Our meltdown in this Country, is the meltdown of world economies!" Speak now or forever accept that which you allowed to happen, as for me, I am a patriot! A believer in freedom for all!

Without the belief in freedom, we have nothing to believe in at all!

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