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Do you Really Believe in Nonsense? Heavenletters Via Gloria Wendroff

Do you Really Believe in Nonsense?
Via Gloria Wendroff

God said:

Tolerance would not exist without intolerance, so it is not so marvelous to be tolerant as you have thought. Intolerance and tolerance both assume that you stand at a higher place than another because of something the world decides is important when it is of no consequence at all.

Can you imagine how absurd it is to welcome one color of skin and not another? What kind of a presumption is it that one color is worthier than another. It must be a joke. Only man takes note of such details. Red roses never disdain yellow ones. No beast on earth excludes or includes based on such insignificance as color. Oh, yes, would that My children learn from flowers on earth and the animals that roam. Truly there is no elite.

How is it that the Human being, the highest of My creation, created to have dominion over the earth, wastes life so blatantly on that which has no intrinsic value at all?

You are to rise above nonsense on earth. You are to unite, not separate. Get off your high horse.

Feeling superior is a posture, a pretense. You try to kid yourself. You are superior to no one, and no one is superior to you. Not intelligence, nor education, nor wealth, nor appearance, nor country of origin, nor world stature elevates or lowers. What can such things possibly have to do with worth? Not in My eyes. Why then in yours?...+

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