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Do you have what it takes to Ascend? Calling ALL JEDIs and Starseeds: Project Eagle Triad

Ascension means going UP! 
Do you have what it takes to fly?

        ***  P R O J E C T :    E A G L E    T R I A D  ***
    a.k.a. The Trinity Project        a.k.a. Ashtars' Trinity

Here is information about how to work for Ashtar NOW:

Now recruiting JEDI's Lightworkers, Shamans, Walk-Ins, Crystals, Indigos,
Braid-Ins, Starseeds, Wanderers  to Contribute Light to this Ongoing Daily Mission!
             please email janisel(AT)sanandaseagles(DOT)com


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PLEASE join us in powerful cosmic global multidimensional meditation
each week. each day, 15-20 minutes each day.

Here is this weeks meditation for you to join: it will change your life!

Lord Ashtar
To Begin Monday, May 2, 2011

Greetings! Well, is everyone feeling a bit `Lighter' now? Your Light does shine
so beautifully, so let us seed that Light into the macrocosm for the upliftment of
Earth, shall we? There are indeed many happenings on your planet that are causing
some denser energies to manifest, particularly in the hearts and minds of those
affected by your weather patterns, which are, in truth, a cleansing but which also
bring strife and hardship for many. Therefore, let us use this next meditation to
lighten these dear hearts and sow some seeds of Peace into the chaos.

For the first five minutes of this meditation you are asked to state your intention
to join your energies with the energies of ALL lightworkers on your planet who are
awakening to their true power. You are then asked to send, as a group, the Energy
of Love to all lifeforms on planet Earth.

For the next five minutes, you are asked to change your focus and send this same
Energy of Love directly to the heart of your Mother Earth.

For the last five minutes, you are asked to send the Energy of Love to your sun.
There's a little bit of chaos going on there, also.

Be of good cheer, my Eagles! Together we shall trigger critical mass and transform
the chaos on your planet into Peace, Love, Unity and Brotherhood! I AM Ashtar, ever
by your side. Adonai


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Below is a very passionate excerpt from a channeling given to
Ashtar's Trinity through Debbie Wright. This came just prior to the
beginnings of Project: Eagle Triad… or the Trinity Project, as it
is now known.

about it, and DO something about it!
          please email janisel(AT)sanandaseagles(DOT)com

    "So many are FEARING TOMORROW that they can't even see what is
happening today...and THIS is the most horrendous time in this
planet's history of this ever happening! In the past, the majority
of the peoples of this planet looked forward to tomorrow with
anticipation and for the first time in this planet's history, the
majority of the population of this planet is dreading tomorrow!

    "The Ground Crew Project is NOW AT WORK. WE HAVE WORK
TO DO NOW! We have to countermand this NOW! If we can get enough
Beings of Light working on the same project together, their
energies WILL connect around this planet, and their energies WILL
lighten up this planet."

                - From Ashtar's 'Call to Arms'

One of our first tasks under Ashtar's direction was to inlay a new
grid around the Earth, and it was to be anchored here in Sedona,
Arizona. Project: Eagle Triad was set up by Ashtar as a means for
us to work with the Earth grids, aligning them and helping to
change the mass consciousness of the planet. In other words,
bringing more Light to mankind. This 5th-dimensional grid, as well
as the others that have since been established, will assist in
ushering in the higher frequencies for the cleansing of Mother
Earth as well as transmuting the negative energies of fear, etc.,
from the mass consciousness grid. It is through this cleansing
process that Mother Earth will begin her Ascension into the 5th
dimension or beyond.

This Project, which is compliant with all Spiritual Paths, consists
of doing three 5-minute meditations/visualizations each day, which
are given to us from Ashtar, Sananda or others of the higher realms
who are assisting us in this endeavor. These are not full-blown
'alpha' meditations, and are designed for even those who are new to
meditation in general. These meditations may also be done at one 15-

minute sitting if that is more convenient for you. At present,
Sananda and Ashtar have everyone working on the same meditation
each week, with each meditation being done for 7 days, after which
time we are given a new one. As of now, we start each new set of
visualizations on Mondays.
               please email janisel(AT)sanandaseagles(DOT)com
                      to join
        ***  P R O J E C T :    E A G L E    T R I A D  ***
    a.k.a. The Trinity Project        a.k.a. Ashtars' Trinity

Here is information about how to work for Ashtar NOW:

All those participating in this Project are grouped into
'trinities' (three people working together), however, the members
of each trinity do NOT need to do the meditations at the same time
as the others. Through their 'intent', their energies will all be
sent 'together' to the appropriate grid. It is asked, however, that
the members of each trinity stay in touch with each other via email
or other means in order to facilitate the higher energetics of
Group Mind/Group Heart. At the end of two months, all trinity
members are then placed into Quartets and do specific meditations,
three times each week, which are given to us by Metatron. This is a
very high level of energy work and is the equivalent of going from
kindergarten directly into high school. All Quartet members,
however, continue to do the trinity work.

If you are ready, and SERIOUS, about 'walking the talk' and working
your Mission by being of service to our Creator, the Earth, and
mankind, and would like to participate in Project: Eagle Triad,
           please email janisel(AT)sanandaseagles(DOT)com

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