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Ashtar Recruiting Now from LIGHTSHIPS Above = Starseed Activation + Planetary Ascension



Ashtar now RECRUITING Lightworkers, Starseeds, JEDIs, Crystal
Children, Shamans, Earth Angels, Walk-Ins, Braid-Ins, plus Cosmic
Wanderers and Light-Bearers of all Walks of Life to
                         CO-CREATE THE NEW WORLD
                        Don't be left behind!

Do you feel the urgent need to help the Planet *NOW* ???
If so, contact janisel(at) right away!

The ships are above the planet right now, and your starseed family
has been attempting to contact with you through dreams, signals,
messages, and by any means possible. You need to add your energy
NOW to the planetary Ascension process to help Mother Earth Gaia --
and all of her Lightworkers -- Ascend to the 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th,
and 9th dimensions today. We need you to join our Forces of Light
with your intentions NOW.

PROJECT: EAGLE TRIAD was set up by Ashtar as a means for us to
Ascend the Planet.

Under Ashtar’s direction -- we have inlayed numerous new grids
around the Earth for more than ten years. We work with EARTH grids,
aligning them and helping to change the mass-consciousness
of the planet.

In other words, our work brings more more LIGHT to mankind.

These 5th/6th/7th/8th/9th dimensional grids, as well as the others
that have since been established, will assist in ushering in the
higher frequencies for the cleansing of Mother Earth as well as
transmuting the negative energies of fear, etc. from the mass-
consciousness grid. It is through this cleansing process that
Mother Earth will begin her Ascension into the HIGHER DIMENSIONS

This Project -- which is compliant with all Spiritual Paths --
consists of doing between 3-5 five-minute
meditations/visualizations each day, which are given to us from
Ashtar, Sananda oand other Masters of the higher realms who are
assisting us in this endeavor.  These are not full-blown ʽalphaʼ
meditations, and are designed for even those who are new to
meditation in general.

These meditations may also be done at one 15-20 minute sitting if
that is more convenient for you. At present, Sananda and Ashtar
have everyone working on the same meditation each week, with each
meditation being done for 7 days, after which time we are given a
new one.

You can always find them posted on the Message Board of our website

Do you feel the urgent need to help the Planet *NOW* ???
If so, contact janisel(at) right away!

Here is the location of our Ascension Lessons, so that you know
***every aspect** of how to Ascend now:

Here is the location of more free wisdom for this planet's Beloved

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