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Thank you for your response. The "trap" is ignorance, believing the Lie that Jupiter has exploded into a star/sun. Our planet is not to have two suns until she has gone through her cleansing cycle and has been positioned near Pleiades and is in fifth dimension frequencies. One of the stars of Pleiades shall be Earth Shan's second sun.

The U.S. Government uses various means to measure the general public's responses and abilities Polls are used to measure effectiveness of advertising or response to political candidates, for example. Science fiction movies are used to test people's belief systems, and their openness to Truth or their ignorance or even stupidity.

The CIA is one agency often used for such purposes,. They may test us by putting out garbage on the Internet to see how much they can fool us, how gullible we are, especially the "enlightened ones, who are a threat because they can discern Truth. Our "system" has worked long at "dumbing down" Americans. Our public school system of government schools teaches programmed and drugged zombies very little knowledge and a great deal of trash.

Students emerge, as corporate workers, and lack in science, math, English and other academic fields. This is done deliberately for control. Thinkers and knowers of Truth are a threat to the "system". The CIA tests public knowledge and awareness of Truth, or plain stupidity by use of false information, such as Jupiter blowing up. Try looking at the movie 2010 Space Odyssey. How well do people know true science or how well is the dumbing-down educational process working?

Movies and videos have fooled many to believe anything they see, just as the print media and T.V. have fooled people into believing everything they hear and read. The "system" wants people, who can not think or reason, and who do not question, but will believe and do what they are told.

Alternative news, Truth, spiritual Truths are a major threat to the "system". The CIA is using the Internet, the major avenue today for spreading Truth, to present untruth, to cause confusion and disbelief among the Lightworkers and enlightened people. By this means many have been pulled off their pathway of enlightenment. Of course, this is allowed for our lessons in discernment. It is all part of our journey through the maze, and how easily we can be fooled by the Darkside.

Do you really think that, if this "Jupiter Event" were factual, our scientists and astronomers would not have known of it years in advance, and would not have been in panic over the probabilities of destruction to our solar system and to our earth as well? Under Cosmic Law balance and harmony function throughout the Cosmos. Is it not probable that blowing up our largest planet would greatly upset the balance of our solar system and threaten life on Earth Shan?

In the recent past our evil Illuminati have tried to blow up Jupiter, and it is quite probable that they tried it again, but covered up their evil deeds by telling us another lie. Truth is! May we all find it!

In Love and Light,
Patrick H. Bellringer

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Comment by jose v on February 19, 2009 at 3:07pm
hey I film a ufo . I told my family and friends about all this they belive no!!!!
well now you see they say mmmm..
but check my last blog post!.
I found a very interesting thing.
hey! besimi I like thaT " Dare to belive the unbelivable"
Comment by Andy (UK) on February 18, 2009 at 7:14am
most people on this site are gullible enough to believe anything..............
Comment by Martin on February 18, 2009 at 2:59am
This guye write this is also control by this illuminatti lol, listenin up i am not a person who will believe anything peoples wrote on the internet, whatever is a channeling a news or whatever i search my own truth on the internet because mainstream is also bullshit but it does not mean i believe everything i read! and i make my own thruth! i am also sick and tired about illuminatti everywhere in cinema on the internet in your food in the education bla bla bla where is this guye solid proof about illuminatti control everything? there is none and there will never be! and its the same thing about all the news you read on the web whatever is bullshit or not, make your own thruth about it people who believe illuminatti control all the their life are already control in sort of way like alex jones who just saw this shit eveywhere, the key is just not let this touch you whatever where the truth is we will never know the real thruth make your own judgement about it !

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