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About the competing plans for a new financial system

About the competing plans for a new financial system

A member of the “family” that controls the US, England, Canada, Australia, France and Israel has explained to me the competing plans for a new financial system now being discussed in secret.

One of the plans is the long rumored Amero. The idea is to unite Canadian resources and Mexican cheap labour with the US. This plan has many fatal flaws. First of all it would unilaterally take away Canadian sovereignty without consulting the Canadian people. Many Americans also do not want to compete with Mexicans for jobs flipping hamburgers. Furthermore, this plan calls for trading one US dollar for 10 Amero cents which would be a huge devaluation in disguise. This would devalue the dollar holdings of foreigners and would mean the US reneging on its debts.

A different plan now being pushed by a powerful faction in the committee of 300 is calling for an end to all special financial zones. This would mean the underground financial world (known to us by euphemisms such as private equity or hedge funds) would be united with the public financial world (all those fake numbers issued by corrupt institutions like the IMF and the Fed). This group also wants to finance a Marshal plan for the planet earth which would be great.

This plan has its merits but it would leave the same old war-mongering crooks in control. Furthermore, the world’s Mafias and other shady groups would be put out of business and since they are very dangerous people they are not likely to accept this without being given a new way of earning a living.

A third plan calls for trading dollars and Euros held by foreigners into a new trading currency. This currency would be issued in a manner transparent to all people and countries. The people who have been running the world with their dollar and Euro printing presses are strongly opposed to this plan because it would mean losing power.

If China and Russia and Germany and the Islamic countries went ahead and unilaterally announced a new currency the Satanists who rule the Anglo-French world would either have to go along with the new currency or watch their societies degenerate into chaos and revolution.

In exchange for accepting a new currency, some US and other countries debt could be written off and some exchanged for equity. This would allow those countries to reboot their economies and get their incredibly talented people back to work. This plan also calls for a Marshal plan for the planet aimed at ending poverty, war and environmental destruction within 3 years.
Japan also needs to take back control of the Bank of Japan. Doing this would allow the Japanese to once again invest their own savings in their own country, creating a huge boom.
In any case, as long as the staring match over the financial system continues, the real economy of the world will continue to plunge into dysfunction. Perhaps the Chinese are being too modest.

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Comment by RL on February 18, 2009 at 10:00am
sun tzu's art of war states, you cannot hit the grass to startle the snake.

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