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Humanity has always strived in its research to accomplish for itself a comfortable life. Back in time there were two Famous researchers called Thomas Edison and Nicola Tesla. Tomas Edison and Nicola Tesla are famous in scientific history, both for having invented and for having experimented with electricity. This was a promise of future improvement in human commodity. However this precious invention has been exploited by the O.P.E.C. The O.P.E.C or oil producing and exporting countries are filled with rich people that apparently are not tired of their wealth but are trying their best to expand it at the expense of the common worker.

When politicians speak about renewable energy they do not go for real knowledge that can produce a cheaper and more reliable life on things that can really empower humanity but stick to the options imposed on them by the O.P.E.C. In the following paragraph we are going to take a look at the supposedly alternative options proposed to our governments by the oil producing countries.

The first option is the windmills that produce electricity by exploiting wind currents. These are made of heavy metals that make the windmill turn slowly thus requiring greater winds in order to produce a suitable job. When we examine the principle of air propulsion we realize that the engines of an aircraft I designed to pass through the engine pipeline the greatest amount of air with little spins. This is achieved by exploiting the angle of the engine against the wind. If the wings of the engine propeller are acute the spin is small but the amount of air that passes is great. This can be done in reverse. If the wings of the engine propeller are obtuse then with a little wind the spin of the propeller would be great. This by itself proves conclusively that the so called wind farms are configured to produce low amounts of electricity With respect to consumer demands.

The second option Are the solar panels, they produce barely enough electricity to keep your fridge going 24/7 provided there is enough sunshine. The catch is that not only do the solar panels produce a low voltage but they depend heavily on infrared radiation coming from the sun. So in a cloudy day these solar panels will produce no voltage at all. It is a known fact that ultraviolet Radiation coming from the sun is exploitable to produce energy. Ultraviolet is capable of bypassing the clouds in winter thus guaranteeing that the solar panel would be continuously efficient during the day in spite of the season.

The last funny thing I heard about is electrical cars. They just don’t want us to be separate from the grid. It is all exploitation of the worker and people are stupid and acquiesce to this without analyzing it or questioning it.

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