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Death defeated: Download the brain


Research is already under way to defeat death, involving medical scientists and artificial intelligence experts, focusing on creating the technology necessary to upload the brain's contents to a silicon support and then download it again into a new body. This is not science fiction.

42667.jpegIn his article "How to become immortal - upload your mind", US based researcher Terrence Aym* presents the latest focus of the scientific community in achieving immortality. He claims that the thoughts of futurists, cybernetic experts and artificial intelligence researchers "are converging on the same basic idea: Why not upload everything that's in the brain-everything that makes a person who they are-into a computer and then download it again into a new body? Doing such a thing would make the individual theoretically immortal".

According to his research, there is already a taskforce working on this death-defying project, namely an organization called The Digital Immortality Institute (DII) which "has determined the three things necessary to achieve digital immortality are: guaranteed Internet access; insure the identity integrity of the avatars for each individual user; and finally, make sure the personality, memory, everything that makes up the person as a unique individual, has been uploaded into the digital facsimile before the actual person dies".

What then happens is that "an individual is uploaded into a digital avatar and survives 24/7 within a permanent, theoretically eternal, Internet".

Fantasy? Not quite. The British futurist Ian Pearson, quoted by Terrence Aym, claims that "death will be a thing of the past by 2050". Until then, super computers with massive memory capacity will have been developed (studies indicate that this will take place already by 2020).

Ian Pearson and Anders Sandberg, a member of the transhuman movement, believe that the technology allowing the uploading and downloading of minds is imminent.

Quite how this is used is open to debate and these different arguments are presented in the source below.


Timofei Belov


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Comment by Besimi on December 26, 2010 at 2:48am

yeah ! this can very much be the real thing. 

Years back I read ,three NEO-TECH ''Higherlooms'' (big Books with ,around three thousand pages each), ..all this kind of scientific stuff,and much more.  I acted as Neo-Tech member,so I got to get those books.

- (in short) it was explained like: 

* You grow an identical Clone from a cell of Your body (as Avatar exmpl) 

* You download All Your informations to the Avatar (brain to brain with  technology)

* Then,when ready You  (as IS-ness) move to the new body,by strongly concentrating Yourself as Is-ness within that new body, and getting disconected from old body (by someones help).

*** Notice,that , ...this has to be done,when old body is dying only,cause if it's still strong (healthy) it also contains the Is-ness too. So in this case The IS-NESS divides (replicates) instantly,in both New and Old body,when disconected  after download is complete. Both New and Old Person ,feel they are The Original One.     ....this was the problem discused in one of those books.

...or another case if You wanna have a ''Completely Identical '' Twin, with completely Identical

 personality  (which It Is actually another YOU) ,that's possibility is very much real.

...and even more bizzar things can be real .. :):):).

   ((( Do You remember, REPLICATION of Cats and hats,by Nicolla Teslla))) ..all cats looked the same.

Comment by nonya on December 25, 2010 at 11:09pm

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