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David Wilcock New Article 6-14-15… “Secret Space Program Revealed: Two New Radio Shows,

David Wilcock New Article 6-14-15… “Secret Space Program Revealed: Two New Radio Shows, Transcript!”

David Wilcock New Article 6-14-15… “Secret Space Program Revealed: ...

David_Wilcock_Search138This just came out at David says the original audio posted from the 5-25-15 Jimmy Church radio show had some missing pieces. So there is an audio (YouTube video) which is the full version.

The downloadable MP3 he has listed is of a 5-28-15 radio show (recorded on 5-26-15).

There’s a lot of data here. I’m posting a few highlights, followed by a bit of text from the article and a link to David’s article at the end.

“Everything is reaching a climax, both on and off-planet. The recent announcement of the hacking of all records for all US federal employees, even the most classified, is only the latest major signpost of a coming, epic change… It is interesting to simultaneously reflect on the fact that “the darkest hour is before the dawn,” and we are far closer to it than most people could ever imagine.

“…there are good guys and bad guys in the universe. Both are allowed to present their messages to us. The future we experience is the result of the choices we make. Our natural destiny is to go through moments of quantum change — where the ground state of reality itself, and all the assumptions that go along with it, is fundamentally and suddenly altered.

“The term “burn in hell” (Gehenna) really means to alleviate (burn off) karma. The word we now call “eternity” (Aion) simply means a cycle of time. The “eternal hell” we were warned about is not some cosmic purgatory we experience after death. It is happening now — and the flames are hotter than ever.

“I UNDERSTAND MOST PEOPLE PROBABLY THINK THIS IS B.S. A fundamental part of the “Prime Directive” is truth without proof.The higher-level beings cannot simply reveal themselves to us. There must be a calling, where a sufficient number of people request their help, before intervention can occur. We are truly blessed to have ongoing “Divine Intervention” taking place. This is the only thing that has stopped the Cabal from destroying most of our lives.

“…we are now being asked by the Alliance to release this information in advance of a much greater “data dump” that will come our way with Disclosure. It is too late for the Cabal to stop Disclosure. It is definitely going to happen.

“Thankfully these highly negative programs are quickly being shut down. The negative elite have already lost. Now they are just in the final “limbo” period before it becomes public. Rather than worrying too much about trying to prove all of this data, we have been instructed to simply release as much of the truth as we can.


Secret Space Program Revealed: Two New Radio Shows, Transcript!

Over three hours of stunning new information about the Secret Space Program and the greater questions of spontaneous human evolution that are being raised for those “in the know!”

Everything is reaching a climax, both on and off-planet. The recent announcement of the hacking of all records for all US federal employees, even the most classified, is only the latest major signpost of a coming, epic change.

UPDATE 6:30 PM PST: The MP3 link originally did not work but has since been fixed. Please right-click on it and then select “Save As” so you have a copy!


As one of many examples, California’s water crisis should be solvable within a matter of a few months once we get disclosure.

In fact, water could quickly become California’s most profitable export, sending it to parched regions all throughout Middle America and beyond.

Multiple technologies already exist that can easily de-salinate ocean water. California is right next to an ocean. There is water everywhere! What is the problem?

“Water, water everywhere, and not a drop to drink” may have been true in the pirate era, but we do have the means to alleviate those problems today.

One of the technologies we are directly aware of will desalinate ocean water, generate free energy and produce any element in the Periodic Table as a by-product.

This technology already has the quiet support of one of the most prestigious universities in the country. I have heard about it from more than one independent source.

On a personal level, knowing these technologies exist and that they have not been released yet is extremely frustrating.

For now, I continue to be almost ridiculously over-conservative with my water usage. Days without showering and the yellow toilet. Good thing I live alone. :)

It is interesting to simultaneously reflect on the fact that “the darkest hour is before the dawn,” and we are far closer to it than most people could ever imagine.


We are on the verge of an epic series of disclosures that will make all other information, books, videos and media in the UFO field seem hopelessly outdated.

Everyone will be suddenly flooded with a “learning curve” that will simultaneously be more amazing and more horrifying than they had ever imagined.

Never again will we look at the records from our current civilization the same way. In the “After Disclosure” or AD world, everything will be very different.

Yes… we are going to need to learn some pretty upsetting things to get through this transition.

However, the positives far outweigh the emotional shock that the negatives will temporarily put us all through, as a planet and a (hybridized) species.

There are at least 40 different humanoid extraterrestrial groups that have tinkered around with our DNA — for many thousands of years.

We have a much broader spectrum of emotions than most other human species out there.

It is both our single greatest weakness and our most powerful strength — once we learn how to harness its power for the positive.

Like being surrounded by a drowning ocean of “useless” sea water, once we learn the command we have over reality, our thirst for the Beyond will be slaked.


Bottom line: there are good guys and bad guys in the universe. Both are allowed to present their messages to us. The future we experience is the result of the choices we make.

Our natural destiny is to go through moments of quantum change — where the ground state of reality itself, and all the assumptions that go along with it, is fundamentally and suddenly altered.

We are not protected from negativity any more than our collective free will decides. When we act in selfish, manipulative, controlling and violent ways, that in turn allows elite controllers to do the same things to us on a larger scale.

“You are blaming ME for this problem? F- you, David! I haven’t done anything wrong! I am frickin’ awesome!”

Not you per se, my friend. Humanity as a collective has created these problems. Some of them have built up from thousands of years of karmic patterns.


As I explained in The Synchronicity Key, the Edgar Cayce Readings detailed many hundreds of cases where people were suffering debilitating karma from acts they had performed back in ancient Rome.


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Comment by CHRISTINA on July 3, 2015 at 6:52pm


Comment by CHRISTINA on July 3, 2015 at 6:47pm



Today I had a great first conversation with the man who goes by the pseudonym THE RUINER.

We had it over SKYPE…, and I thought it went very well.

Far different from what I expected…, (due to the way in which he writes his articles), I found him to be gracious, and very easy to talk with.

I found myself thinking that I was actually inside the movie called: MY DINNER WITH ANDRE…, a film that I saw very long ago, and really loved. That entire movie was nothing more than just two people talking about the “world” while eating lunch in a restaruant!

See movie clip here:

During my conversation he told me that he really did come from those “families” who are considered to be the Illuminati…, and that he chose to walk away from all of it…, having decided to live his life in support of humanity…, instead of living against it. His heart is really a good one.

During our conversation, we hit all of the major topics…, and if you care to know about them…, all you have to do is to go over to read his blog, which is located here:

I asked him about his blog and about how MUCH OF IT was the truth…, and he said that it was ALL TRUE! But that he was not writing it for humanity…, but instead it was mostly being written and directed back toward another audience.

My initial thought was absolutely CORRECT when I started to read his blog…, in feeling that most of the “new information” that David Wilcock was coming out with, came FROM HIM and in our conversation he admitted as much.

In one of my first posts on his articles…, located here:

I talked about how much I thought the information sounded like the lastest from David Wilcock.

He said that he was indeed the source!

All that being said…, it is my fervent plea that all who have been “caught up” in the on going saga of the BLUE AVIANS might PLEASE take a second look at the possibility of this information not being totally truthful, since I was told by two people now…, both of whom have called Corey Goode their friend…, that it is most likely “not really” happening the way he says.

I will not say more than this publicly…, and in all honesty…, we are all grown ups here…, and IF you really want to believe in Blue Avians…., then who am I to stop you! (I wanted the story to be true as well.)

However, in light of more information…, I have moved away from that, and feel that I have a serious blog to run here…, and serious TRUTH to put out.

If you want THAT…, then please continue to come here and we can all all move forward together!

All my love for now….


Comment by Besimi on June 17, 2015 at 2:52am

Benjamin Fulford - June 15th 2015: Will it be chaos or controlled implosion as the Western bubble bursts?

Benjamin Fulford - June 15th 2015: Will it be chaos or controlled implosion as the Western bubble bursts?

The post seems to have been taken down on Fulford's site. This article maybe updated or changed once he republishes it. 

Added links below.
- Justin

Source - Benjamin Fulford

The signs are undeniable that some sort of historic event is imminent. The latest economic news makes it certain that the Western financial system as we know it is about to end. The question is, will there be a controlled implosion followed by a phoenix like revival or, will there be revolution, chaos, anarchy, bloodshed and misery. The answer now lies in the hands of the military forces of the West because the political world, especially in the United States, is dysfunctional.

To understand how serious the situation is, please look at the following chart.

It shows there is about $80 trillion worth of financial products in the United States that has no basis in the real world. During the Japanese bubble I used a similar chart to show the bad debt in the banking system was worth 200 trillion yen at a time when the Japanese government was saying there was only 3 trillion yen worth of bad debt. Another way of putting it is that US asset prices will have to fall by about 80% before they hit the ground of reality. Japanese real estate prices fell 90% after the bubble burst there. The American bubble is 49 times larger than the Japanese bubble was. It is not a question of if it will burst but when. Denying reality does not make it go away.
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There is also evidence coming from indexes based in real world transactions that cannot be manipulated by financial trickery. One is the Baltic Dry Index, the price of shipping goods, mostly raw materials like oil, metals, grains etc. It is at a record low now.

Another is the China Containerized Freight index, which measures the cost of shipping finished industrial goods out of China. It is also at a record low.

Perhaps you have noticed your e-mail spam filter is now featuring more Chinese enterprises desperately seeking customers than Viagra ads or Nigerian scams. Clearly something big is about to happen in the worlds’ markets.

There are a lot of people figuring this out now. The American Association of Individual Investors survey shows that in May of this year individual investors dropped the percentage of money they invest in shares to 57.8% from 67.9%. This is an astounding dumping of over 10% of their shares in exchange for cash in just one month. The Greeks are also bailing out of the Greek banking system at a rate of over 500 million Euros per day. This sort of thing is usually referred to as a bank run or as rats deserting a sinking ship.
Related Russia Asks Greece To Join BRICS Bank

Insiders say the most likely candidate to play role of Lehman Brothers in the upcoming crisis is

Deutschebank. Deutschebank has had its S&P rating dropped to BBB+, which is lower that the AA- that Lehman had before it collapsed. Furthermore, Deutschebank’s derivatives book has a nominal value of 54.7 trillion Euros, compared to an EU GDP of 9.6 trillion Euros and a German GDP of 2.74 trillion Euros. The basis for a lot of those derivatives is Greek debt and the Greek government de facto defaulted on June 5th.

Japanese imperial family and Chinese government sources both say German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s recent visit to Japan and China was to ask for money to help deal with this problem. However, both sources confirm she returned empty handed.

Investigations by non-corrupt US authorities have revealed that much of the money taken from US tax-payers after the collapse of Lehman Brothers was leveraged 100 times and used to bail out European financial institutions.

This time, this is not going to be allowed to happen, according to multiple sources in the US agencies and Pentagon. Instead, some sort of showdown can be expected, Pentagon and other US agency sources say.

The attempt to start World War 3 in the Ukraine has blown up in the face of the Khazarain mob because it prompted a Russian intelligence dump. Here is some more of the information sent to us by Russian Intelligence in response to the recent Khazarian mafia attempt to portray Russia as a menace:

“We did not blow up the WTC on 9/11/2001 with W-54 Davy Crockett Nuclear Pitts. We did not steal 350 decommissioned W-54 Davy Crockett US Nuclear Pitts from the backdoor of Pantex, Texas, USA, which were manufactured at the Hanford Nuclear Plant. We did not bring these stolen W-54 Pitts to Israel. We did not recondition them in Israel, and it was NOT US who brought these nuclear Pitts back through Houston, Texas to be stored in various Israeli Embassies, including the Israeli Embassy in New York, and we DID NOT take these nukes to the Twin Towers by using Israeli Urban Moving Systems.”

In other words, the Russians are giving the Pentagon white hats detailed, actionable intelligence about Khazarian mass murder inside the United States.

The Russians also say the crash of the “Malaysian Air Flight 17” was Vanguard (the Khazarian mob’s corporate front) retaliation against both Germany and France in response to their plan to create European Army and drive Vanguard criminals from Europe. It was also a reaction to Angela Merkel’s and Francois Hollande’s request to Ukrainian President Poroshenko to “kick out Vanguard’s representative Igor Kolomoyskyi, to fire him from his position as a governor of Dnepropetrovskiy County of Ukraine and take from Kolomoyskyi’s banks all of the government money in order to separate fake Vanguard’s dollars and real dollars that Ukrainian government has.” In response the Europeans, according to the Russians, one of the leaders of Khazarian mafia, Henry Kissinger, became extremely angry, saying that “beautiful France can expect a regime overthrow!”
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The Russians also provided detailed intelligence on exactly how Vanguard subsidiary Raytheon, and two other companies, manufactured and used equipment to remotely hijack airplanes.

Furthermore, the Russians have provided the Pentagon white hats with a detailed list of the Khazarian agents involved in the destruction of the World Trade Center Buildings on September 11th, 2001.

Related The FBI is Responsible for More Terrorism Plots In the United States Than Any Other Organization

Pentagon officials expect a limited civil war inside the United States starting as early as this summer in order to deal with the Khazarian fifth columnists.
Related The Hidden History of the Incredibly Evil Khazarian Mafia

The Pentagon officials also cited many signs of progress so far against the Khazarian mob. The first was the defeat of the TPP and TTIP Khazarian power grab in the US congress and EU parliament. Labour union action and massive street protests helped in the defeat of these bills.

The other thing they said was that US Secretary of State John Kerry was shot by Khazarians because of his peace-making efforts with Iran and in the Ukraine. The bullet missed his heart by two inches, the sources say. They now expect payback against Israel, Victoria Nuland and her Khazarian bosses.

Also, in another attack against Khazarian influence in the State Department, Under-Secretary for Latin America Roberta Jacobson was demoted to Ambassador to Mexico because of her failed coup attempt in Venezuela.

The Supreme Court is expected to take a decisive role in curbing Khazarian power over the coming months, the sources say. They expect rulings against Obamacare, gay marriage and many other issues being pushed by the Khazarians. The Supreme Court is now apparently under the influence of the pentagon, the P2 freemason lodge and Pope Francis.

There is also increased military action against Israel and her ISIS proxy in the Middle-East, the sources say. The Russians have been selling advanced missiles to anti-Khazarian forces in the Middle-East while the pentagon has been supplying anti-tank weapons to Iran and its allies in the region.

Also, Russia has been engaged in military maneuvers with Egypt that featured US F-16 fighter jets coordinating with the Russian navy.

Also, the death of the head of the Saudi Air-force, plus the missile attacks against Saudi Arabia have weakened Khazarian King Salman, who may soon be forced to resign “because of dementia,” the Pentagon sources say.

The American military are also picking a fight with China. The pentagon sources say the death toll from the cruise ship sinking in China was 444, a very bad omen for the Chinese. In response the Chinese send Fan Changlong, vice-chairman of China’s Central Military Commission, to meet with Pentagon top brass last week, the pentagon sources say. A tense four-hour meeting ended badly because the Chinese refused to promise to stop building on the disputed reefs, claiming they were located on undisputed Chinese territory. The Chinese would only sign agreements on disaster relief and army cooperation, they said.

The pentagon sources say China can expect more “tornadoes, sinkings, quakes etc.” until they stop their construction of military bases on disputed islands. The pentagon is also now going to push for further militarization of Japan.

At the end of the day, though, this is all just table thumping by the Americans as negotiations for new international structures and rules to replace the crumbling post-war order continue.

The White Dragon Society, for its part, is still pushing for the creation of a meritocratically staffed future planning agency with an initial budget of $7 trillion to start a massive campaign to end poverty, stop environmental destruction and prepare for an exponential expansion of earth life into the universe.

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[Help support Benjamin by purchasing a subscription at]


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Comment by Besimi on June 17, 2015 at 2:50am

Kingsley L. Dennis: A New Mind for a New World: Empowering a New Paradigm June 15, 2015 By Graham Dewyea

We all share a common psychological environment, which many of us, most of the time, take for granted. From early childhood, our experiences are established to conform to our specific cultural norm; any anomalies are usually corrected and the corrections then reinforced through various socializing processes, such as family, school, friends, and such.

Thus, our “world” is often given to us through the medium of particular cultural filters, and so each of us is literally hypnotized from infancy to perceive the world in the same way that people in our culture perceive it. This is a very powerful behavioral and perceptual socializing mechanism.

A New Mind Emerges: People Taking Their Power Back
For a new mind to emerge during the times ahead, it will be necessary for people to take power back into their own perceptual mechanisms, to empower themselves by withholding legitimacy regarding old and outdated modes of thinking. This change, then, requires us to decide carefully what we think, how we think, and which beliefs we choose to adopt. This also concerns our opinions, agreements, and support, which we have previously been all too ready to give away.

Our beliefs, perceptions, and state of mind are crucial for how we understand the world around us. Thus, giving away our right over the power to choose how we wish to perceive the world serves to empower others over us. This, in essence, is the crux of social control.

Beyond Terror: The Truth about the Real Threats to Our World
Many of us focus on the immediate and seemingly ignore the long term, despite the long term having the greater urgency in scale. Our social institutions and media continue to reinforce the immediate and short term, thus strengthening our social myopia.

A report recently published in the United Kingdom, titled “Beyond Terror: The Truth about the Real Threats to Our World,” focused on the disproportionate attention given to terrorism in the short term compared with the threats that, although they resulted in more fatalities, were classified as ongoing, long-term problems.

(Beyond Terror: The Truth About the Real Threats to Our World by Chris Abbott, Paul Rogers, and John Sloboda. 1846040701)

The report stated that in 2001 in the United States alone, the following numbers of people were killed from various causes:

Malnutrition: 3,500
HIV/AIDS: 14,000
Pneumonia: 62,000
Heart disease: 700,000+
Suicide: 30,000+
Traffic accidents: 42,000+
Firearms-related incidents: 30,000
Homicides: 20,000+.

International terrorism, however, had a figure of around 3,000. This shows our old mind at work, how it perceives and prioritizes events. It is a mind that goes very far back into our species evolution, a mind that was set up to be on the lookout for insecurities and fear-inducing situations: it was our survival apparatus.

Developing a New Mind-Set: Opening Up to Inspired Thoughts & Guidance
Everything that we have culturally achieved has been the result of human vision. We now need to upgrade our visionary capacity, to open up more fully to inspired thoughts and guidance.

It is important that we ourselves participate in an effort to shift our thinking patterns, to develop a new mind-set. If a person’s mind-set is rigidly fixed into the old patterns of thinking, then that person will feel threatened by drastic change. The person may even try to resist strongly, to fight to retain a familiar environment where it is business as usual.

From Competition & Conquest to Connection, Communication, & Consciousness
For the past three hundred years, mainstream Western society provided its citizens with a worldview and belief system that has encouraged ideas related to the survival of the fittest, with its sense of competition and conquest. Such ideals are contaminating our social and cultural environment and leading us on a path to destruction.

The next shift must involve a conscious decision to develop our understanding, worldview, and wisdom through an intensive “inner evolution”. The focus of this shift is to replace obsolete beliefs with ones concentrating on connection, communication, and consciousness.

Evolve Your Inner World: From Possessiveness to Sharing, From Separation to Wholeness
It is time to release, or abandon, obsolete and superstitious beliefs. Our newly emerging scientific paradigm, with its quantum theories of entanglement, reminds us that we participate within an integrally connected and living universe. This understanding of a living universe makes it more imperative that humanity lives in accordance with balanced needs rather than consumptive desires. It is about living simply so that others may simply live.

As Harman puts it, “Throughout history, the really fundamental changes in societies have come about not from dictates of governments and the results of battles but through vast numbers of people changing their minds — sometimes only a little bit . . . Perhaps the only limits to the human mind are those we believe in.” (Global Mind Change: The Promise of the 21st Century by Willis W. Harman)

Such a macroshift in human thought requires that a critical number of people in society evolve their mind-set. By way of paraphrasing what Albert Einstein said, the problems created by the prevalent way of thinking cannot be solved by the same way of thinking.

This is a crucial insight.

The modes of colonization and consumption need to be replaced. This entails a behavioral shift from possessiveness to sharing, from separation to wholeness, and from outer authority to inner authority.

Adapting to Our Rapidly and Inevitably Changing World
The upgrade of our thinking patterns is a beginning step to an upgrade in human consciousness, which is necessary if we are to succeed in adapting to our rapidly and inevitably changing world.

Evolutionary biologist Elisabet Sahtouris writes, “While people have always created reality out of their beliefs, until now a handful of powerful people dictated the beliefs of each human culture. The glory of our own time is that the news is finally out that each and every one of us has the authority, even the mandate, to choose the beliefs by which we live and create our individual and communal lives. To create the human future well we need good Vistas — consciously created belief systems comprised of worldviews and the values for negotiating them courageously and lovingly.”

Our priority is to first change our perceptions and way of thinking. It is a challenge we face, to adapt our thinking so that we “think in sync” with our changing world.

Source:“A New Mind for a New World: Empowering a New Paradigm” by Kingsley L. Dennis, not dated at:

Original link: A New Mind for a New World: Empowering a New Paradigm

Comment by Besimi on June 17, 2015 at 2:50am

Inelia Benz: The Message is Clear – You are Powerful and They Don’t Want You to Know it. June 15, 2015 By Graham Dewyea

You are powerful and they don’t want you to know it. Who are “they”?

“They” are the individuals who project authority onto themselves, and make the rest of us think we need to hear things from them, get their permission, or pay them dues for living on the planet. Why do we give them all this authority over us? Because we have been taught to from day one to do so. And because if we don’t, we are told we will die, or worse, we will suffer.

Now, let’s not fall into the victim/aggressor cycle here. “They” exist because we all agree to have them there. The majority of us find it easier to have someone manage the majority of our lives, tell us what is “real”, what is not “real”, give us “official information channels”, and tell us how to live our lives.

When I first became a public person, a man told me that he did not like that I would look at vibrational lines, situations and events, and simply state what I was seeing with full authority. He suggested I add the words “in my view”, or “my opinion is”. In other words, he wanted me to step down from my personal authority. Why? Because it threatened him. You see, any of us can be in full control and use our personal authority, but others will see and react to it as they do to “formal” authority, that it is something imposed on them that they have to accept without question.

However, I don’t have any attachment, nor allocate any importance, to whether a person “believes me” or thinks that I am “full of BS”. Why? Because I speak my truth, my reality, my seeing. And I fully accept that their seeing can be different. And that’s OK!

You are POWERFUL and they don’t want you to know it. This fact is true.

Power-full. Full of power. Full of Chi, full of ability to do. It means you can completely reinvent yourself with one strong personal decision which you follow through with a change of mind, thoughts, words and actions.

Enough of us realizing this fact, can literally change the planet and how we experience life on it.

Often, when speaking with advanced spiritual seekers, I will tell them that their lives have no meaning and no importance. That their search for spiritual perfection is meaningless. That their daily lives are irrelevant. Most, not all, freak out. Why? Because it is part of this physical existence’s game to have a meaning and be important. We may value watching soap operas or football on TV as little meaning, and reaching enlightenment as a big meaning. But it’s simply grades of meaning. Both are false Gods.

Meaning, and the search for it, is a distraction. The fact is, you are an eternal, divine, all-powerful being, and the rest is just a dream. We do like to give our dreams meaning though, right?

And by realizing that meaning and importance, whether ours or someone else’s, is just an illusion, a distraction, a link in the chain of enslavement, we can truly step into our POWER.

Power= the ability to do = Chi

We value our lives, and the lives of others. And this is also a key element to living our lives powerfully. When we start valuing without judgment through meaning (whether ours or society’s), our lives begin to morph into something completely different. When we value without agendas, we are free from the agendas of others. When we put what matters to us under the microscope of our conscious awareness, we can manifest matter (physical experience) which we choose by design, and not unconscious or programmed meaning or importance.

Why has meaning and importance been given so much attachment? Because all one needs to do to distract a person, a society, a planet, is to give it a focus of attention on the small self, the ego, the present life or something else, and call it “meaningful”. And if you want to break that person or society, all you have to do is to take that meaning or importance away.

A real life example is: Telling someone, “I love you because you are beautiful”, this sentence has meaning and importance on beauty. As opposed to telling someone, “you are love embodied”. This second one is simply a statement of fact without importance or meaning. And feeling it, knowing it, is called “unconditional love”.

Another example would be: driving an expensive, sporty car because it makes you feel young, sexy, important, and lets others know you are wealthy. As opposed to driving it because you love the experience of luxury, the sound of the engine and the fast speeds. The first is meaning, the second is pure experience.

A while ago, I switched off the universe of light/dark experience. But a few milliseconds later, it came back like it had never been switched off. So I did it again. And again it came back. I wondered why it kept coming back, with all its imperfections, wars, suffering and enslavement of consciousness. The answer was very, very simple – the human collective is not done playing out this scene yet. The unraveling of meaning, importance, individualism, separation and conquering is not yet complete. Each person has to reach that realization by themselves, or it won’t be done.

I invite you to switch off the paradigm of meaning and importance, and step into the paradigm of consciously chosen high vibrational experience of the present moment, and conscious creation of high vibraitonal reality for yourself and others.

This information, the information contained in this article, is dangerous. It is filled with reality shattering energy and data. It is here to challenge your reality construct and it is being expressed because it is time you stepped into your power. If now is not the time for you to fully step into your power, you would have stopped reading this article on the second paragraph and would not be reading these words. Or, you will have a blank in a few minutes when you try to remember what it says.

Let’s share this information far and wide!

Source:“The Message is Clear – You are Powerful and They Don’t Want You to Know it”, by Inelia Benz, not dated, at:

Original link: The Message is Clear – You are Powerful and They Don’t Want You to Know it

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