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David Wilcock - Hyperdimensional Nebulae: Cubes in Space and the 2012 Case

Monday 4/16/07

[Updated 4/17]

Our biggest "smoking gun" for 2012 yet! Holographic, fractal patterns can be
seen throughout the entire Universe, at every level of size... now revealed in
giant gas clouds leaving conventional scientists scratching their heads...

We noticed the 'red rectangle' nebula when it first came out, but at the time
we were posting much less frequently, and saved it for some future compilation
of all our work... such as a future volume of our CONVERGENCE series, or another
article with Richard C. Hoagland.

All you're looking at here is an exploding star, with dust shooting out of
it... but clearly there is some type of energy field that is structuring that
dust as it expands, into a very precise geometric pattern:

The problem is that typical magnetic fields, in the conventional physics
models, simply do not allow for such geometric precision. The scientists truly
do not know what to make out of things like this! Later in this article we'll
bring in some excerpts where it is discussed... but no clear or reliable
explanations are being given... only theories.

Our 2003 article, The Matrix is a Reality, sets out the basic argument for
how something like this could be happening... and today we just updated the
article and got all the graphic links working so you can read it for yourself.


We didn't even expect to write anything more about this nebula until the next
book... but when a TWIN of the original came up on the front page of
today, linked here, we realized it was time to document this phenomenon.

The next image we see below is of the NEW nebula, which is a perfect
'square'. However, that's still two-dimensional thinking. What's a square in
three dimensions?

Why a cube, of course!

Although it is remotely possible that the star's explosion only blasted out
in one direction, creating more of a pyramid shape, what you are probably seeing
is a perfect cube -- sitting there in space like a Borg hive ship.

Since all four sides are equal in length and at perfect 90-degree angles to
each other, and again it has structured 'rungs' in it as we saw in the previous
image, the scientists are totally baffled... it has even GREATER symmetry than
the 'rectangle' nebula did!

Here's where the mystery comes in. These patterns do not just occur in the
vastness of space... they equally occur at the tiniest level of atoms and
molecules, as can be seen, for example, in the cubical structure of ordinary
table salt, or sodium chloride:

Notice any similarities? Good. You are seeing another manifestation of a
unified system of physics that the mainstream refuses to accept. Geometry
determines structure throughout the Universe, at every level of size... and it
continues to be in effect as you zoom in smaller and smaller on the quantum


What could possibly be causing something like this?

The new nebula photographs offer stunning, visible proof that geometry plays
more of a role in the forces of the Universe than most of us may ever believe.
Our scientists can only struggle to understand this within their existing
mainstream models. Yet, we already have key elements in place to help explain

First of all, we know that geometry is not a random, mysterious,
once-in-a-lifetime effect... it is a basic pattern formed in a fluid when it is
vibrated, as we see in the case of Dr. Hans Jenny's work with what he called
Cymatics. All he did was take a drop of ordinary water, fill it with very tiny
particles called 'colloids', and then vibrate the water.

In this example we see how these simple particles in a fluid take on
geometric structure, by nothing more than vibration:

Notice any similarities? Good... you're already seeing something that the
world's brighest and best have not yet accepted or even understood. Yet, Dr.
Jenny's data has been available for decades!

Here is the most interesting VIDEO treatment of Dr. Jenny's discoveries
currently on the Net. You have to just relax into the groove and go with it,
man... it changes up after about the first two and a half minutes or so. [You
may want to mute the music if it becomes too repetitive]:


"Bah," some might say, "that doesn't mean anything without replication. No
one else has discovered anything like this."

Wrong again. Recently, scientists in Denmark discovered that when they
rotated ordinary water -- or a more viscous solvent known as ethylene glycol --
at certain speeds, the water no longer formed a typical tornado-shaped vortex...
instead, mysterious geometric patterns emerged... including our 'square':

Here is the short article on this intriguing new science:

Strange things happen when you rapidly rotate the bottom plate of a
cylindrical container filled with water. Physicists in Denmark conducted this
experiment as part of their lab study of tornadoes.

But what they found was totally unexpected: polygons, with up to six corners,
forming in the middle of the rotating water!

When water is rotated, it moves toward the wall due to the centrifugal force.
When the speed is high enough, vortexes and other instabilities appear.

The present experiment, performed by Tomas Bohr and colleagues at the
Technical University of Denmark in Kongens Lyngby and the Niels Bohr Institute
in Copenhagen, is different from all previous experiments, because the sides of
the container have been kept still -- while only the bottom rotates.

The bucket is made of Plexiglas, is about 20 cm across, and contains a
rotating plate underneath. Bohr and co-workers filled the container with water,
and set the plate rotating. When the rotation rate became sufficiently large,
deformations -- in the form of polygons with up to six corners -- had appeared
on the surface of the fluid.

Researchers then used ethylene glycol, which is about 15 times more viscous
than water. They observed three-cornered polygons -- and in some cases, vortices
formed near the polygons' corners.

Scientists don't yet understand why the polygons form, but they plan to
repeat the experiment with containers of different diameters -- and with fluids
that are more viscous. "The variation with these parameters should give us
significant information about the origin of the structures," said Bohr.

A video and more pictures can be seen here.

Again, this is in defiance of all conventional physics principles, and yet
the proof is right there in front of us. It all becomes much easier to
understand when we explore the basics of vibration, and look back at Dr. Hans
Jenny's diagrams.


It is VERY IMPORTANT to remember that Dr. Jenny could increase the vibration
and create a more complex form of geometry. All we're doing is taking the same
fine particles, in the same fluid, and changing the pitch of the sound we're
playing into the whole mix.

If you go back to the previous Cymatics diagram from Dr. Jenny, you can see
how the geometries become increasingly complex as you head toward the bottom
right -- i.e. as the frequencies are increased.

Similarly, when Dr. Jenny decreased the sound vibration back to where it had
been before, the original geometry came back -- just like it had never left!

Each geometric form is a stable pattern, which appears for each level of
frequency -- every time that frequency is played. You see flowing movement
within the pattern, but the pattern itself does not change.

It forms a STRUCTURE. Go up, go down, your structures will change
accordingly, but they will always be there, waiting for you, when you play the
right 'tune'.

Similarly, in this Danish study, certain speeds of rotation created certain
geometric patterns... certain STRUCTURES... every time!


If you consider that all matter, energy and consciousness as we know it is
part of a Unified Field, which is outside our 'known' three dimensions, then
you're on the right track. Then, consider that this field behaves like a fluid.

What did we just learn about fluids?

When a fluid is vibrated, it crystallizes, and forms geometry... just like we
saw in the picture of the salt crystal above.

In this case, vibration is what causes the 'fluid' to crystallize. In Dr.
Jenny's experiments, vibration (technically 'pulsation') takes the fine
'particles' that you would never otherwise see or be able to measure, and causes
them to gather together -- eventually gaining enough strength that they
'crystallize' into matter as we now know it.

If this is what is really happening, then we have all sorts of bonuses --
including the fact that harmonics work at all different levels of size (scale).
If you strike a key on the piano, you hear that note, but you hear many other
notes as well -- known as the overtone scale. This is a basic fact of
harmonics... you keep seeing the same vibrations re-appearing in smaller

Could this explain how the 'vibrations' of a salt crystal emerge in a
gigantic nebula of interstellar dust?


Continued -


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