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To the writers of this world: Whether you write fiction, biography, historical facts or whatever, there are a few 'ingredients' which are an integral part of your being which come into play each time you dip pen in ink. No two people are alike once these 'ingredients' begin to manifest. One of the quotations I use that I credit to Jasper T. Nicoli says: "Only through opposites do we experience the contrasts in life."

He also says: "Desire is a mathematical predisposition for thought." Put simply this means that before any kind of thought enters your head, a desire of some kind must manifest. For writers we have our emotions, our intuition and of course our inspirations and aspirations. 

However, above all of these are our experiences which, combined with the above, amount to a very powerful cocktail whereby our words can be a mighty weapon. It was Edward Bulwer-Lytton who said "The pen is mightier than the sword." Of course I agree but Jasper T. Nicoli also says: "Letters are priceless and create language, but words come cheap."

It all depends on our choice of words and the order in which we use them to hold the reader to our bosom. When you read the following blog I hope you will begin to understand how natural laws play their part as the polarities of a physical universe influence our actions. Here is the opening paragraph to "Contrasts".

"Illness is a blessing! How this statement must hurt, especially to those who may be lying on a bed of sickness, and I apologise for opening this article on such a note. However, we are all suffering from illness in one form or another, whether it is serious or not."

Please click on the title to finish this article. I hope that you enjoy it.

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