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Because of all of my very devoted readers… (those who really are very strapped for cash), and truly can not afford a love donation…, I have created a brand newSISTER SITE to the HOME OF BRADLEY LOVES.  I thought this was a very nice compromise, and I truly hope that everyone can see that I am trying on every level to be accommodating while at the same time seeing that I have food on the table.

On the morning of September 11th 2015…, THE HOME OF BRADLEY LOVES will go private!  On the evening of September 9th, 2015  I will announce the address to the new “public” site so that everyone can see it.

It is called:  MASTERS OF LOVE!   This new site will have some articles posted on it on a regular basis, but maybe only one or two every few days or so.  I am going to devote most of my time to my HOME site…, where I intend to start writing very in depth articles and improving the content 1000 percent!

For those who wish to keep viewing the HOME OF BRADLEY LOVES…, you can send your love donation/subscription of 20 dollars to my PayPal Account inside paypal at:

This amount is based on a “projected” following of 100 subscribers per month in the beginning.


If you are willing to SHARE both my blogs, and my HOMEPAGE with other people and actually HELP ME to get even more subscribers each month,  when the level gets to 200 subscribers,  the donation/subscription fee will drop to only fifteen dollars per month…, is that fair enough?

When the level gets to 400 subscribers per month…, the cost will drop to 8 dollars per month. If we can get up to 800 subscribers per month…, the amount will drop to 5 dollars.  So really the amount you will pay for access all depends on you, and how willing you are to help the readership grow at theBRADLEY LOVES HOMEPAGE!

Currently the readership of  stands at an average level of between 900 to 1600 people per day worldwide.  And, on good days, it goes up to between 2000 to 3500 readers per day with a total of up to 7,000 articles read.  There is no reason why (if we work together) we can’t get the subscription level down to 5/month dollars quite soon!

Thank you so much…, and with all my heart for supporting my work!

All my love (and see you HERE on September 12th!)



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