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By: Bradley Loves

Many people seem to be quite uncomfortable with the position that I have taken over whether or not Channeled Messages can be truly trusted.  Some have said that because I choose to post Veronica Keen…, that must mean that I totally support Channeled Messages, but I just pick my favorite Channeler.

This is Nonsense!

What is TRUE about me is that I pick the MESSAGE…, not the messenger.  Just because a certain person has channeled before, and I’ve read their message…, does NOT MEAN that I “have to accept” the very next message they post as Gospel.

I have left many messages off of my blog if they did not fit with what I felt was the TRUTH.

I have “grown up”.   I can “think” for myself thank-you very much.  I do not “need” to hear what other out of body “entities” think about this or that, or what is coming to us in our future.  If I want to know what is coming…, then I simply decide what I wish to see, and determine that it shall be SO.

I’ve held back from posting an article such as this one for well over a year.  I thought about it many times, but took no action.  I felt that writing something like this would most certainly be lacking in taste until a friend of mine told me that I had a DUTY to tell the truth, and a DUTY to say what I know.  He said I should have written it much earlier.

So because of him…, here goes.

In this article I will “showcase” a few channelers who were channeling back in late 2012.  I am NOT picking on them, nor do I wish to make it seem as if they are bad people.  I have the utmost love and compassion for human beings who are being lied to.  But in order to write this article I have to use real EXAMPLES!  It’s the only way to get the impact I want.  If I don’t use real examples…, then others will say…, “WHERE IS YOUR PROOF?”  “WHERE ARE YOUR EXAMPLES?”

The first one is a man who channels an entity called: Salusa

All of these channelings can be found here:

Back in late 2012, the “entity” that this man was channeling was “assuring” everyone in NO UNCERTAIN TERMS that everyone on the Earth was going to Ascend to the 5th Dimension.  Here are some excerpts from the December 12, 2012 post.

You have less than 2 weeks to your finale when you ascend with Mother Earth. During this time we expect some more people to awaken, and it may just carry them forward. Certainly those of you who find that you have been consciously lifted up by 12.12. will be in no doubt that you are ready to ascend. We feel that it has still not entirely sunk in that the 21st. December is a very special event, because it is unique and has never taken place before. Although individuals have always been able to ascend, it will be the first time that mass ascension on this scale has been attempted. It will of course be successful, as it is in the hands of powerful Beings that do the Will of God.

From the same message….

Although it would appear that time has been lost because of delays and obstruction to our plans, we have nevertheless been very active. We can quickly change them as we have done on many occasions, and we now expect to run a very tight schedule to carry out our tasks. In the meantime we have kept a constant watch over you, and prevented areas of unrest from getting out of hand. An end will soon be put to all hostilities, and it will be allowed to be enforced. Eventually you will have full control of all earthly affairs, but we will never be far away. Our Galactic Fleets are so large that we can leave some ships within your Solar System, to be on call if they are needed. We already have bases on Earth and these shall remain for your protection.

This of course…, NEVER HAPPENED…, and this person suddenly “became ill” in the early part of 2013, and only returned to channeling in late 2013.

In the lasts few years and months in the run up to 2012…, this entity was predicting RIGHT UP TO THE VERY date of December 21, 2012 that All humans were going to ascend.  It was a done deal.  In addition…, the Earth was going to be both peaceful and all of the dark ones would come together in LOVE.

This never happened either.

Here is another website where you can find “countless” channelers who were also predicting a massive ascension on December 21, 2012.  Many claimed we were going to the 5th dimension and it was imminent.

The sad background to this story is that many people had stopped paying their rent, sold their possessions, and were “ready” to leave the planet AS PROMISED.

This next “example” is from an “entity” called Mathew Ward…, who is channeled by Suzanne Ward.

This entity was also “predicting” a massive Ascension into the 4th dimension that would happen on December 21, 2012.

Here is an excerpt from a September 1, 2012 Channeled Message which can be found here:

the countdown to the threshold of Earth’s Golden Age is months and weeks, not the decades, then years that followed the onset of her ascension!

From the same message….

Now we shall fast-forward to this year at hand. During its last days and the early days of 2013, the planet will travel through the celestial window between third and fourth densities, where the energy wisps of both densities briefly comingle, and it will enter fourth density, where Earth’s Golden Age begins.

From the same message…..

The highest universal council chose as a major player a soul with highly evolved spiritual status, ancient wisdom and world leadership experience in many lifetimes. That soul is Barack Obama.

If one scrolls backward in time through most of these “channeled” messages…, one will find that any real predictions that were ever made DID NOT come true and DID NOT happen the in the way or manner which was promised.

Here is a message from the same channler saying that MASS ARRESTS are imminent on July 4, 2012.

It is our joy to tell you that a great deal of major importance is underway. Although some information that could be published very likely won’t be—namely, that a sizeable number of high ranking Illuminati are in line for arrest—most high level accomplishments are known primarily to the participating parties.

And from the same message………

and those cornerstones of duality will cease altogether when the planet enters the lower planes of fourth density, around the end of this year.

By then, everything that emits low vibrations will cease. This includes rulers of tyrannical regimes or cultures that deny women God-given and civil rights; Satanists; the controllers of your advanced technologies who have used them for destructive purposes; principals in the Vatican; individuals who still are censoring information or ordering the production of films that glorify war or portray aliens as monstrous invaders.

How can almost inconceivably monumental changes in conditions and behavior come about by the end of your year? Only light-filled persons will be living on Earth then.

Have I shown you enough?  I could go on and on and on with these examples…, but it does me no real good to point out each flaw, and every fake message.  I’ve got dozens lined up…, but I’m hoping…, I’m praying that these few will be enough.

Channeled messages just can not be trusted to give us accurate information!  And, the sad part of this is that MOST of the NEW AGE SPIRITUAL DOCTRINES came from Channeled Entites!

People have ruined their lives by following the messages they “thought” were coming from Higher Spiritual Beings.  It’s truly time we stopped!

If more “proof” is required…, and I have plenty…, I can do a parts 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 if necessary.

Hopefully it will not be.

With All my love to everyone…, I pray that you will think on these things!


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